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    Wanderers Defeat Spartans 2-0


    Wanderers Defeat Blacktown Spartans 2-0


    In front of 4,116 fans on a clear but frosty night in Blacktown the Western Sydney Wanderers have defeated a spirited Blacktown Spartans outfit by 2 goals to 0.


    After a score-less first half Mark Bridge crept up at the back post to tap in a well worked cross from a right wing move. This was followed by a headed goal from Ricky Zucco allowed the large crowd to go home happy.


    Several changes from the first match were made in the line-up. Tyson was replaced as the substitute goalkeeper by Nick Munro.


    The most impressive player of the night was Kubi. He made several darting runs and took on his man on several occasions leading to a number of chances. Aaron Mooy again pulled the strings in the Wanderers midfield and I personally hope we can get him to sign a contract extension because his class has been on display in both matches and he could be the buy of the season if that form can grow and continue into the full season.


    The Wanderers next match is next Wednesday the 8th of the 8th, against Blacktown City at the Lilly Holmes Stadium, Blacktown.

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    • I'm convinced their aim is to keep their sport in the news daily, any exposure good or bad is fine by them.
    • I disagree. The kids watch the games and expect the referees to give the same officiating to them. Yes, if there is VAR officiating can be differentiated in not calling CLOSE offside but there is no way that abusive language/gestures  serious foul play etc should be dealt with separately.  I will cite an incident in a Wanderers game against Adelaide. Craig Goodwin clearly tells Oriel Riera to f*** o** WITHIN earshot of the referee. If I had the centre (which will never happen btw), I would have sent Goodwin off with no qualms. He would have received a 2 week suspension under A-League regs. However, no saction was given to Goodwin.  What message does that send?
    • Awesome vid, I was more of a bmx'er than a skateboarder though. I do remember skateboard world at Burwood though, what a shop.    
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