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Adam D'Apuzzo


  • Date Of Birth: 20/10/86
    Nation: Australia
    Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
    Squad Number: 3
    Position: Left Fullback
    Secondary Positions: Right Fullback, Central Defender, Defensive Midfield
    Joined Wanderers: 31/07/12
    Contract Details: 1 year initial contract. Signed 1 year extension on 3rd January 2013 with a likely end date of 31st March 2014.
    Contract Finish: 2013/14
    Previous Club: APIA Leichhardt Tigers
    Wanderers Debut: 6th October 2012 vs Central Coast Mariners
    A-League Appearances: 48
    A-League Goals: 0
    ACL Appearances: 1
    ACL Goals: 0
    FFA Cup Appearances: 0
    FFA Cup Goals: 0
    Club World Cup Appearances: 0
    Club World Cup Goals: 0
    Total Appearances: 49
    Total Goals: 0
    Yearly Appearances & Goals: 2012/13: 23 (0), 2013/14: 26 (0)
    Team Honours: A-League Premiership Winner (2012/13).
    Description: An experienced utility defender and midfielder who secured the first choice left fullback position for the Wanderers in their first season.
Adam D'Apuzzo

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GF was the best game since forever for the accountant.

I think he has improved the last few games. Hopefully will carry that on into next season.

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Early in the first half he got forward and carved through the Brisbane defense. If ASADA picked anyone to drug test post match I'm guessing Adam got the tap on the shoulder after that start.

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A very good end to the season. i think having Heffernan, Golec, Mullen, Cole involved in the squad has brought the best out of him.


He now has to fight for his place in the team, something he didn't have to do for the first season and a half.

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Cheers Adam.

Can anyone confirm if he is going to PWC as an accountant? read that somewhere a while back.

Know he is still on contract there while he was playing/training with the Wanderers so it makes sense

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Western Sydney Wanderers grand final fullback Adam D'Apuzzo has retired from the A-League to concentrate on a career in accounting.




"It wasn't reported at the time, but D'Apuzzo had an offer to re-sign with the Wanderers. He decided not to accept it because he felt he had lost the passion to keep playing under circumstances where he wasn't earning big money, he and his wife, Cara, were expecting their first child and he had a great opportunity to take a different career path."

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"I had some offers in the A-League, but it wasn't really in my plans any more. I think it would be the Wanderers or nothing for me, really. I wasn't really interested in playing against them and it would have had to have been something pretty decent to get me away from home in Sydney. :good: 

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"I had some offers in the A-League, but it wasn't really in my plans any more. I think it would be the Wanderers or nothing for me, really. I wasn't really interested in playing against them and it would have had to have been something pretty decent to get me away from home in Sydney. :good: 


Where the **** is Zola? Get in here and apologise to the greatest ex-Wanderer-turned-beancounter!

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MANY football fans wish they could wear the jersey of their favourite team - just once - and play in a big game, in front of a packed stadium. To experience what it feels like to be part of a grand final occasion, or derby success, in front of your adoring supporters.


Adam D’Apuzzo lived that dream with the Western Sydney Wanderers, but now, he is finding the reverse is true. After two years with Tony Popovic’s team, D’Apuzzo called it quits in the off season to concentrate on a career in accounting - and says he now finds being a fan just as enjoyable.


“I was walking around the city (before Saturday’s Sydney derby), seeing the fans wearing their jerseys - the part you don’t see when you’re in the game. The fans actually made me nervous, because it’s something they love so much - the same sort of nerves I had when I was playing. I watched it with my family, and afterwards I was very upset. I’m a bigger fan now than ever. Before retiring, I didn’t watch as much - but these days, I watch every second I can,†says D’Apuzzo, now employed by PricewaterhouseCoopers.



It’s actually the second time D’Apuzzo has quit football. In 2011, he left the Newcastle Jets after 102 appearances - and a grand final win - to concentrate on his studies, and was happy with his decision, until Popovic tempted him back.



Adam D’Apuzzo in a Sydney derby. Source: News Limited

But doesn’t he miss playing, just a little bit?


“You miss aspects - the changing room in particular. But not the everyday grind, sacrificing, dieting, pushing your body to the limit. I felt I had achieved what I could in football, and I had new ambitions.


“When that mindset kicked in, it became harder to go to work every day. I knew it was time to get out. I miss the big games, and the whole attention the A-League gets, but I’ve played my part,†says D’Apuzzo.


So instead of clean sheets, D’Apuzzo’s focus is on spreadsheets - and he says he gets just as much satisfaction from making the numbers tally for businesses, as he did for his back four.


“I’m in the audit team - we go into companies and look at the books, and make sure they meet the accounting standards. I like being able to offer advice and help them - I don’t see it as an audit as such. You get an understanding of the whole business, so you learn a lot, and there’s satisfaction in adding value to them.â€


D’Apuzzo comes from a family of accountants - his father, four siblings, even his wife, are all in the same industry, and with a baby on the way in November, there’s no chance of a third comeback, even at state level.


Shootout on derby controversy3:13

“I don’t think I’ll bother. My brother (ex-Mariner, David) still plays at APIA Leichhardt, so if I needed that fix, I could perhaps go there. But it wouldn’t be fair, because I couldn’t give it my all. If I have to work longer, I can’t leave to go to football training. The NPL is a decent level, and still demands a lot - I don’t think I can commit to that.â€


However, in his role as Wanderers club ambassador, he’ll be at Pirtek Stadium on Saturday to see his former club, as they strive to become the first Australian team to win the Asian Champions League - and he feels they have a great chance.


“The A-League is harder in my opinion, as the players are stronger, and fitter. They shut you down quickly. I played in the ACL - and I felt I had more time on the ball, because they sat back. I actually enjoyed those games more, because I felt they were easier. The A-League was more intense,†says D’Apuzzo.


SYD v WSW: Match News Report1:43


Enjoying football like a fan. Source: Getty Images

As for last Saturday’s derby - like any committed fan, D’Apuzzo still burns at the result, and has some sharp words for the opposition.


“It hurts. In my time at the Wanderers, I can’t believe we lost any games to Sydney FC. I also think we won more graciously. I think the Wanderers have a much more professional approach to the derby. When they win, the way they go about it, it’s arrogant,†says D’Apuzzo.


The sort of partisan perspective a player has to keep in check. Little wonder Adam D’Apuzzo is enjoying being a fan again.

Shots fired lolololol

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