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  1. I believe it's actually 11. Certain sites don't seem to have his card in the 5-4 against Victory.
  2. What happened to Stringer in Season 3 of the wire.
  3. Kamau wins Player of the Year, Golden Boot, Members POTY, Media POTY. Caitlin Cooper wins both W-League & Member W-League POTY.
  4. Lawrie McKinna quits as Newcastle Jets CEO.
  5. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. mack

    Jake Trew

    Moved to ex-players. I believe he left the club after the 2019/20 season where he made his only appearance but the club never bothered to make any official post about it. At the very least he didn't play in the 2020 NPL1 season (and I can't find anything saying he was in the squad at all), and definitely isn't in the 2021 NPL2 squad. My brief look for information to see if he joined another football club suggests he moved back to the South Coast and among other things, is a DJ available for work at nightclubs.
  7. He had his chance. First season he couldn't shoot or pass properly and after an average 2nd season he went off to Saudi Arabia & the UAE where he has continued to be bad.
  8. He's a nice bloke. Had dinner with him and few other WSW & ADL fans after a game in 2012.
  9. Tries to overturn Adelaide's goal but doesn't even bother to tell Faghani to check the elbow to the back of the head.
  10. SFC player elbows an Adelaide bloke in the face and he doesn't even cop a foul, let alone a yellow or red card. Meanwhile two VAR calls go against Adelaide.
  11. Western Sydney Wanderers vs Hills Brumbies VS Date: 19/06/21 Competition: NSW NPL 2 Location: Rooty Hill, New South Wales Stadium: Wanderers Football Park View full record
  12. Leftback was a major problem in terms of productive attacking play. Between Aquilina (who played 12 of his games at LB) & Wilmering (who played 12 games at LB) they only managed 1 goal, 3 shots on target, a 26% crossing accuracy, 4 assists and about 65% passing accuracy in the opposition half. None of our three main fullbacks had better than 76% passing accuracy overall (Traore had 83% last season, and 73% in opposition half). Hopefully playing in a team that wasn't a candidate for one of the worst of all time will improve Traore's defensive stats.
  13. Adama Traore Date Of Birth: No value Nation: Australia Birthplace: Bondoukou, Ivory Coast Squad Number: Position: Left Fullback Secondary Positions: Joined Wanderers: 18/06/21 Contract Details: 2 Year Initial Contract Contract Finish: 2022/23 Previous Club: Melbourne Victory Wanderers Debut: Wanderers A-League Appearances: 0 Wanderers A-League Goals: 0 Wanderers ACL Appearances: Wanderers ACL Goals: Wanderers FFA Cup Appearances: Wanderers FFA Cup Goals: Wanderers Club World Cup Appearances: Wanderers Club World Cup Goals: Wan
  14. That wasn't going to be moved for any reason except to sell the Ultimo site to developers. Sure, it would have cost the taxpayer a billion dollars and only made $200 million in return, but the mates of the LNP would end up making a killing after turning the site into high rise luxury apartments and some of that would have funnelled back to the LNP through 'donations' and hiring of LNP staffers & companies to work on it.
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