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    • Looks like Danny Choi has become an Australian Citizen...but going to play for a 4th tier club in Portugal. 

    • Membership prices haven’t gone down and it’s evident that they spent less in this years pack. we used to get key rings, scarfs, air fresheners etc. red/black members used to get added extras that rbb and white memberships didn’t get. Yes I’m having a whinge because like you said half the fun was seeing what’s in there and it was met with massive disappointment. but anyways it’s game day.          
    • I wonder what membership would cost if there were no extras.  If it's negligible and the stuff is just added for advertising/marketing purposes, then who cares. But if it is going to reduce the cost by like $20-$30 dollars, maybe that would be an option. Outside of the tickets, half the fun is waiting to see what's in it! 
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