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  1. He's apparently taking over Football Queensland instead.
  2. 2-1 Cooney-Cross straight through from a long free kick.
  3. 1-1!! Kristen Hamilton! point blank header after a good raid down the right flank.
  4. I wish interviewers would stop going back to his playing career all the time. Every interview he does they spend 70% of it on Liverpool.
  5. And all he did was forge an official document in an attempt to attack a critic, and then start a cover-up & lied about where he got the document. Should be in jail.
  6. Why would the Government listen to anyone protesting when they just won an election they thought was unwinnable? 2 weeks ago Morrison was promising to ban climate protests.
  7. Front page of The Australian, Daily Terror etc then: "Albanese plays politics while people die" followed by more attacks on the minor Greens party instead of the real culprits (which they've been doing for a decade now). Good luck with that strategy.
  8. It's what Australia voted for, why blame Albanese? He can't do anything about it until August 2021. Nothing he could say would get covered positively by the media.
  9. Western Sydney Wanderers Women vs Adelaide United Women VS Date: 14/11/19 Competition: W-League Regular Season Location: Bossley Park, New South Wales Stadium: Marconi Stadium View full record
  10. Wanderers Women Vs Adelaide Women 14/11/2018 7:30PM
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