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  • WSW Management Changes


    Western Sydney Wanderers FC Change Of Management Structure


    Following the recent announcement regarding the transfer of licence for the Western Sydney Wanderers, Football Federation Australia (FFA) has today confirmed that Paul Lederer, CEO of Primo Group, will now assume the role as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club with John Tsatsimas, the current Football Operations Manager assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer of the club.


    As part of the licence transfer, Lyall Gorman will step down as Executive Chairman of the Western Sydney Wanderers.


    FFA CEO David Gallop paid tribute to Lyall Gorman’s leadership in establishing the Wanderers over the past two years and his significant legacy as a result of his tireless commitment to the development of the Hyundai A-League in various roles since inception including:

    • Establishing and being the Executive Chairman of the Central Coast Mariners over a six year period
    • Undertaking a substantial re-structuring and re-positioning of the Hyundai A-League during his role as Head of that League over a two year period
    • Representing the FFA on various Asian Football Confederation committees
    • Founding Executive Chairman of Western Sydney Wanderers FC

    “In relation to the Wanderers, Lyall was there for very first fan forum in Mount Pritchard and was able to bring to life the aspirations of the people in football’s Western Sydney heartland,†said Gallop.


    “His boundless energy and commitment to the building of the club have driven all those around him to achieve great things.


    “The club has enjoyed unprecedented success both on and off the field and with this success Lyall has created an exceptional foundation for the next stage of the club’s growth. On behalf of the football community, I thank him and wish him well for his next professional challenge and sincerely hope that he is not lost to our game.â€


    FFA Chairman Frank Lowy also commended Mr Gorman on his contribution to the sport.


    “Lyall has been an integral part of the success of the Hyundai A-League since its inception. He has made an exceptional contribution in each of the key roles he has held over the last ten years –as Founding Chairman of the Central Coast Mariners, Head of the Hyundai A-League and Executive Chairman of the Western Sydney Wanderers†Mr Lowy said.


    “The last ten years have been an incredibly rewarding experience, said Gorman. The game of football and its ongoing development are very close to my heart and it has been an honour and a privilege to be able to contribute to its evolution in some small way.â€


    “In relation to the Wanderers I have been absolutely humbled and blessed to be able to share this amazing journey with the most outstanding group of people on and off the field, the most remarkable fans and the most remarkable region in Australia.


    “The heartland of football is alive and well. As I hand the baton over to the new management team I look back with tremendous pride and satisfaction of where the club sits today and equally, with tremendous optimism for its future.


    “My heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who has helped lay a brick in the foundations of what I have no doubt will one day be one of the greatest and most successful sporting clubs across any code in the country. My family and I look forward to sharing that journey with a different hat on in the future with the same passion that we have had for it since day one,†concluded Gorman.

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    I for one welcome our new overlords.

    I would like to nominate myself as a willing subordinate who will assist in rounding up other supporters for assimilation into the Primo empire. All hail Lederer!

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    I hope I heard wrong. Lyall going to take up an administrative role in AFL. :nono:

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    This story just got a mention on seven news by Jim Wilson, something about turning the club into a powerhouse and hasn't he done an amazing job with the Wanderers.


    Standard RBB Poznan footage was shown.

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    The club is addressing the changes in an appropriate and a logical sequence.


    Ono's departure was announced early, and he got an appropriate farewell at an appropriate time.

    Then nothing further was said until the season had come to an end.

    Spiranovic extended his contract, and it was announced before he took of to the Socceroos.

    Then the players leaving were announced, and they were given the space and time to post their farewell messages.

    Season Two over.


    Then a bit of Bouzanis and a bit of Golec.

    Then the new owners are officially announced.

    Then Gorman officially says thank you and goodbye.


    Next stop: the new assistant manager will be announced.

    Then, before, while or after team training has started, the new players will be announced and join the team.

    And then WSW Mk II will well and truly be on its way, and we'll start wandering again.

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    **** ill never be allowed to smuggle in my own salami/chorizo sandwiches now! :smurfnono:

    As long as it doesn't have branding on the meat itself you should be fine. :D

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    Well put FCB, the foundations of our club are now very sturdy. While not always a smooth ride I think Lyall has done a superb job & wish him well. Thanks from my red&black heart

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    Well put FCB, the foundations of our club are now very sturdy. While not always a smooth ride I think Lyall has done a superb job & wish him well. Thanks from my red&black heart

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