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  1. Part 1 Here Expiring End 2018/19 Abraham Majok (U21) Alexander Baumjohann (Foreign) Brendan Hamill Lachlan Scott (U21) Marc Tokich (U21) Mark Bridge Oriol Riera (Foreign, Marquee) Raul Llorente (Foreign) Rashid Mahazi (NPL Rookie) Jaushua Sotirio John Roberts (U21) Josh Risdon Roly Bonevacia (Foreign) Expiring Year 2019/20 Bruce Kamau Danijel Nizic Mitch Duke Nicholas Suman (U21) Tarek Elrich Tate Russel (U21) Tass Mourdoukoutas (U21) Expiring Year 2020/21 Fabian Monge (U21) Jordan O'Doherty Kosta Grozos Nick Fitzgerald Patrick Ziegler (Foreign) Expiring Year 2021/22 Keanu Baccus Vedran Janjetovic Special Player Limitations (As part of overall squad cap) 5 of 5 Foreign Players - 0 Available 1 of 2 Marquee Position (Wage not included in Salary Cap) A-League squad comprised of up to 20 First Team players, with a requirement for 3 players aged 20 or younger (U21). 19 of 20 First Team Contracts - 1 Available 7 U21 Contracts - Minimum 3 required Note: Rashid Mahazi is a "Mature Age Rookie", who is not included in the salary or squad caps.
  2. I started a little project tonight to compile a list of the FFA's failures & general ineptitude. http://www.westsydneyfootball.com/ffa_failure.html
  3. Admin: I've split off this thread to serve as the ongoing thread regarding the construction of our new stadium.
  4. Hindmarsh Stadium at the biggest games sells standing room only tickets.
  5. mack

    Keanu Baccus

    Keanu Baccus Date Of Birth: 07/06/98 Nation: Australia Birthplace: Durban, South Africa Squad Number: 17 Position: Right Fullback Secondary Positions: Central Midfield Joined Wanderers: 03/05/17 Contract Details: 2 Year Initial Contract, 3 Year Extension 14/2/19 Contract Finish: 2021/22 Previous Club: Wanderers Youth Wanderers Debut: 1st January 2017 vs Perth Glory Wanderers A-League Appearances: 31 Wanderers A-League Goals: 1 Wanderers ACL Appearances: 2 Wanderers ACL Goals: 0 Wanderers FFA Cup Appearances: 2 Wanderers FFA Cup Goals: 0 Wanderers Club World Cup Appearances: Wanderers Club World Cup Goals: Wanderers Total Appearances: 35 Wanderers Total Goals: 2 Yearly Appearances & Goals: 2016/17: 5 (0), 2017/18: 14 (0) International Team: International Caps: International Goals: Individual Awards: Wanderers Youth Player Of The Year (2016/17) Team Honours: Highlight: Scored his first goal for the Wanderers against Melbourne Victory in Round 7, Season 2018/19. Highlight: Highlight: Description: Baccus alternated as a fullback and central midfielder in the youth system until Josep Gombau elevated him to a first team defensive midfield playmaker role. Despite performing adequately in the role and adding goals to his tally in 2019, his discipline remains an issue, as he has been sent off multiple times. View full record
  6. Parra got the good deal because they got in first and had the Government helping. No-one in the Government gives a **** about football so we're probably having to lobby them while we try to not get screwed over like the Roar have at Suncorp.
  7. Adelaide United vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 16/02/19 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:50PM EDT Round: 19 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Adelaide, South Australia Stadium: Coopers Stadium View full record
  8. Sydney FC: Season 2018/19 2017/18 Thread Here
  9. West Melbourne: Season 2019/2020 Welcome To The A-League
  10. Newcastle Jets: Season 2018/19 2017/18 Thread Here
  11. Why would we sack O'Doherty? He's only 21 years old, he's played 15 of our 18 games and he's got a contract for another 2 seasons after this.
  12. Depends on what they are willing to be paid.
  13. A comfortable 2-0 win with goals from Tarek Elrich and Jaushua Sotirio for the Western Sydney Wanderers has condemned the Central Coast Mariners to a nearly inevitable wooden spoon, and seen the Wanderers head back up the A-League ladder after their clash at Homebush tonight. Oriol Riera 15 minutes in had a free header inside the penalty area that he nodded down strongly, Mariners keeper Ben Kennedy going down smartly to save on his left. That header became the best chance of the half for either team until the opening goal. There was precious little goal mouth action, neither side showing any major amount of intensity, class on the ball was non-existent, the Mariners couldn't convert their corners and the Wanderers attackers weren't putting in good runs. Despite the lack of quality & intensity, the Wanderers broke the deadlock as stoppage time began. Tarek Elrich took a throw in 35 yards from goal on the left sideline, was given the ball back by Kamau then took a touch before launching a speculative cross deep into the 6 yard box, neither Riera or Sotirio could get on the end of the ball, both Mariners central defenders were taken out of the play by the attacking runs, and Ben Kennedy could only watch as the ball bounced off the far post and nestled into the back of the net. The teams trotted off for half-time seemingly nonplussed by the scoreline, the home fans mild cheers reverberated softly around the ground. If ever a dismal game deserved a dismal goal, this was it. Matthew Millar had a good chance in the 55th minute, a failure to clear the ball by Vedran Janjetovic results in Connor Pain getting the ball in the penalty area, he chipped the ball over the top for Millar, but his jumping strike bounced off the turf and was palmed away by Janjetovic. The Wanderers took a death grip on the game after the second drinks break in the 75th minute, the play resumed and Western Sydney were on the attack, Roly Bonevacia striding down the left flank, cutting in toward the middle then piercing the Mariners defensive line with a perfect through ball. Jaushua Sotirio, the clear man of the match for the evening cemented his good game by bursting onto the ball and passing it around the onrushing Kennedy into the side netting for a 2-0 lead. That second goal broke the spirt of the Mariners, the game petered to it's conclusion, and the main talking point for the Wanderers will be a groin injury suffered early on by Kwame Yeboah. The Mariners were awful as per usual this season, and the home side will need to lift their quality if they are going to win more games before the season is over. Western Sydney head to Adelaide for their match on Saturday night. View full article
  14. Australian National Teams: Arnie Failed Again Featuring World Cup 2022 Qualification Previous Thread Here
  15. Could be worse, we might be giving Vedran another 3 year extension.
  16. mack

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    It's about time someone United the Western half of wherever this team is.
  17. mack

    Keanu Baccus

    3 year extension. Finishes 2021/22. I suspect it'll have a decent release clause.
  18. Based on the documents, I believe they just haven't finished it. It's not a 'garden bed' it's the dirt that will be the foundation for the pre-cast steps. I could be wrong though, but all the documents show the stairs as one big set of stairs, nothing else. My guess is that the central pre-cast stair block is one that is more fiddly than the others as it needs to connect both sides so it's done last.
  19. That's the field club area. There are two major, and two minor locker rooms, one on each side of the grandstand. These open up into a very large warm-up area for each team, which in the plans, includes a large glass window so people in the field club corporate area can watch the players warming up. Although I don't know if that's going to happen in practice. Each team has their own mini-tunnel leading out to the pitch area, but due to the layout and the doorways, it's possible that the players could walk out onto the pitch through the field club itself. It's the exact opposite of the Perth Glory tunnel that's for sure. Once out onto the pitch each team will have a row of seating, and of course they will have the option to use the current portable benches. If they follow through with it, it'll be an experience that no-where in Australia but the new Perth Stadium and our stadium has. And this how that field club & player entrance works in the WA stadium.
  20. Previous thread here. Admin: This thread is for discussion of the Football Media. Inclusive of media personalities, bias in the media, and news about the people who report on football. Please keep in mind that news articles regarding players, clubs, or any other non-media related news can be given their own threads in an appropriate subforum, or posted in relevant specific thread.
  21. Adelaide United vs Western Sydney Wanderers VS Date: 16/02/19 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:50PM EDT Round: 19 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Adelaide, South Australia Stadium: Coopers Stadium View full record
  22. Assuming we get rid of Nizic I would not be surprised if one of the first signings Babbel makes is a foreign keeper.
  23. Duncan is no better than keeping Suman.