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  • A date has been set down for the first of the "Supporter" meetings.


    Sunday 3rd June 2012.


    At this meeting we hope for all supporters of the club both here and in other places online (and other groups) to come together to talk about the active support for the club.


    I know many people are getting restless at the perceived lack of progress. This meeting should enable everyone who attends to help decide how they wish to support the club. This may be in one large group, or several sub-groups. It will be an open meeting and I should hope everyone remotely interested in the active support/home end support will come along. If you don't come along you might not get to have your say. You may not get to see the vision or views of others. Hopefully this can ease any of the tension between various groups of people, and any other sub-groups.


    Please mark it down and try your best to attend.


    Further details will be given as per time/location later as they come to hand.

    West Sydney Football Community Round-Up


    Our first full month after launch as been a huge one, both for WestSydneyFootball.com and for the A-League.


    First of all, the FFA launched the club for entry into this season coming. Absolutely huge news only a few weeks after we launched the site itself.


    The members participated in several of the FFA Supporter Forums at Mounties, Parramatta, Rooty Hill, Penrith and Castle Hill, and had our own get together in Parramatta on the 28th of April. Our members will again participate in the upcoming supporter forums in Campbelltown and Bankstown. We also discussed the FFA Official Survey.


    I took part in an hour long phone call with representatives from the FFAto discuss both this website and the new sydney club. We took a series of polls that our members could vote on the issues of team name and colours, with a summary published as an opinion piece.


    Opinion pieces on the first Supporter Meeting at Mounties, about Harry Kewell returning to play for the club, ANZ Stadium and potential playing options were written and placed up for discussion on the site.


    The site has now hit 250 members, our twitter has 350 followers and our facebook over 100 likes. Our site has had 4,500 unique visitors this month for over 1 million hits. Our biggest day for new registrations was the 13th of April, and our daily average is about 7 to 8 new members a day. The site continues to grow in online search rankings. There are about 40 people involved in our membership and met each other at one of the various fan forums.


    There are also several dozen people linked to the active support side of things who have yet to join the online side of the group. We have also had members from other support groups join us, including Western Front and West End Massive. Numbers for all the supporter groups and the site will grow as the team comes into existence and the supporters are organised together.


    The goals of our members continue to revolve around the support of the club, and we hope to announce public meetings outside of the FFA Supporter Forum setup for anyone interested in participating in Active Support regardless of their affiliation with this site.


    Our members are playing an active role in the creation of a football club for Western Sydney. These are exciting times for everyone involved in West Sydney Football. We are building not just a community website, but active support, and the very identity of the club itself. Be proud of what we are accomplishing right now and what we will accomplish in the future.

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