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  1. Riera still scored about a goal every 2 games in the league and almost singlehandedly dragged us through to the FFA Cup Semi-Final both seasons he was here while the rest of the squad included Baumjohann being rubbish, Vedran losing his head, inept defenders, a national team player going missing for us while making a world cup squad and Sotirio. Riera was no Piovaccari.
  2. Western Sydney Wanderers’ hunt for new striker goes cold Western Sydney’s search for a new striker remains fruitless just four weeks from the start of the new season, but captain Mitchell Duke has declared himself fit to answer the call from coach Markus Babbel. Despite Babbel talking optimistically five weeks ago of discussing terms with at least one potential signing, talks with a number of foreign strikers — including former EPL forward Fraizer Campbell — have led nowhere. Though the club was linked on Friday with English forward Danny Graham, currently at Blackburn, he is not an active target. Instead there is optimism that with the closure of the European transfer windows, some players will be more open to considering a move Down Under — and with more affordable pay demands. Though Babbel remains hopeful of landing a visa striker in time for the club’s return to Parramatta, hosting the Mariners on October 12, Duke is back in training and ready to lead the line at the new Bankwest Stadium. Tickets for that game and the derby in Round 3 went on sale on Friday. So confident is he in his recovery from a meniscus torn in late July, Duke has pushed Babbel to involve him in next week’s FFA Cup quarterfinal away to Melbourne City — but club medical staff have insisted that caution prevail and he be held back a week or two longer. But Duke will exhort his teammates to qualify for the semi-finals on October 1 or 2, to give him the chance to play a competitive game ahead of the A-League season itself. “The knee is coming along brilliantly, and I feel ready to get going,” Duke said. “If it was up to me I’d be involved next week against City but I also understand why the medicos want to hold me back a bit longer and not take any risks. “I started running last week so the conditioning side of it will be fine. Game fitness might be tougher but we still have a few pre-season games in which at the very least I’ll be looking to come off the bench. “I know the boss is looking to get a bit more depth in upfront, and to be fair at the moment there’s only me, Kwame (Yeboah) and the young lad Mohamed Adam. “If we got anymore injuries it would be difficult but in the meantime at least I know I’ll be ready for round one, and hopefully the FFA Cup semi-final if we get through.” Duke is likely to travel to Melbourne in his role as captain, having been elected by his teammates despite only joining last January. “I was really appreciative of the boys thinking I’m up to it — they’ve given me a hard time since that I’ve changed already, but it’s all just good banter,” he said. “They’ve been pushing me to go to Melbourne anyway which is a massive compliment about my energy and vibe. “It’s up to me now to make sure I use that leadership position to help push us back to the top of the table.”
  3. Uber already won that here. https://www.smh.com.au/business/workplace/uber-s-australian-drivers-are-not-employees-fair-work-watchdog-finds-20190607-p51vhn.html
  4. Melbourne City vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 18/09/19 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:30PM EST Round: Quarter Final Competition: FFA Cup Location: Melbourne, Victoria Stadium: AAMI Park View full record
  5. Melbourne City vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 18/09/19 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:30PM EST Round: Quarter Final Competition: FFA Cup Location: Melbourne, Victoria Stadium: AAMI Park View full record
  6. The irony being that he has since played every week. He even played last night in a local regional cup game.
  7. I'd laugh if that SBS guy just saw that article and made up his story based on it.
  8. The chances of getting a super high quality marquee at the level Lederer & co were willing to finance was almost negligible in the first place. It's hard enough for teams to find quality strikers without adding in a "bling" factor (ie, at Cahill Rule or Guest Star level). And some of those players have done nothing for their club in the long term. Cahill, ADP, Honda, Heskey, all came and went without doing that much for their clubs. My view is that a player who scores and wins games will do more to bring people in that a player who has a big fancy name but with a team that isn't winning games. If we're in the top 2, maybe even top 4, after the first month or so there's no reason we can't be drawing 25k to games.
  9. This is from SBS so take with a grain of salt. We're apparently going for Danny Graham. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Graham_(footballer) Good scoring record in the Championship and League 1 last year and the year before. If his body holds up here with our awful pitches & weather conditions should be a good choice. He won their player of the year award last year and is contracted at least for this season. Seems odd that they'd even want to terminate him. He's also played in every game for them so far in the league.
  10. If it's a "mutual" termination then it doesn't. If we just sack him then it does.
  11. Even if he sacks her she'll just stay as an independent and vote with them anyway.
  12. Because we've told him he's never going to play for us and we're offering him a full payout to mutually terminate the contract?
  13. I still don't know why we haven't managed to punt Nizic yet. What does he think he's going to accomplish doing nothing all year that he couldn't do by accepting a payout? As for Berisha, he has mentality in spades and is the highest ever A-League scorer. Ross McCormack did well for Melbourne City although I'm not sure on the mentality or physical fitness front there. How about this bloke? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathas_de_Jesus - 6 foot 3, bit of a journeyman but seems to pick up goals pretty regularly, played for Hannover in the Bundesliga and did a decent job. I suspect his injury problems were the major reason he was released rather than his ability. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmanuel_Rivière - Might be out of our league, French youth international, seems to be as much of a wing-forward than an outright striker, whole career has been at pretty high level clubs. Here's someone I think might be in our range - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Pedersen - Scored an absolute shedload of goals in Norway. Missed a lot of the last season because of a knee injury (seems to have been in training or possibly some kind of accident outside of football), I guess it depends on what the injury was and when/if he's better.
  14. Lopar, McGowan, Elrich, Al-Taay, Georgievski, Schwegler, Constable, Wilmering, Majewski, Adam and Yeboah. Cordier, Mourdoukoutas, Kamau, Baccus, Monge, Carluccio, Trew and Suman were second half subs around the hour mark. Elrich, Georgievski, Wilmering stayed on presumably until the end of the game.
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