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  1. The christian right love Trump and the GOP because he hates minorities and because of the abortion & prosperity gospel culture wars. They'll never turn against him. Same reason why the Hillsong cult will never abandon Morrison here.
  2. I really don't get how anyone could be from Western Sydney and a Wanderers supporter, seeing the police brutality we've had unleashed on us for incredibly minor situations (plus all the police misconduct here in Australia, away from football), then seeing it happen in the US in far greater intensity with rubber bullets, gas attacks, cop cars ramming into protestors, horses stampeding children, national guard shooting people in their own homes and attacking the media, and thinking "yeah, the people protesting racist police street executions are animals and I'm happy seeing them get brutalised."
  3. The PFA agreed to a short term contract extension to cover the rest of the season.
  4. NRL wants the State Government to build 4 new stadiums in Cronulla, Campbelltown, Penrith and Manly. Or they'll move the Grand Final. Just like they said they'd do if the ANZ knock down was cancelled. Before they signed a 20 year contract to play the Grand Final in Sydney.
  5. Well at least that means at some point they can knock it down and do a proper rectangular stadium and SFC will be out of a stadium for another 3 years.
  6. Carlos Salvachua to return to Europe. Melbourne Victory would like to thank Carlos Salvachua for his service to the club, following his decision to return to Europe. The 47-year-old informed the club last week of his desire to continue his professional coaching career in Europe and to be closer to his extended family in Spain. Victory CEO Trent Jacobs said Salvachua had been the consummate professional since arriving as Kevin Muscat’s assistant ahead of the 2018/19 A-League season. “On behalf of everyone at Melbourne Victory we would like to thank Carlos for his professionalism, hard work and commitment to our Club over the past two seasons,” Jacobs said. “Given the current environment around the world and the fact we are working through a process to appoint our next A-League Head Coach, we understand and accept Carlos’ decision to return to Europe. “Carlos arrived as Kevin Muscat’s assistant ahead of the 2018/19 season, before stepping up as Head Coach during the 2019/20 season. “Carlos’ short tenure as Head Coach included securing our Club’s first away win in the AFC Champions League, ultimately seeing us qualifying for the 2020 Group Stage. “We wish Carlos and his family a safe return to Europe and we wish him all the best for the next chapter in his coaching career.” Salvachua said he would look back fondly on his time in Melbourne. “I would like to thank Melbourne Victory for the way they have looked after myself and my family since we arrived in Australia,” Salvachua said. “It has been a pleasure to help coach the club over the past two seasons. The decision to return to Europe is an opportunity to continue my coaching career, and the other major upside which is to be closer to our extended family in Spain. “I want to personally thank the Victory Board, players, football and administration staff for all their hard work and support and thank you to the members and fans for supporting the team. I wish everyone at Victory all the best for future. “Continue to look after each other and stand by the club. Adiós and thank you Melbourne.” The club will advise on the coaching structure for the remainder of the 2019/20 season shortly.
  7. Is that the one that ended in a fight?
  8. Broadcast level cameras setups cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (much of which is in the main lens). I'm not sure any of the Governments that own these stadiums would go for it. I definitely think whatever happens with this Fox Sports contract, that the FFA, Independent A-League & even the NPL clubs are going to have to work out a minimally acceptable and cheap setup. If you look at the various NPL stream broadcasts, many of them are basically unwatchable (zooming & focus issues, low frame rates) and the camera operators aren't exactly world class. But even those minimal setups cost a lot to setup. Not to mention that a heavily cut down contract in the A-League deal (or going fully independent with no Fox Sports) is going to mean games getting played at suburban grounds with sub-optimal lightning or internet making streaming an issue. It's a huge problem to solve.
  9. And this is the country that tells us all to privatise everything, that no-one deserves health care, housing or clean air & water. ******* hell, just utterly broken country.
  10. They would have been told their little robotdebt scheme was illegal from the first moment they wanted to take a yearly income from the ATO and turn it into a fortnightly average. And yet they plowed on. Pox on them all. Absolute scum. That we elected them back into power is an indictment on our country.
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