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  1. How good is the day after a derby win? Plenty of WSW jerseys out in Bondi today.
  2. Cazorla

    Jaushua Sotirio

    How is Sotirio a professional footballer? Some people are stealing a living.
  3. Honestly sack whoever made the decision to play the RBB over speaks.
  4. The WSW bench and warm up is again on the opposite end of the RBB. Is anyone else annoyed by this?
  5. Why are our benches on the other side of the RBB end? And why are we not training in front of the rbb??
  6. A bit random, but would anyone know the twitter for the English lads who support WSW? If I recall they were backpackers that came to a few games and have been fans ever since.
  7. Anyone waiting in the ticket collection line? Can you let a fellow westie cut the queue with you?
  8. I'm keen for pre-drinks at Beer Deluxe, however the tickets I purchased only allow for venue pickup. So may need to meet the away fans at the stadium.
  9. Just purchased tix. Work needed me down there next week so they're paying for flights and accommodation. Tyvm.
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