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  1. Traore - Natta - Williams - Wright - Gordon.
  2. Either this or an Apple TV box. Apple Box is more expensive, but the apps for Apple are usually a bit more advanced/kept up to date than Android ones. It's also better if you can reach the TV area with an ethernet port rather than rely on wifi.
  3. If the transfer is signed then he probably just needs to complete the medical before it's official.
  4. On the bright side, Awer Mabil scored! The defending on the winner had shades of old Lucas Neill with his never ending hands up asking for offside instead of trying to defend.
  5. Don't forget Fox Sports shoving him down our throats. He's only won a single trophy without ref assistance, the Mariners premiership, the rest were at SFC or the GF where the Mariners got the handball calls their way and Hersi was suspended. He failed every single time he's left Australia. J-League, ACL and with the National teams. He just doesn't have what it takes.
  6. The reports were that it was signed and sealed at the end of may.
  7. Tom Glover will never be a top level keeper when he keeps making such glaring handling mistakes.
  8. Close enough. Thought he was 24.
  9. Souttar airswung on an attempted clearance and let the Egyptian player into the box. Not great from your over-age defender.
  10. It's only 25c but it's 96% humidity and raining.
  11. Tilio is killing our attacks. Not sure why Arnie thinks a winger should be our attacking mid instead of Baccus.
  12. He left the club before the season ended because he got called up for the national team, the loan contract expires automatically. He then later announced he'd left the club we loaned him from. So we could be negotiating with him but it wouldn't impact on the fact that he had left the club long ago already.
  13. Looks like Lopane was actually on a 2 year scholarship contract. So it's just Yeboah and Cancar that haven't been confirmed to leave or stay.
  14. Surely if Australia/USA is such a great free open society any "evil Chinese communist infiltrator" will just defect after they arrive here and see how wonderful our countries are?
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