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    • Hey goat, the medication I'm on helps control OCD. I haven't had any negative thoughts since I've been on it.  Might be worth asking about. 
    • Victoria cannot get under 30 until they have 14 days of cases under 30 Sep 28 cannot happen based on the rolling 14 day for restrictions to ease in Metro VicGovDHHS (@VicGovDHHS) Tweeted: #COVID19VicData: Yesterday there were 21 new cases reported and 7 lives lost. Our thoughts are with all affected. The 14 day rolling average & number of cases with unknown source is down from yesterday as we move toward COVID Normal. Info: https://t.co/pcll7ySEgz #COVID19Vic https://t.co/WE6gMJpEJ2 https://twitter.com/VicGovDHHS/status/1307093957533466626?s=20
    • The jersey on page 10 with the bars on page 13 would look good I reckon. I've always liked a nice old school collar. Round necks are boring. 
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