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  1. South Coast Wolves vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 27/09/20 Competition: NSW NPL 1 Location: Wollongong, New South Wales Stadium: Albert Butler Park View full record
  2. mack

    Music Thread 4

    This song works on every level of ironic, post-ironic and non-ironic.
  3. mack

    Matthew Jurman

    I doubt Popa will tolerate the lack of effort he gave us this season. That game against Brisbane was one of the most pathetic I've seen in a long time.
  4. With the small amount of players they've got at the moment I doubt they'd be worried about the cap.
  5. Tony Sage has said he's individually negotiating with players now. City might be doing the same.
  6. It might be better than normal since the owner is Australian, you could probably find a way to sue him in Australia if he failed to pay wages.
  7. mack

    Newcastle Jets

    Club being sold to a new Chinese owner.
  8. Good thing that after the LNP butchered the original NBN that nothing that required a huge amount of people to start working or studying from home happened.
  9. Slavery is still legal in the US if you're imprisoned. Republicans absolutely support that staying.
  10. Voted for Trump to be impeached now he's going to vote for his court pick.
  11. There's also "When you look at how the law is written, referees have been very consistent". That's meaningless non-sequitur. A criminal might consistently break the law, doesn't mean that being consistent is some kind of positive factor.
  12. mack

    Perth Glory

    A-League has been a loss making enterprise for a decade and a half. At some point the owners need to start regularly breaking even & making profits because otherwise there's no financial incentive to actually have a league in the first place. Sure, there would probably be an attempt at a 3rd Australian national league if the A-League died, it will be a shadow of how the A-League has operated and it certainly wouldn't keep paying mediocre journeymen $150k a year. We've blown through how many millionaires & billionaires so far? We're about to lose Charlesworth, the guy who owns Newcastle would be out if he could, and while they're both clinging on to hopefully make some cash back on a license they're not spending anything but the bare minimum.
  13. No I was thinking more along the lines of the Henry goal vs Ireland (although that was hardly just an issue of deliberate vs non-deliberate), where someone might accidentally non-deliberately handle the ball and then score. But either apply since under the laws it doesn't matter (similar to how you could score off the ref under previous laws).
  14. That's what the Parakeelia rort was. LNP sets up a company they own called Parakeelia, that provides software to LNP offices about their constituents data, they get charged $2500, which is then claimed back from the taxpayer as a office expense. It was as blatant as a drug dealer washing their cash through a pub poker machine.
  15. I bet they never paid the little people whose land they acquired 10 times the value.
  16. I might be just a stupid non-referee who don't know the interpretation properly because I haven't done 50 courses but to me those two decisions should have been the other way around. No pen, then goal disallowed. One of the purposes of the rebadged handball law was to make it official that a non-deliberate handball that leads to a goal should be over-ruled, instead of just having to rely on the unwritten rules that refs would call such situations as a foul even though they weren't deliberate.
  17. I look forward to many more videos exposing the Tories.
  18. He's the human personification of the word "but". HAHAHA 3:45 he just can't help himself. He's too obvious that you can predict what he's about to say before he says it.
  19. Wanting people to use masks, hard hitting stuff.
  20. mack

    Perth Glory

    The fans & owners have been subsidising the players since the A-League started 15 years ago. TV deal being cut by half is worth the entire league's salary floor.
  21. Whatever happened to him. Probably having trouble making videos now that he can't blame Corbyn for everything.
  22. mack

    Perth Glory

    As badly as the owners & FFA in particular have done running the A-League, the player salaries are hugely inflated for the level of income they bring in. Their salary level meant the clubs make no profit outside of a handful of clubs in boom years or when a particularly large transfer fee is earned and both of those have been very rare. The clubs have consistently lost $1 to $5 million a season per club every season, some owners are happy to fund that, others less so, and even lesser now. Every time the clubs got close to profitability, the FFA turned around and kicked the can even further down the road with their cozy PFA agreements where the clubs had no input and they end with inevitable cap increases because the FFA don't care about because they're not the ones paying for it. People always say the A-League tickets cost too much. How are clubs ever going to reduce prices if their expenses keep constantly rising? I imagine the club owners are tired of the losses. Limiting the pay cut to 30% is generous from the owners considering the destruction of their two major revenue streams (TV rights & ticket sales/memberships). I've said for years the A-League is unsustainable and needs to transition to the same football economy that works in every other country on the planet barring a handful of exceptions like the MLS (which we've now lost the chance to replicate in a smaller manner).
  23. I highly doubt it's going to be 'on the line' by the time of the election. Trump said he's going to pick a woman and it's probably going to be Amy Coney Barrett (three names, always an indicator of sociopathy). Pretty much a female Kavanaugh without the alcoholism. Catholic anti-choice, hate the poor, will rubber stamp Republicans corruption. Could be on the court for 40 years. The Dems have no way of stopping an appointment. They'd have to convince a handful of Republicans to switch sides. My guess is a couple of them get a 'free pass' to vote no, or to abstain, if it's politically expedient for re-elections, but it will be stage managed to ensure the vote still passes.
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