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  • This evening at the Woolpack Hotel (who were kind enough to offer us the use of one of their private rooms) approximately 40 supporters came out for the inaugural supporter group meeting.


    The meeting was a great success. A lot of drinks were shared, faces were put to names on and off the forum and a range of topics were discussed. Some of those included group makeup, general discussion about the team itself, flares, talk about the home pub, home end, and people from various supporter types each giving their own side and opinion. I think we learned a lot about each other and how this group is going to exist, although due to the lack of progress for the team itself in regards to the name and colours very little was set in stone. This will likely be resolved at the next meeting whenever that is.


    I'd like to thank you all for coming along, and here is a list of the forum users who signed the 'guest list' so to speak. If we are successful in launching a group that stands the test of time these people will be among those who were there from the very start.


    I'm going off the list in front of me, so if I get any of these forum names incorrect I apologise:


    Mack, Erebus, Benched, JulyAugustReno, Spectacular, Steveycrack, WSdigz, Juveleo, 1988Banana, Mltzer, Servicecrew, Timbo, Azza, Cbowden9000, Jowel, Abbadabba, Redhead, DiscoD, TWSC, Taurus, Mattski, KobbsNo10, Nek, Duckman, The_Dictator, WSSKIN, Noise, BHF, Cgorac. There were also people not affiliated with the forum as yet, but again I hope they have joined up after this meeting and if so I welcome them to the site.


    One major point to come out was a confirmation from the Woolpack Hotel that we would be the home pub for the supporters group assuming the club plays at Parramatta. They have been very flexible, open and have given us a great opportunity to have a 'home' for our group that everyone appreciates and respects. Thanks again to the guys down there.


    I'll leave it there, I doubt we will see much actual discussion of the night by those who attended until Tuesday, if they get their memories back by then.


    Thanks to everyone who came along, and hope to see you are further meetings when organised.

    Gorman's West Side Story - SBS The World Game


    While insisting that he and coach Tony Popovic will have the bulk of the 23-man squad in place when pre-season kicks off on June 25, Gorman – the former A-League boss – maintains they will not be rushed in making poor judgement calls on the multitude of talent being dangled in front of them.


    He has also ruled out throwing money at a marquee signing, adding that the name as yet without a name, a ground or colours will be constructed well within the $2.6 million salary cap.


    Two players linked with the club (Sydney FC’s Mark Bridge and Dimitri Petratos) have not signed. According to Gorman and there and no talks pending and representatives for both players – currently under contract for a further season each with the Sky Blues – confirmed they would be staying out when contacted by the World Game.â€

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    • It seems to be getting rave reviews, from what I understand. PS From the little I've seen/heard of it, the subtle crowd audio is a good thing. Phoney...yes, but it works.
    • i remember after rodney king there was a truck driver called reginald denny, bunch of people swarmed his truck threw him out and started beating the hell out of him they were angry and had every right to be angry but why take it out on some random truck driver, if you are going to riot and beat the **** out of someone make sure its not an innocent person because that just makes the situation worse
    • 🤣😂 Thanks kitto that cracked me up hard and needed it 👍
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