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  1. They'll crash out with no deal. The EU can't back down on what they've negotiated now and Boris and his mates won't agree to it. The billionaires pushing for brexit have shorted the pound and will make billions when it crashes after no deal. The referendum was a cheap political trick intended by Cameron to shore the Tory centre against hard/far right movements in the party and outside ukip bnp etc. It backfired spectacularly. But the capital and megacorps will still win like they always do. The regular people will suffer. The US will come in like vultures to pick off the NHS among other things.
  2. We now have the least idiotic leader out of Australia, the UK & USA. Small miracles I suppose.
  3. mack

    Mitch Nichols

    He was talented enough that he should have been playing long-term in Europe or at least a higher tier football in Asia. After his first attempt at going to europe fell apart, he then failed in Japan, did nothing in his first season at Perth, had his one good season at WSW then sucked in the second, went back to Perth, then Wellington and then basically retired from pro football before he turned 30. An utter failure of application/mentality.
  4. Without the massively improved corporate facilities on that side there wouldn't be a new stadium.
  5. Peacock wouldn't be included in "just" the football people, he probably has a regular full time contract as they use him in multiple sports. I think he does all their location tennis presenting for Wimbeldon/French Open/US Open for example. Hill on the other hand. It could be that he & Harper are on the chopping block?
  6. My issue with Thompson is that they keep using him in serious pre/halftime/post game discussions when he can't stop himself from making stupid bad jokes and showing a lack of preparation for the games they are covering. If he was just doing a mid-week panel show then sure, but he really brings down the discussion of important games. He's also just as biased to Victory as Slater, Harper & Ognevoski are to Sydney FC.
  7. Fox Sports have re-signed Bozza, Slater, Thompson & Speed for their A-League coverage. Bozza good. The rest, bad. More **** 'expert' garbage from Slater & Speed.
  8. His job is going to be 99% working with the football media.
  9. Hey no need to get snippy I was merely pointing out why the Leeds song was their song. Mine? Walk out?
  10. Club & stadium confirmed it a few months ago. Draw looks like coming this week, or next at the very latest.
  11. At least the Kaiser Chiefs are actually from Leeds unlike Blur, who are not from Western Sydney.
  12. All 13 A-League games, all home FFA Cup matches from Quarter Finals (so if we get drawn at home in R16 assuming we beat Perth we might not play there), future Champions League games. I believe at least some W-League games will be played there as well, depending on the draw schedule for both games, as it'd need to be Saturday or Sunday games with both teams at home in the same round.
  13. I just went back and listened to after the goal, it's Song 2 by Blur, made famous by FIFA Road To The World Cup 98.
  14. Western Sydney Wanderers vs St George Saints VS Date: 21/07/19 Competition: NSW NPL 2 Location: Blacktown, New South Wales Stadium: Lily Homes Stadium View full record
  15. One of the outlets behind the RBB was closed I think, that couldn't have helped.
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