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    • Based on 1 game? I wouldn't be so hasty. Kamau's problem is his inconsistency. How often have we seen him play like that over the years for any club he has played for? He has talent, for sure, but I wouldn't get carried away with 1 superb performance as a reason to extend his contract. He needs to show this sort of passion, skill and determination on a more regular basis. Imo, he's got 7 games to prove to management that he is worth getting a contract extension.
    • Kamau always plays his best against Adelaide.
    • That was much more like entertainment than most of the possession rubbish served up under Babbel. I remember one early home game (Brisbane, I think) where it was excruciating to watch. I wrote after that one that Babbel should find another team to coach - and I was right! I counted just three occasions where we turned the ball back through multiple players in succession when in possession, last night. I would much rather see the team win scoring multiple goals, while conceding, than just trying to keep a clean sheet. The energy and commitment lasted far longer than last week's 25min - and true, Kamau was terrific. We will face much tighter defences than Adelaide's, but we have to keep pushing forward, and being innovative in breaking through. All around this was a most enjoyable performance. Well done guys! More of this type and the crowds will come back!
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