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    • Yep - the more I read about Graham, the more it feels like he is a Babbel player. After initially being underwhelmed by his name, I really want it to happen now.
    • MB is very clear what kind of player he wants: a leader/performer who fits in. His scouting appears to be much more focused than Popa's who gave us Pio and Cejudo, pissed about two million dollars of the owner's money in the wind in the process, and put the fear of God in them when it comes to big investments. "On the evidence of Monday's under 23 match I don't think "Graham will" switch off. His work rate and effort was excellent after he volunteered to play. I also heard him speaking to some of the young players, almost coaching them. In my opinion he's still a fundamental part of the best hope we have of getting results."
    • So good ole boy Toby Greene gets a suspension for for treatment of opponents eyes after he promised not to do it the week before when he got a fine.  Time for his type (and his team) to f*** o** out of western Sydney. 
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