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  • With the draw having been released I have taken the time to interpret and analyse the draw for any interesting facts I could think of.


    Home vs Away

    The club has a very even spread of home and away matches, there are only three blocks of either home/home or away/away. Rounds 1 through 5 alternate home/away. Round 6 is another home game then it returns to alternating through to round 14 and 15 which are both home games. Rounds 16 and 17 are away games, from round 18 the draw returns to home/away until the end of the season.


    NSW Games

    There are a total of 17 games being played inside NSW involving the club. 1 each at Campbelltown, Bluetongue, the Sydney Football Stadium and Newcastle Stadium, and 13 for Parramatta Stadium. There are 10 matches outside NSW.


    Dual Hosts

    We host Central Coast, Melbourne Heart, Melbourne Victory, Newcastle and Sydney FC twice at home.


    Dual Away

    And vice versa, we travel away twice to Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Wellington.


    Special Events

    There are two special events on the schedule. On New Year's Day 2013 we host Melbourne Victory. On Australia Day 2013 we host Melbourne Heart.


    Home Match Days

    We play one match on a Tuesday, 1 match on a Thursday, 2 matches on Friday, 7 matches on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.


    Away Matches & Away Travel

    There are several matches which would fit what most supporter groups choose as their inter-state travel matches.

    * Melbourne Heart's 5th round visit would be an early opportunity for an away supporter group to travel

    * The Victory match on the 24th of November is a perfect timeslot for travelling support and their visit on New Year's Day could attract their support.

    * Brisbane and Adelaide both have matches in Sydney in December.

    * Perth Glory and Wellington towards the end of the Season could also be attractive for their fans.

    FFA leak the New Sydney Club Name - Western Sydney Wanderers.


    Football Federation Australia released the name for the new sydney club. The name, Western Sydney Wanderers, was selected after a long process involving multiple supporter forums, online surveys and back office marketing and trademark processes. The FFA website today accidentally leaked the name of the new club in a season preview document that was swiftly removed from the internet.


    The document clearly states Western Sydney Wanderers in their title for the Sydney Derby preview.


    This name has long been the preferred name for the club, ever since the first fan forum was launched at Mounties this name has been number 1 with a bullet. Having West or Western in the name itself is another popular opinion and having one or the other instead of neither will make a large majority happy.


    While it has taken a lot longer than many expected for the name to be released, relief at the name being one of the major favourites was expressed across Sydney. While not everyone loves the name, it is believed the majority of fans will take to the name and be happy with it.

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