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  1. She joined Blacktown Spartans during the NPL season and now the reports are that WSW and Victory have made offers as well as overseas clubs but that she would prefer to stay in Australia. I believe she would be back to Sydney now after participating in the FFA's training camp that was held in Adelaide this past week. I would suspect she'll have to make a decision pretty shortly about which club to join with the season a month away. Roberts also joined the Spartans after the season, we might have decided not to retain her again after 4 seasons with us, she only played 3 games last year. Holloway suffering an ACL injury at age 36 may have forced her into retirement and even if she didn't, signing her again would be a really risky choice for the club.
  2. The people who own the stadium were impacted by Covid, they also own the adjacent licensed club, and had to close down a 2nd licensed venue in the suburbs because of it. They probably don't think it's worth whatever it would cost to re-open, and the W-League club and the NPL club that used it likely can't afford to pay them enough to make it worth keeping open.
  3. mack

    Macarthur FC

    Matches in stadiums aren't outdoor events. Stadiums are currently allowed to be at 50% capacity. So 15k at Parramatta and 40k at Homebush.
  4. An old Spanish central defender/midfielder. Hopefully he's more Alberto than Borda.
  5. We probably need a few players to get to the minimum full time squad number.
  6. 3 for Abbott is incredibly generous. He was PM for 2 years and his only major contributions to the country were a 2014 budget designed to attack the poorest for having the nerve to vote against Liberal rule, destroying the NBN, the biased anti-union Royal Commission, knighting Prince Phillip and then spending his last year in charge fighting off being rolled, which ended up happening after a 2nd leadership spill. Turnbull, Abbott and Morrison should be lucky to scrape a 3 rating combined. How they've kept power in this country so long is a sick joke.
  7. Perth with a typical Australian ACL loss. Played well, managed to take the lead with a fluke and then collapse in a heap in the last 10. 2-1 Ulsan.
  8. 2nd yellow in a shootout for jumping off the line (when you're supposed to give them a warning+retake first and only give a card for 2nd offence) and then the refs forgot that Orlando had used all their subs so had to take back the keeper subs they allowed. What a joke. And if you look at the 'offence' it's absolutely miniscule. https://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2020-11-21-orlando-city-sc-vs-new-york-city-fc/details/video/249636 lmao.
  9. mack


    I'd recommend this one: https://www.target.com.au/p/bellini-5l-air-fryer-baf21/63695328 But it seems to have gone out of stock.
  10. mack

    Western United

    The A-League could have added Team 11, South Melbourne, Wollongong, Canberra or the Cronulla bid with Craig Foster on the board and any of them would have been more viable than WU.
  11. That was about 10 yards out of the penalty area. Straight red with no subs left. btw SFC lost 2-1 after going ahead.
  12. The peaks I mean are relative to the A-League and the individual player, not a comparison to the higher levels in Europe/MLS/China etc. Duke was at that peak last season. SFC have Retre, Barbarouses, Caceres, Grant & Brattan there now.
  13. Our average age is 24 years old, but most of the squad is Youth to 23yo or 30+ We've got no-one who is at at their physical and technical peaks.
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