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  1. Macarthur Rams vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 23/03/19 Competition: NSW NPL 2 Location: Airds, New South Wales Stadium: Lynwood Park View full record
  2. What a joke of a headline that is. They made a slight error mixing up the year it was reported vs the year it was said, one that has absolutely zero impact on the reality of the situation. Morrison is lying, his mate Greg Hunt lied to protect him and was found out, and will lie and lie again about it.
  3. The lower bowl will feel much the same but the upper tier is a lot more steeper and has more rows than the old stadium.
  4. mack

    The Refereeing Thread

    The bit about "selling" the VAR is ridiculous and has to be stamped out.
  5. If you're going to cancel out 5 (or more, the clubs seem like they want to increase the foreign country to as much as 7) you might as well just get rid of it and limit things with squad restrictions.
  6. mack

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    They have a decent youth corp, and need to set their handful of experienced first team Australian players. That and foreign player may come after their new coach is announced whenever that is.
  7. mack

    Perth Glory: Season 2018/19

    Fornaroli to Perth confirmed. Announcement tomorrow.
  8. I now realize this game is not this weekend. However, I might have some internet trouble on Saturday anyway so just in case it goes really badly at least this thread is up.
  9. Allianz Stadium could have been upgraded to meet all safety standards for as little as $18 million, a secret report for the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust reveals. The revelation will reignite the key election issue of stadiums for Labor leader Michael Daley as the campaign enters its final two days. The report, prepared for the trust in May 2016, is in stark contrast to the Berejiklian government's claims that it would cost $714 million to ensure the venue met safety standards. Rather than upgrading, the government decided to rebuild the Moore Park stadium for $729 million. Demolition of the stadium, including ripping off the roof, is already under way, despite several attempts at legal action to stop it until after Saturday's election. The report, by Asset Technologies Pacific and marked confidential, says Allianz Stadium could be upgraded to address "current non-compliance" for $18,153,800. It goes on to say that Allianz would incur "minor non-compliance" issues with "each succeeding iteration of the standards, legislation and codes". But these could be easily fixed. "These minor issues can be addressed through partial voluntary upgrades over the forthcoming 10-year period until such a time as the next major refurbishment is undertaken," the report says. The report also says that a "critical remediation" of Allianz would cost $130 million but this would include "end of life issues" ranging from refurbishing "bathroom and public amenities" to repairing the trust's pool deck and change room and scoreboards. Heavy equipment: demolition work gets under way at Allianz Stadium this week. The $18 million figure includes "safety and compliance" requirements ($15.5 million) and security requirements ($3.8 million), the document shows. Mr Daley said the report "exposes once and for all their entire case for the stadium splurge to be nothing more than a sham". “Instead they wanted a gold plated stadium. What a disgrace," he said. Sports Minister Stuart Ayres, whose portfolio oversees the stadium and the trust, said Infrastructure NSW found that a complete rebuild of Allianz was better value for taxpayers than a refurbishment. "This report was produced in accordance with the Legislative Council call for papers in 2018. It was then considered as part of the Upper House Public Works Committee into stadia. That committee concluded that there were significant safety and security breaches at the facility," he said. "They recommended the full redevelopment of Sydney Football Stadium. [Labor MP] Lynda Voltz was a member of that committee. NSW Labor leader Michael Daley has campaigned hard on not overspending on upgrading stadiums.CREDIT:LOUISE KENNERLEY "After an exhaustive and detailed process Infrastructure NSW (INSW) valued a refurbishment of the SFS at $714.5 million and a rebuild at $729 million. INSW also identified the option to rebuild provided better value to the taxpayer than a refurbishment." Mr Daley stepped up his attack on the government's decision to rebuild Allianz, when he told Alan Jones earlier this month that he would sack the broadcaster and the majority of the trust board if elected. But this week, the focus on stadiums was overtaken as Mr Daley was dogged with questions about preference deals and comments he made about Asian students.
  10. Western Sydney Wanderers vs Melbourne City VS Date: 30/03/19 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:50PM EDT Round: 23 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney Stadium: Sydney Olympic Stadium View full record
  11. Western Sydney Wanderers vs Melbourne City VS Date: 30/03/19 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:50PM EDT Round: 23 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney Stadium: Sydney Olympic Stadium View full record
  12. mack

    Daniel Wilmering

    Daniel Wilmering Date Of Birth: 19/12/00 Nation: Australia Birthplace: Sydney, Australia Squad Number: Position: Defender Secondary Positions: Joined Wanderers: 17/03/19 Contract Details: Youth Player Contract Finish: 2018/19 Previous Club: Wanderers Youth Wanderers Debut: 17th March 2019 vs Wellington Phoenix Wanderers A-League Appearances: 1 Wanderers A-League Goals: 0 Wanderers ACL Appearances: Wanderers ACL Goals: Wanderers FFA Cup Appearances: Wanderers FFA Cup Goals: Wanderers Club World Cup Appearances: Wanderers Club World Cup Goals: Wanderers Total Appearances: 1 Wanderers Total Goals: 0 Yearly Appearances & Goals: International Team: International Caps: International Goals: Individual Awards: Team Honours: Highlight: Highlight: Highlight: Description: Youth team player bought into the Wanderers squad and then making his debut, for a fixture against Wellington Phoenix in 2019. View full record