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  • Our poll has shown yet again that message is clear. Supporters in Western Sydney do not want the team to play at ANZ stadium - #NoToANZ


    The supporters on this site and on the old forum voted time and again to confirm that statement.


    Myself, yourself, people who were active on the old forum, people who chanted at Parramatta stadium all those years ago, supporters who do not even know they will have a team to support and new supporters who will soon be among the supporters here. The facts are that the vast majority will not want to play in the cavernous dead zone atmosphere that is ANZ stadium. Such is the support for Parramatta that I have not bothered to create a poll about which part of Western Sydney we should play, only if we should play at ANZ in addition to Parramatta. Nothing I have read in either new or old forums has changed my belief that Parramatta is where we want to be.


    These next few months will be vital for the direction this club will take.


    What can you do to make sure your voice is heard? Do you want to have your say?


    Comment in News Articles: There will be many news articles written about this club. Comment on them. This is a good one to start with: Daily Telegraph Sydney West To Be A-League Base. Other sites will include Fox Sports, or FourFourTwo Australia and The World Game. They will all have articles online that will shape the perceptions of the community. Be clear and concise with your support of Parramatta and your argument against ANZ.


    Twitter: This is a major source of discussion and interaction between parts of the Football Community. There are dozens of personalities you can directly talk to and put your support of Parramatta forward to. @ALeague @Mel_Mclaughlin @FOX_FOOTBALL @MickLynch_Age @thepfa @TheWorldGame @FFA @TheRealBozza @Craig_Foster @lesmurraySBS are just some of the football twitter accounts that will impact on this debate.

    Twitter Hashtags: There are several major hashtags involved with Football. A couple of the most widely circulated are #TheWorldGame, #FoxFootball and #ALeague. The hashtag I have been using is in my forum signature. #NoToANZ. Include this hashtag in any discussion about the Western Sydney team if you have the space for it. Don't needlessly spam this though as there's no point in that.


    Forums: While not as public as twitter and news site comments, making sure you continue to push the #NoToANZ point in any discussions online you might take place in is a good step.


    I would hope every single person that has voted against playing at ANZ stadium or who understands that their fellow supporters believe in Parramatta as our home can help with this.


    Anyone who has watched any sport at ANZ knows the reasons why it is not a stadium that should host any domestic A-League matches. ANZ stadium would be too big for all but a handful of teams in any sport world wide. It will destroy the supporter created atmosphere that makes Football so unique.


    To those in charge who may read this. You have the evidence in front of you. You know where you should be playing. Do not let the lure of ANZ's riches outweigh what your supporter base so clearly wants. That is to play at a small, intimate stadium in the heart of Western Sydney. Derbies included.


    Thank you all for reading.

    FOOTBALL Federation Australia are tomorrow set to announce a new Western Sydney side for the A-League next season.


    The FFA are tipped to be investing $5 million into the Government-backed community-based model club, according to Sydney's Daily Telegraph.


    The new team will be fast tracked into existence to make it in time for the start of the new season, just seven months away, with recruitment for coaching and playing staff beginning almost immediately.


    Four Four Two Australia

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