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  • Western Sydney Wanderers Launched




    All the waiting, surveying, fan forums, meetings, online campaigns and discussion across the sporting world in Australia about a Western Sydney A-League club is over.


    Football Federation Australia today released the Name, Colours, Kit, Venue and announced several player signings for the club.


    I attended the launch on behalf of the site and here is a summary of what was released.



    The name is Western Sydney Wanderers.



    Western Sydney Wanderers will predominantly be Red & Black, with White as a shorts colour and trim.



    The kit for the Western Sydney Wanderers will be Black and Red Hoops, White Shorts and Black Socks.



    The main stadium for the club will be Parramatta,. ANZ appears to be out of the running but that hasn't been confirmed. Negotiations with stadiums are ongoing. Same with locations for training, offices and the W and Y league teams.


    Players – The players signed for the new club are:

    Tarek Elrich

    Aaron Mooy

    Kwabena Appiah-Kubi


    Reaction to the announcements is positive, with decisions being made in line with what the Supporters Forum and what many of the members here at WestSydneyFootball.Com had wanted for the club.

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