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  1. Surely if Australia/USA is such a great free open society any "evil Chinese communist infiltrator" will just defect after they arrive here and see how wonderful our countries are?
  2. 4 more weeks of lockdown to be announced tomorrow. Right after Victoria opens up again. How's the gold standard now Gladys? Construction will apparently start again and Year 12's go back to school.
  3. Given our clubs inability to deliver anything related to memberships on time I'd be worried about getting the subscription before 2022.
  4. Scholarship signings from the youth team. Main thing is that it prevents other A-League clubs from just poaching them, they at least have to offer a senior contract.
  5. 1 year extension to scholarship contract.
  6. Three scholarship signings, Nectar Triantis (2 year), Alex Badolato (2 year) and Jarrod Carluccio (1 year).
  7. There might be some outages tomorrow (July 28th) and on August 4th (Wednesday next week). They should be from about 7am to 11am. There are some issues with the power connections in the data centre, and they are being fixed and upgraded.
  8. Apparently he declined their offer so we might get his next move very soon.
  9. If they use him properly (as a left inside forward not a makeshift attacking mid playmaker) he could score 10+ goals.
  10. Johnny Koutroumbis Date Of Birth: 06/03/98 Nation: Australia Birthplace: Adelaide, Australia Squad Number: Position: Central Defender Secondary Positions: Defensive Midfield Joined Wanderers: 26/07/21 Contract Details: 2 year initial contract. Contract Finish: 2023/24 Previous Club: Newcastle Jets Wanderers Debut: Wanderers A-League Appearances: 0 Wanderers A-League Goals: 0 Wanderers ACL Appearances: Wanderers ACL Goals: Wanderers FFA Cup Appearances: Wanderers FFA Cup Goals: Wanderers Club World Cup Appearances: Wanderers Club Wo
  11. We should be level. Long throw, get the ball past Soutarr at the near post but no-one attacks the 6 yard box with the late run in behind. Watts went the wrong way he'd have had a tap-in if he'd bothered to attack where the ball might have dropped.
  12. India's cases have dropped from "burning corpses in the hospital front yard" level of 415k to "just" 35k new cases a day because they started inhibiting movements more seriously, and vaccinated a lot more people. They gave 200 million extra people at least one dose since their peak case level. That's why the media don't cover it any more. Because there's no scenes of corpse burning or assaulting doctors to show. Not because of some western big pharma conspiracy to supress a drug that no-one has been able to prove actually helps in any statistically reliable fashion. If drinking bleach, Hy
  13. There should at least be some random checkpoints on the major outlets, Sydney has 6 major routes out of the city as the Great Dividing Range/Blue Mountains surround the city. Melbourne has dozens. All Morrison & Gladys can do now is try to push people to take the potentially lethal AZ vaccine.
  14. mack

    Jordon Mutch

    We offered a contract. Negotiations broke down or Mutch stalled or said no. He's joined Macarthur instead.
  15. It will be lucky for that not to be the butchering of the tournament.
  16. I have to maintain a certain level of dignity in my posting.
  17. Ref saw McGree and the Argentine guy having a bit of a push/pull & running into each other, before the restart was signalled so he went over and booked both of them. The Argie was the one he'd just booked for the foul that gave away the free kick. Not sure the ref realised it was the same guy.
  18. They're small plots right next to the roadway that are environmental zoned so aren't likely to be worth much money.
  19. It'll be in the membership add-ons section of the website.
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