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  1. Attempt 1 gets scuppered by the weather in Canberra. Attempt 2 they try to get on the plane to Canberra and then realise that ACT has a different status to NSW and would require a 2 week individual quarantine.
  2. Absolutely terrible facebook boomer meme level post. As if you're not allowed to criticise the Government or the current tax structure unless you've volunteered to donate all your money to the ATO. It's such a transparently stupid point devoid of intelligence that it barely even functions as a "for the lulz" troll because all it does is expose the vacuous lack of wit behind it.
  3. This is the league Tando Velaphi has played 104 games. Where Mahazi played 89 games. Where Corey Gamiero played 51 games as a striker and scored only 5 goals. Where Jake McGing has played for 5 seasons and is moving to a fourth A-League club next year. The bar is not very high.
  4. Senate committee on income inequality chaired by Senator from one of the parties that know income inequality is a problem. I for one am shocked at this development.
  5. I honestly can't believe they didn't leave for NSW as soon as Victoria had to start regional lockdowns again.
  6. mack

    Abraham Majok

    I give it about 2 months before they stop paying his wages.
  7. I just prefer our country not to follow another country into disastrous military conflicts based on lies. If China start pressuring us to get involved in their conflicts you might have a point.
  8. We're already influenced by both of them, they are our 1st and 3rd largest trading partners.
  9. Last time I checked Australia wasn't involved in Tiananmen Square. Unlike Iraq where Howard jumped in with both feet so he could be the little dog deputy of Bush or Vietnam where we went "all the way with LBJ".
  10. Found it. A-League: Players from Melbourne clubs forced to relocate as COVID crisis deepens Melbourne Victory are preparing for ‘more curveballs’ to come their way, likely in the form of shifting their two remaining home games to NSW as the Coronavirus spreads through Melbourne. There is a growing concern among Melbourne clubs that they will be forced to relocate to NSW to escape the Coronavirus grip on the city, which has already put 10 postcodes into lockdown. Victoria on Thursday recorded a further 77 new Coronavirus cases, while the postcode lockdown forced staff members and players from the three Victorian clubs – Victory, Melbourne City and Western United – to relocate our of the city’s hot spots. City defender Scott Jamieson, along with two teammates and a fitness coach, were all moved into temporary accommodation on Wednesday night ahead of the midnight lockdown curfew – while both Victory and Western United also relocated affected members of their football departments. As of Thursday night, the FFA remained in discussion with the NSW government about the next steps which would need to be taken to clear the clubs to resume their A-League campaigns, which is due to restart with a Victory-Western united derby on July 16. That fixture was set to take place at AAMI Park, a scenario which is looking increasingly unlikely. Victory chairman Anthony Di Pietro on Thursday appeared resigned to the likelihood that the team’s final two home games would be moved to NSW. “Someone told me when I became Chairman of this club that there’d be a new curveball thrown every day,” Di Pietro told SEN. “That person was so right. And there’s more than one curveball getting thrown at the moment. “We really are planning as best we can but expecting the unexpected each day. “We had hopes we’d have potentially the ability to bring some of our members into games for the AAMI Park games – that’s just so far off now, we’d be lucky to even be playing there the way things are looking. “The last few days have been quite concerning here in Victoria. “The season kicks off July 16, we’ll wait until FFA confirm with us whether we’re playing our games here in Victoria or whether we’re going to play them in NSW. “It may be a fly-in, fly-out situation – we hope that is the case, rather than hubbing. But we really don’t know.” COVID CRISIS HITS A-LEAGUE By Joe Barton Victoria’s Coronavirus flare-up has thrown the return of the A-League into peril, with Melbourne-based players facing the prospect of being shut out of the competition. Football Federation Australia on Wednesday announced the revised schedule, set to cram the remaining 27 games of the regular season in a 28-day football feast before a condensed finals series which wraps up with an August 23 grand final. But news of a NSW ban on residents from the identified Victorian hotspots – and threats of up $11,000 fines and up to six months in prison – rocked the code on Wednesday. It is understood Melbourne City defender Scott Jamieson lives in a suburb identified as a Coronavirus hotspot – while a fitness coach and two youth players have also been caught up in the mess. However, of greater danger for City is the potential for the lockdown spreading to neighbouring suburbs – which would more severely impact the league’s second-placed side, their Victorian rivals and the competition as a whole. Melbourne Victory and Geelong-based Western United haven’t yet established any players who are impacted. After the AFL moved swiftly, telling affected players they needed to move suburbs before midnight or risk being barred from NSW, senior FFA officials were locked in discussions late on Wednesday to clarify the damage the border ban could do. All but one of the scheduled fixtures announced on Wednesday are based in the ‘NSW hub’ – with Brisbane Roar and Adelaide United squaring off at Gold Coast’s CBUS Stadium the lone outlier. The rest will be divided between Jubilee Stadium, ANZ Stadium, Central Coast Stadium, McDonald Jones Stadium and, with the lion’s share of the fixtures, Bankwest Stadium. However there are seven games – six involving Victorian clubs, including the first game after the resumption between Melbourne Victory and Western United – which remain ‘to be confirmed’. FFA’s Head of Leagues Greg O’Rourke raised the prospect of the schedule being flexible. “As we are a truly national game, the current border controls means that some of the match day venues may need to change, however we have secured venues in both a NSW Hub model and a hybrid hub model which has most games in NSW but allows for a few games in other states,” O’Rourke said. “Whilst we don’t see the draw changing, the planning we have undertaken provides us with agility to shift between certain states if required. This version of the draw displays our current venue plan. “We will continue to work with the Federal and State governments to ensure the health and safety of our players, coaches and other stakeholders and have detailed and practical protocols in place for all parties involved in training and match days.” The concept of a NSW hub has left Adelaide United’s Carl Vaert and Melbourne Victory defender Tim Hoogland fuming – with the interim coach unimpressed his side will have to play their remaining fixtures this season away from Hindmarsh Stadium. “When we were originally given the draw they said we would have some home games so I’m not too sure why now they’ve gone away from that,” Veart said. “They haven’t given an indication why yet.” Hoogland said he had no interest in abandoning his family for the rest of the season to join a NSW hub. FULL FIXTURE LIST July 16: Melbourne Victory v Western United, TBC July 17: Sydney FC v Wellington Phoenix, Jubilee Stadium July 18: Perth Glory v Central Coast Mariners, Central Coast Stadium July 19: Brisbane Roar v Adelaide United, CBUS Stadium July 20: Western United v Melbourne City, TBC July 21: Sydney FC v Newcastle Jets, Jubilee Stadium July 22: Western Sydney Wanderers v Melbourne Victory, Bankwest Stadium July 23: Perth Glory v Wellington Phoenix, Jubilee Stadium July 24: Central Coast Mariners v Newcastle Jets, Central Coast Stadium July 25: Sydney FC v Western United, Bankwest Stadium July 26: Wellington Phoenix v Adelaide United, Bankwest Stadium July 27: Central Coast Mariners v Western Sydney Wanderers, Central Coast Stadium July 28: Melbourne Victory v Brisbane Roar, Bankwest Stadium July 30: Adelaide United v Perth Glory, Bankwest Stadium July 31: Western Sydney Wanderers v Wellington Phoenix, Bankwest Stadium August 1: Melbourne City v Sydney FC, TBC August 2: Newcastle Jets v Western United, McDonald Jones Stadium August 3: Melbourne Victory v Central Coast Mariners, TBC August 4: Western Sydney Wanderers v Perth Glory, Bankwest Stadium August 5: Wellington Phoenix v Brisbane Roar, Bankwest Stadium August 6: Adelaide United v Sydney FC, TBC August 7: Western United v Western Sydney Wanderers, TBC August 8: Perth Glory v Melbourne Victory, Bankwest Stadium August 9: Newcastle Jets v Wellington Phoenix, McDonald Jones Stadium August 10: Brisbane Roar v Sydney FC, ANZ Stadium August 11: Melbourne City v Adelaide United, TBC August 12: Perth Glory v Western United, Bankwest Stadium ELIMINATION FINALS August 15: Team 4 v Team 5 or Team 3 v Team 6 August 16: Team 4 v Team 5 or Team 3 v Team 6 SEMI-FINALS August 19: 1 v Lowest Ranked EF Winner or 2 v Highest Ranked EF Winner August 20: 1 v Lowest Ranked EF Winner or 2 v Highest Ranked EF Winner GRAND FINAL August 23: Winners Semi-Final v Winner Semi-Final 2
  11. Well they probably wouldn't be telling us to go along with foolish invasions, coups & bombings like the US has had us following them into the last 20 years.
  12. Full document. https://www.ffa.com.au/sites/ffa/files/2020-07/FFA - XI Principles.pdf
  13. Football Federation Australia (FFA) today released a discussion paper detailing eleven proposed principles to underpin the future development and growth of football in Australia. The discussion paper, titled XI Principles for the future of Australian football, has been compiled over several months as FFA has navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been published as a ‘living document’ which will continue to be shaped by FFA as it uses it as a basis for engagement and consultation with the Australian football community. With Australia and New Zealand having secured the right to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ late last week, FFA Chief Executive Officer, James Johnson, said he believes that the time is right to release the document to enable Australia’s broad football community to share their thoughts and make an important contribution to the future of Australian football. “Throughout the course of 2020 FFA has received extensive feedback in relation to areas of possible transformation from stakeholders, partners and participants across the Australian football ecosystem,” Johnson said. “Based on this feedback, FFA has developed the eleven principles outlined in the document, supported by a range of proposed measures that could be introduced in pursuit of these principles. “The eleven principles cover a wide cross-section of the Australian game and seeks to address some of the major challenges it faces today – from the development of Australia’s football identity, to the optimisation of competition structures, the establishment of world class youth development pathways, and the ongoing positioning of Australia’s national teams – especially the Westfield Matildas and Socceroos – as the unifying symbols of the sport. “Australian football has taken a massive hit because of COVID-19 and there is no doubt the game will feel the effects for years to come. The process of rebuilding Australian football has however, already begun. “The Starting XI, who provide guidance to FFA on football-related matters, was established in April this year. FFA also recently negotiated a fresh broadcasting deal with Fox Sports which secures the immediate futures of the Hyundai A-League and Westfield W-League. And late last week we realised a watershed moment for Australian football as we were awarded co-hosting rights to FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™. “Despite a tumultuous few months, FFA has felt it necessary to consider the direction and future of Australian football. The eleven principles are the next step in not just the rebuild, but the transformation of Australian football. “Each principle is reflective of Australian football’s need to embrace change and innovation as the game emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The principles are bold and innovative, and we believe will challenge, excite and inspire our football community. “The game achieved great impetus last week with confirmation that the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ will be heading to Asia-Pacific in 2023. We believe that this document and the discussion which it will generate within the football community will provide an important steppingstone towards developing a united vision for Australian football,” he said. From Monday, 6 July 2020 onwards, FFA will release a series of online surveys to enable the football community to provide their views on the principles listed. These surveys will enable FFA to capture key trends, and consider what consensus exists among the community regarding the game’s big issues. All surveys will remain open through to close of business on Friday, 31 July 2020. The proposed XI Principles for the future of Australian football are: Build a consistent and strong identity for Australian football which inspires all Australians. Develop a new narrative for football which signifies a fresh start for the game in Australia, successfully ties together all new initiatives and distinguishes it from other sporting codes in the country. Establish an integrated and thriving football ecosystem driven by a modern domestic transfer system. Create a dynamic and engaging football product by optimising competition structures to connect Australian football; promote competitive balance and tension; promote uncertainty of outcome; incentivise sporting achievement; and prioritise the fan experience. Create a world class environment for youth development / production by increasing match minutes for youth players and streamlining the player pathway. Create a strong culture around coach development by emphasising the importance of the role as a skilled position and a vital link in player development. Transition towards a modern, fit-for-purpose governance framework for football in Australia in line with global standards and best-practice sports governance in Australia. Create an operating and governance model for the A-League, W-League and Y-League which is fit for the current circumstances. Ensure that football becomes more open and accessible to the Australian community and that cost does not remain a barrier to participation. Continue the growth of the game by driving participation of women and girls and enhancing existing competition structures to promote player development. Position the Westfield Matildas and the Socceroos as the unifying symbols of the game and heroes who epitomise the Australian football identity to inspire every young Australian regardless of their ability or background
  14. Tristan Prendergast Date Of Birth: 27/06/95 Nation: Australia Birthplace: Cairns, Queensland Squad Number: Position: Goalkeeper Secondary Positions: Joined Wanderers: 02/07/20 Contract Details: Short Term Contract for 2019/20 Contract Finish: 2019/20 Previous Club: Blacktown City Wanderers Debut: Wanderers A-League Appearances: 0 Wanderers A-League Goals: 0 Wanderers ACL Appearances: Wanderers ACL Goals: Wanderers FFA Cup Appearances: Wanderers FFA Cup Goals: Wanderers Club World Cup Appearances: Wanderers Club World Cup Goals: Wanderers Total Appearances: 0 Wanderers Total Goals: 0 Yearly Appearances & Goals: International Team: Australia International Caps: International Goals: Individual Awards: Team Honours: Highlight: Highlight: Highlight: Description: Initially an injury replacement for Nick Suman, he returned to the club after the COVID-19 league delay as a short term replacement for Daniel Lopar. View full record
  15. My guess is Foxtel told them to make it Bankwest, I'm fairly sure all the NEP equipment has stayed there to save money.
  16. The 'worst' keeper to play in an A-League grand final would arguably be Daniel Beltrame in 2006/07 where he only played the last quarter of the season. The weird format for in those earlier years meant he played 4 games in the finals and went Draw, Loss, Win (on Pens after a drawn 120 minutes) then lost 6-0 in the final. Redmayne had also been terrible at WSW, but was in goal for our GF vs Adelaide. Neither those keepers cost them their GF's, Adelaide were killed by Ross Aloisi getting sent off at 2-0 down before ending 6-0 Victory and WSW were just poor defensively and our attacking structure was dull up front despite making the GF. In 17/18 Glen Moss missed the 2nd half of the season via injury, returned in the semi-final before getting hurt after an hour. Played (and lost) in the GF vs Melbourne. Which was a VAR fault not a keeper error. In the end it's unlikely our keeper will be what gets us to the finals. It'll be how good our attack is vs how bad the defence is.
  17. Assuming the club is just being technical about it, he was injury replacing Suman, and then had that contract expire, and now he's replacing Lopar on a proper contract for the rest of the season.
  18. If he's up against Suman only then he could very much end up playing first choice.
  19. Previous Thread Discussion thread for WSW W-League & other W-League discussion.
  20. He's doing whatever the US tells him to do. Same as Howard.
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