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  1. 4-0. Annihilation. Gonna take a huge turn-around against Perth to prepare for anything but getting obliterated in the finals if we make them.
  2. Lol someone figured we're not gonna get a goal so they've ripped a smokie.
  3. 2-0 City. Nice to see the Women are playing like the Men, except instead of falling apart after 20 minutes they fall apart after half the season. There's a real chance we're going to miss the finals if the Roar can pickup up a couple of wins, one of which is going to be against City who have already won the premiership.
  4. Godawful penalty call, Huynh clearly got the ball first, ref gives a pen to City for it and they convert. 1-0 after 10.
  5. No you aren't taking into account the lightning delay. because of that we only got 10 minutes of good play as they wasted 25 minutes doing a second warmup. This week we're getting 30 minutes of good play I promise.
  6. Apparently we don't have enough players left to fill the bench. Our foreign outfielders are either out suspended (Hamilton) or have left the club (O'Sullivan & Williams), and another three regular players (Mastrantonio, Roberts & Halloway) are also out.
  7. I was on my phone so I couldn't post a lot there but obviously there are levels between them in terms of what they've done. The main comparison is they had a philosophy of how they want their team to play that was pretty similar. Especially if you compare it to the last 2 seasons where we have anti-philosophy.
  8. We had that with Gombau and we got rid of him.
  9. Adelaide & Newcastle have both lost 6-0. We've lost 6-1.
  10. Wendy is the angel on our collective shoulders.
  11. Josh Risdon played the other night.
  12. Lol at Grant. The idiot stops the ball from rolling out for a Sydney corner, then puts in a woeful cross that lets Yokohama start a counter-attack that ends with a tap-in 2 yards out from goal.
  13. A team could become competitive at some point in the future. No-one can win a trophy they didn't win in the past.
  14. What's the point of having a competitive team if not for winning trophies when you have one?
  15. This is great, the smurfs have been stuck 20 yards out from their goal for 5 minutes.
  16. lmao massive deflection loops ball over redmayne 1-0 12 minutes.
  17. Western Sydney Wanderers Women vs Melbourne City Women VS Date: 20/02/20 Competition: W-League Regular Season Location: Bossley Park, New South Wales Stadium: Marconi Stadium View full record
  18. Wanderers Women vs Melbourne City Women 20/02/2020 7:30PM
  19. Western Sydney Wanderers vs Adelaide United VS Date: 21/02/20 Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:30PM EDT Round: 20 Competition: A-League Regular Season Location: Parramatta, New South Wales Stadium: Western Sydney Stadium View full record
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