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    Unhappy New Year


    A dismal performance by the Western Sydney Wanderers has seen them lose 2-0 to Melbourne City tonight.

    Melbourne City took the game with a blistering 2 minutes, taking advantage of abysmal defence from Western Sydney. The first goal coming as a result of a long throw-in well into the City half, being launched over the top of a completely disjointed Wanderers defence, Raul Llorente beaten for pace by Lachie Wales, and no cover defence in sight, the flyer burst into the penalty area to beat Vedran Janjetovic who as usual, dived before the shot was taken and saw it sail through the path he vacated.

    The second came very soon after, Riley McGreen turned Llorente and burned him for pace, surging into the penalty area, drawing a defender then laying off the ball to fullback Ritchie De Laet who unerringly found the bottom corner of the goal.

    Western Sydney had their usual handful of chances that they completely wasted, then the game turned on 55 minutes. Rostyn Griffiths, who had until then run the midfield for Melbourne City, stupidly lunged out at a rolling ball that Alexander Baumjohann was far closer to. He was shown his second yellow and sent off with the inevitably red card.

    With an anxious and at times angry crowd waited with baited breath for the Wanderers to land a blow on the side down to 10 men, unfortunately Eugene Galekovic stood in front of the goal, blocked shot after shot, including a top drawer save from a Baumjohann blast that viewers would have expected to bulge the back of the net.

    The Wanderers pressure was rewarded with a penalty in the 85th minute, as Nathaniel Atkinson was judged to have hand-balled on a cross into the box, and Oriol Riera stepped up. With the chance to pull a goal back and give them hope in the dying embers of the game, the out of form striker fired low to his left, a poor penalty that Eugene waited for and pounced upon, turning it wide.

    It was the cherry on top of one of the worst performances in the history of the Wanderers, and will leave the fans wondering how on earth will Markus Babbel turn it around. Many will no doubt consider it an impossibility until the majority of the playing roster is cut from the club.

    The Wanderers face Melbourne Victory next Saturday, the 5th of January, kickoff at 7:50pm at the Sydney Olympic Stadium.

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    39 minutes ago, FCB said:

    The game brought back memories of S2 NYD against Wellington. Between Xmas and New Year the players coming off contract had received unsatisfactory contract renewal offers. They played accordingly. Oriol, Riera, Raul - their display in the first half would suggest that they received similar correspondence. All of a sudden they are not the players any longer they were a little while ago.

    After ten rounds we’ve pissed about ten points in the wind so far.

    Riera missing sitters in Perth, Mudgee, at home against Jets.
    Snake and VAR gifting Smurf’s points in both derbies, and Roly missing a sitter at SCG.
    Raul: Did he not read the memo about Wales and McGree being fast wingers? He ventured deep into Borda territory against City.

    That’s senior import players making rookie mistakes. S5 revisited. Never mind about Hamill, Sotirio, Elrich, or the two kids who are running our midfield - they are doing as well as can be expected by local HAL-grade players.  

    Ziegler’s Aussie passport can’t come soon enough, and with that an additional import. After the City game I would not be complaining if Raul was finding himself a new club this month.


    I doubt anyone coming off contract has received a renewal offer. Maybe Baccus and the youth, but I can't see any of Roly, Riera or Llorente being given new deals.

    Of course, with 6 months left on their contracts they are now free to look at other options, and perhaps they've figured out they aren't getting a new deal. Which shouldn't be surprising of course, considering their poor form.

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    31 minutes ago, Carns said:


    What is your assessment of Babbel's performance so far?

    Do you think he deserves any of the blame for our form? Or all the players fault?

    Let Riera bang in the ball in Perth, Roly score a first half equalizer at SCG, Riera making the 3:0 in Mudgee and the 1:1 at home against the Jets (how on Earth did they miss all of those??), have Janjetovic stay on the pitch in the derby, and have Raul avoid playing dumb ball against city, and we would not have a Babbel conversation at all. We'd be top three at worst.

    After the final whistle a number of City players were too knackered to celebrate, and fell on the grass. Not so our players, their fitness level it top notch, for what it's worth, and that's a big and crucial step up from last year. 

    We tend to lose structure because we have two 20 year old kids running our midfield. They've never played so much professional football in their short careers, that's the biggest issue as far as game plan execution is concerned. If there was a viable alternative in the squad then I'd say "Babbel Meister, why do you keep playing these two youngsters?", but I don't think that Mahazi, Tokich or young Grozos (when available) could be an upgrade. Either the club manages to address this in the transfer window, or the bumpy ride will continue.

    I have a pretty good idea what that mentality is he is banging on about. Babbel played with guys like Kahn, Matthaeus, Helmer, Hamann, Klinsmann, Lizarazu, Effenberg who embodied that mentality: Bayern players don't fear anyone or anything. They are not rattled when they concede. They never give up. Doesn't mean that they don't lose games, but they don't rock up in Barcelona and are creaming their pants because Messi is one of their opponents. Or give a game away because they are two goals down in the 88th minute. That's what he means when saying "the players never learned this", it's the bit that takes time, it's the process he is talking about.



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    On 03/01/2019 at 5:45 PM, scarcev said:

    we have tried Elriche in the middle, Hammil out wide, Llorente on both wings, Risdon who played like he was saving himself for the Asian Cup, Tobgyik is now gone - to be brutally honest Zielgler aside who I think has been strong, the rest is like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic, we need someone desperately.

    Would of been good to see Tongyik get a sustained run at CB. Kid has some errors in his game but he can play. He did suffer some injuries but was also told prior to season starting he wasn’t going to get much of an opportunity, so never got a fair crack of him he whip.

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    Ive been saying it for a while now; there is a distinct lack of mental stamina and fortitude within the team. I also agree that there is a distinct lack of leadership and strong characters in the playing group. Opposition teams only need one strategy against us and that’s to score a single goal. Once this happens, our heads drop whether we are ahead or not. That’s us done for the game and the opposition 9/10 times will steamroll us.

    Off the field, the bandwagoners dropped off as soon as Homebush became our residence, the ‘fans’ lasted a bit longer but the die hards have stayed true. Now even the die hards are growing restless which amplifies our results on the field. The outpouring of hostility and frustration of the crowd on Tuesday night, which I reckon they counted everyone twice (8300 my arse...), was unlike anything I’ve experienced in a while and much more than just about that game/performance. Everything that could’ve gone wrong whilst being on the road basically has. Simply being inside ANZ stadium and looking around at the 75,000 empty seats while it was still 30deg plus and I was tired and hungover was enough to frustrate me and a ball hadn’t even been kicked yet. It may be a short term sacrifice but geez it’s getting real old real quick this situation. Add to that the state of the aleague and FFA and it’s just an all round **** situation WSW fans are in. Good thing this is the final season of it all because I honestly don’t think there’d be many with the stamina to go round for another season of this. 

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