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  • The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the Australian Government banning large non-essential gatherings, a move which will see organised football either shut down or played behind closed doors from Monday.

    The FFA has committed to this weekend's Round 23 matches being played open to the public, but from round 24 A-League matches will be closed to the public. The impact of this closure is also going to be felt in the National Premier Leagues where the Wanderers youth team play in the NPL 2 competition. The W-League semi-finals are not yet impacted, while the Grand Final will be a TV only event.

    Across the planet many major sports competitions have been completely suspended or already playing without fans. In the United States the MLS, National Basketball and Hockey leagues have been suspended. The Asian Champions League has already been impacted as well as World Cup Qualifiers. In Europe it is expected that the Euro 2020 competition will be pushed back to 2021 and the Copa America is in doubt, along with Australia's participation as an invitation country.

    While it remains to be seen if the A-League will be suspended, it is highly unlikely that the public closure will be reversed before the scheduled end of the season. A-League fans may be waiting until October before they can attend an A-League match in person again.

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    • Not belittling any of the comments on this article and agree if true we could be in for another grim season, and yes the stats over the last few seasons speak for themselves , but lets remember who the author of this article is ..the hand puppet for the smurfs, who never confuses truth with a good story and every chance to stick knives into WSW.   Based on previous bile that he has written would he really have inside information like this on the inner workings of WSW ???
    • Lederer won't open the purse strings to fix the team's performance.  So no finals next season by the looks of it.  
    • There is our plan for next season  it is obvious that Lederer sees developing youth is the only way to go so expect a team of 20 year olds next season  
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