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  1. They didn't even change the actual Mr Potato Head. They just changed the logo of the ... Potato Franchise (??) from Mr Potato Head to just Potato Head. There's still Mr Potato Head. And Mrs Potato Head.
  2. Wanderers Women vs Melbourne City Women 25/02/2021 7:05PM
  3. Western Sydney Wanderers Women vs Melbourne City Women VS Date: 25/02/21 Competition: W-League Regular Season Location: Rooty Hill, New South Wales Stadium: Wanderers Centre Of Football View full record
  4. If developing strikers was easy they wouldn't be the highest valued players on the planet.
  5. Annoys me how we managed to drop points to this mob but Victory are towelling them. Maybe we should have tried a few proper corners and not the never ending useless short corners.
  6. True. In games where extra time is involved you also get an extra sub and I assume another window. Which is how City subbed on 6 players in the grand final.
  7. Leave defenders doing nothing instead of putting them on the post and cop a goal that would have been blocked on the line. Deserved stupidity.
  8. Shotton hurt as well. Assuming they make the sub at HT they'll be done to 1 sub window and only 2 subs left.
  9. Rojas one came from a bad challenge from behind so they can be excused on that one. Not sure what happened to the first one, missed it. He said Strebre told him it should have been a red. Of course, he still managed to get something wrong because you don't get red cards for violent conduct in a challenge for the ball, you get a red for excessive force or endangering the safety of an opponent.
  10. Yes we only play city at home once this season.
  11. Word is we released him. Seems strange that we let him go over to Celtic after 3 years in our youth team, arranged a fee for his transfer/training compensation, had Covid cancel it, he comes back, we give him a 2 year scholarship deal and then Robinson turfs him. It's not like it'd even be that big of a monetary hit, and he would have been outside the squad cap and we could play him in NPL2.
  12. City got super lucky at the end there, the defender with his arms all over McGowan and just missed giving away a handball pen by inches.
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