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  1. mack

    Adelaide United: Season 2018/19

    Unlimited will have nothing to add to this one. Adelaide appear to have signed Mirko Boland, a 72 rated German CM.
  2. mack

    Melbourne Victory: Season 2018/19

    FFA are going to give Victory $2m from the "marquee fund". The last million will end up at Sydney FC or Melbourne City.
  3. mack

    Melbourne Victory: Season 2018/19

    Media reporting Honda nailed on to join them. Also signed a 32yo German CB.
  4. All you do is copy the link to the tweet from the address bar into the wsf post box them push enter. The forum does the rest.
  5. Usain Bolt to the Mariners for a pre-season trial. Yes. That Usain Bolt.
  6. If Honda gets an offer near his valuation of himself Victory have no chance. He supposedly wants an after tax 4 million euro. The equivalent here would be something like $10 million before tax I believe.
  7. How will he work alongside Harry Redknapp?
  8. We've already got our Honda. His name is Riera. That said it'd be good if we went in for him.
  9. He doesn't have enough clout to get onto the trust. It'll be Westconnex or GWS or some other Tony Shepard linked company.
  10. mack

    Melbourne Victory: Season 2018/19

    A follow up to the George interview was that Fox going by google translate meant that some of the translations weren't particularly good when compared to a human translation. Perhaps they should have asked the SBS translation service to do it for them before writing an article about it.
  11. mack

    World Cup 2018

    And that's World Cup 2018 in the books. France win.
  12. mack

    World Cup 2018

    Coldplay music on now, as if those poor Croatians haven't suffered enough.