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  1. Facebook made some idiotic changes to their authentication/embedding requirements that mean the software can't embed them. I don't know when that functionality will be restored.
  2. 4-3. Var is checking something hmm.
  3. Archie Thompson on 'expert' commentary. Fox Sports really scraping the barrel.
  4. 3-1. Massive mistake from our keeper. Defence has collapsed.
  5. Lmao 2-1. After the Jets player falls over and 'wins' a foul, the Jets player throws the ball at our player and doesn't even get a card. Then they score from the free kick.
  6. This ref is having a Kurt Ams. Newcastle player hits one of ours in the face, only gets yellowed. Jets have a 10 minute period where all they do in the game is foul our players. Then gives the Jets a free for a handball that deflected off another player (and wasn't deliberate) that was saved practically off the line by our keeper after they got a clear advantage for a shot on goal.
  7. 1-1! Yeoman-Dale smashed it from like 25 yards into the top corner.
  8. mack

    Radoslaw Majewski

    Might have been a trial/winter break game as well, they had a half-dozen trialists.
  9. They clearly expected no-one to adjust to them putting Buhagiar up front by dropping deeper. As if everyone was going to have their central defenders stand on halfway so SFC could just pump long balls over the top.
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