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  • Homebush is Not Home For Western Sydney

    by Michael Huguenin on May 21, 2012


    The new A-League team in the west of Sydney has taken a significant first step.


    The announcement of Tony Popovic on Thursday as manager is an impressive decision that will hopefully give the new entity a decent kick-start on the pitch.


    Popovic's name was regularly brought up as a preferred coaching target at the Football Federation of Australia's (FFA) fan forums that were held in different parts of western Sydney through April and May.


    The fan forums were a brilliant initiative by the FFA and will hopefully become a standard move for the development of any future A-League teams.


    While it is hard to imagine that the FFA's search for a head coach was based solely on the suggestions of football fans in Sydney's western suburbs, the selection of Popovic did lend an element of credibility to the whole fan forum concept.


    Popovic begins the development of the new club on the pitch but it is off the pitch that will play a much larger role in whether a club in western Sydney can be successful.


    One of the biggest early decisions that the new club will have to make will be where they will play.


    A club's home stadium is a critical factor in its identity, psyche and success.


    Read the rest of the article at the Green And Gold Army website.

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