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  • Welcome to the West Sydney Football Forum at WestSydneyFootball.com is launched! When the Sydney Rovers bid was launched many users gathered at a hastily setup forum located at the WSFC FreeForums board.


    The site fell into disuse when that bid failed. When discussion grew about the inclusion of a new Western Sydney Football club I decided to create and launch this site to provide a more professional and clean website and forum to discuss football in Western Sydney. It is a neutral website where anyone from any team, or any Western Sydney supporter group can discuss the club and other topics. Several weeks after the re-launch Football Federation Australia announced the future creation of a New Sydney A-League club. The site membership numbers have grown very quickly as people flocked to the biggest supporter website for Football in Western Sydney to discuss the new team and many of the issues that face the supporters.


    It contains News Articles, Discussion Forums with a wide variety of sub-forums, an extensive Match Report database as well as an Online Shop and Calender feature.


    We are not limited to A-League discussion by any means, and discussion of State League, Grassroots and International football is also encouraged.


    To start participating, please go to the Registration Page and enter your details to create your account.


    Enjoy your time here, and have fun supporting Western Sydney Football and the Western Sydney Wanderers.


    Thank you,

    The WestSydneyFootball.com Administration.

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    • What a weird day. Went to my 4 appointed games and had to abandon due to water with rain failing in both goal mouths. Incident Report No 1 Volunteered for 3 other games near home which were uncovered In the second (AAM) I had to issue a straight red R6. Send off report time. The player decided to have another go after full time. Incident Report No 2. The third game was a forfeit which was found out during the AAM game.  
    • amazing post i completely agree, the only thing keeping me cancelling is the fact that i am a foundation member...........something that used to mean something once
    • I highly doubt it's going to be 'on the line' by the time of the election. Trump said he's going to pick a woman and it's probably going to be Amy Coney Barrett (three names, always an indicator of sociopathy). Pretty much a female Kavanaugh without the alcoholism. Catholic anti-choice, hate the poor, will rubber stamp Republicans corruption. Could be on the court for 40 years. The Dems have no way of stopping an appointment. They'd have to convince a handful of Republicans to switch sides. My guess is a couple of them get a 'free pass' to vote no, or to abstain, if it's politically expedient for re-elections, but it will be stage managed to ensure the vote still passes.
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