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    • We also need to be mindful of Fifa and UEFA and painting them as good guys, but they are half of the story when it comes to profiteering on competitions and sucking money out of clubs. 
    • These guys would have been planning this for months if not years.....to suddenly capitulate within 48 hours suggests that they did not 'read the room'....and the 'room' is the fans in this instance.
    • Actually yea I think their threats from Boris may have helped. Boris ain't no fool if the big 6 are profiting you bet the UK government will want some of that profit and would heavily tax the 6. Consider it compensation for devaluing the EPL I have no idea the amount jobs depend on the current value and the money the EPL brings to the UK economy but it would be crippling if the 6 left. Plus the PR he would have from the EPL fans would almost guarantee him another term. In any case it looks like this so called super league collapsed within 48 hours of being announced with the massive backlash they received. Hell even J P Morgan is copping a bit of brunt (we would find it difficult to boycott them they have their fingers on all the big 4 banks). I have a sneaky feeling both Chelsea and City both got in it because they didn't want to miss out they were both very quick to pull the plug, while Arsenal, Liverpool and United have American owners thinking it could work like NFL which makes sense they were part of the driving force in the league along side Barcelona and Madrid who really would want the Super league out of the 12 that were involved.... still figuring out how Spurs was roped into it, the other clubs probably just needed the numbers hahaha
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