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  1. Western Sydney Wanderers vs Mounties Wanderers VS Date: 25/05/19 Competition: NSW NPL 2 Location: Edensor Park, New South Wales Stadium: Sydney United Sports Centre View full record
  2. Fox Sports & FFA took the 11 team league as an excuse to get rid of games they don't want to show on TV. Newcastle vs Adelaide, Perth vs Brisbane, Mariners vs Wellington I would bet turn out to have only 2 rounds. They will have 3 of every 'derby'. SFC v MV, MC v MVC, WSW v SFC etc.
  3. He made at least 4 massive mistakes that had nothing to do with the defence.
  4. Zero goals, zero assists. Come on babbel we need firepower.
  5. If Zigger isn't a citizen we have two spots left, I'd use the two marquee spots on a attacking mid and striker, then spend whatever is left on bringing Spira home.
  6. 2018/19 Threads: Part 1 & Part 2 Expiring Year 2019/20 Bruce Kamau Daniel Lopar (Foreign) Danijel Nizic Mitch Duke Nicholas Suman (U21) Pirmin Schwegler (Foreign) Tarek Elrich Tate Russel (U21) Tass Mourdoukoutas (U21) Expiring Year 2020/21 Daniel Georgievski Fabian Monge (U21) Jordan O'Doherty Kosta Grozos Kwame Yeboah Nick Fitzgerald Patrick Ziegler (Foreign) Expiring Year 2021/22 Keanu Baccus Vedran Janjetovic Special Player Limitations (As part of overall squad cap) 3 of 5 Foreign Players 0 of 2 Marquee Position (Wage not included in Salary Cap) A-League squad comprised of up to 20 First Team players + 3 U21 Players. Additional U21 players can be signed outside the squad cap. 14 of 20 First Team Contracts 4 U21 Contracts - Minimum 3 required
  7. mack

    Daniel Lopar

    Daniel Lopar Date Of Birth: 19/04/85 Nation: Switzerland Birthplace: Kreuzlingen, Switzerland Squad Number: 1 Position: Goalkeeper Secondary Positions: Joined Wanderers: 23/05/19 Contract Details: 1 year initial contract Contract Finish: 2019/20 Previous Club: FC St Gallen Wanderers Debut: Wanderers A-League Appearances: 0 Wanderers A-League Goals: 0 Wanderers ACL Appearances: Wanderers ACL Goals: Wanderers FFA Cup Appearances: Wanderers FFA Cup Goals: Wanderers Club World Cup Appearances: Wanderers Club World Cup Goals: Wanderers Total Appearances: 0 Wanderers Total Goals: 0 Yearly Appearances & Goals: International Team: International Caps: International Goals: Individual Awards: Team Honours: Highlight: Highlight: Highlight: Description: Vastly experienced goalkeeper who has played his entire career in his home league in Switzerland, playing over a decade for FC St Gallen. View full record
  8. Babbel's Operation Tannenbaum.
  9. mack

    Adelaide United: Season 2019/20

    They confirmed it today.
  10. mack

    NSW NPL Discussion 2019

    For WSW games it'll be fine just park in the normal carpark. Worse case you just park in the street.
  11. At the top we have Australian Central midfielders playing for a team the FFA treat with kid gloves who would get sent off every game for cynical fouls and bad tackles, here they "win the competition" by parking the bus for two hours then winning a shoot out after finishing second in the league and failing in the ACL yet again. Overseas you get sent off in a game you might never play again. Here there's no real threat to losing your job from overseas players once you make it past the nyl. Mitch Nichols had a 12 year career playing for half the league having two good seasons. Micheal Theo impresses as a youth, goes to Blackpool only gets three games. Comes back eventually to Victory, then goes overseas again to Norwich. One game. 7-1 loss. Dropped. Manager sacked. Gets put back on the bench one game but shows up late. Terminated. Oh well back to the Aleague for 8 years. There's no real consequences for clubs and that means no real consequences to the players. There's no clubs here that will literally just stop paying you when you don't perform, no threat of relegation that forces the owners to act hard and fast when their goals aren't being met. Just constant recycling.
  12. The mine collapse was 13 years ago. Loads of people don't even know it happened or that Shorten was even there, not that it would matter he was attacked for "standing around for photo ops" by the propaganda media. The mine was closed in 2012.