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    • Why 2 games i'm a bit lost. Compared to what Duke did against Adelaide Baumjohann's little tap of Broxhams face was nothing to be honest. If he does have a 2 game suspension perfect. I hate his guts and hope he doesn't play.
    • A top a-league squad under the current cap potential should consist of a starting 11 that includes at a minimum 4 high quality foreign players alongside 7 hardened Australian pros at or near their prime (or 5 + 6 if you are certain you've found 5 top notch foreign players), your attacking players must score ~30 goals between them with another ~10 coming from the rest of the squad, your defence should concede between 0 to 1 goals per game while your attack scored 1 to 2 goals per game, and on your bench you have one good Australian attacking midfielder who still doesn't take up too much cap room and a youth keeper also not wasting cap space. Now that we can have 7 subs on the bench you have 5 left after that keeper & amc, and you fill the rest with youth. If one of those happens to be a good sub striker then that's a bonus. And you buy those players based on a pre-existing system and formation that you've hopefully already got bedded down at least one season and that you rarely if ever need your young players coming on to try and rescue a losing position or take a win from a drawing position. If you go with 4 foreigners then your goal is to save cap room to bring in a foreigner in a position you need in January, knowing you only need to pay them for at most 6 months.  And then you just hope you don't suffer too many bad injuries. Compare to WSW. We had three senior goalkeepers of which two were useless and two youth keepers. Our backup attacking mid ended up being Grozos not Sullivan because Radi got an ACL from McGowan in training and then we rushed in Muller who isn't an attacking mid to play there and then Sullivan himself got hurt. Instead of a fully hardened pro solid backline, we had Wilmering and one of our foreigners (Ziegler) was coming back from a long-term injury and didn't play a full 90 until round 5 Babbel abandoned the system he'd spent months preparing. Our foreign striker was a total flop and actively hurt the team because of his slowness. Our subs have been near useless at improving the team. If we score at the same pace we'll barely hit 30 goals in total let alone 30 goals from the attacking players, while the defence is on pace to concede a goal and a half per game.
    • I had a look at the players we have on our books to see what Babbel had to work with.  The split up this year is:- 16 players 22 or younger with only Baccus, Moudoukoutas, Wilmering and possibly O'Doherty (last season) having been successful starters. 2 players between 23 and 27 ie., Kamau and Yeboah both of whom are of dubious quality and in my view not A-League quality starters. 13 players 28 or older. During his time here Babbel had 5 players out for up to a year with major injuries.  Ziegler, O'Doherty, Snake, Wilmering and Majeuski. As I said on 442 to me this seems quite an unbalanced squad with the club's emphasis on youth resulting in not enough mature, skilled  Australian players and by having to use one of the import spots for a keeper resulted in us being light on in outfield imports. The questions that come to my mind are:- Who sets the balance of the squad as far as inexperience/experience is concerned? With Babbel not having local experience who sourced the locals? Why did we end up with so few in one of the prime age groups ie., 23to 27?  Why were there no quality players in this age group? If the club is going to continue with its emphasis on youth what are they going to do to accelerate the development of our academy players so they are fully ready for the A-League by the time they are 20?  Both the NPL competitions and the YL are too short. Thoughts.  
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