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    • We just go over and over the same ground and just keep posting the same things over and over again without actually doing me the courtesy of responding to me properly. Just picking at sides and manically posing random YouTube clips  Admittedly you watched the ben Goldacre clip  So apply that  This is an anecdote it's the lowest form of medical research. It's one guys observations, yet you accept it, it's a very very low bar. Why do you hold. Vaccine research to a higher standard, when you refuse to accept peer review studies across hundreds if not thousands of subjects  Also stop with the paranoid stuff that they are not allowed to discuss it. It's not true we are discussing it now and your mates in YouTube are. However until it goes through the required rigour a study and peer reviewed then it's nothing more than an unproven story, which is interesting to explore further, but is highly irresponsible to hold up as guidance. You seem to accept this guy in his lounge rooms observation but not the full studies that show the vaccine works  I'm really interested in why? What is the appeal to taking the contriat view  Where are you at now on climate change ? Or stop the steal??
    • @wendybr Surely as a teacher you're aware of confirmation bias and logical fallacies. As someone who intricately knows how social media and internet feeds algorithms work, I can tell you that you are being shown what the algorithm thinks you want to see. These algorithms can pinpoint you down to a tee, and will deliver you the content that supports your arguments and thoughts. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you have to realise that just because that's all you're seeing, doesn't mean that millions of other people are as well. If all you're being shown is people agreeing with these viewpoints, you can be forgiven for believing it's a larger minority than you think.  Also, I look at those comments you posted above and they are littered with fallacies and people conflating their credentials. "As a healthcare professional with over 30 years experience in a related field" isn't a doctor, virologist or epidemiologist. That's circular speak for "I'm a pharmacy rep/lab technician/chiropractor/medical administrator but I won't say that because you won't take me seriously, so I'm a healthcare professional because that sounds important and like I know more than what I actually do"  Also, "natural immunity" is bullcrap. It's called a novel coronavirus for a reason. Some people might have the ability to fight it off, but many others won't. Not everybody can rely on their "immunity" and a lot of the time if you can't, it's already too late by the time you find out.  On a different note - despite all your arguments that the mainstream media is being silenced on things like treatment etc. I have seen two major segments in the past two days on The Project and Sunrise about potential treatments in development. The media are talking about it, it's just not in your algorithm.   
    • rumours we have two player signing announcements to make over the next two weeks with one being a visa player... 
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