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  1. ANZAC

    West Coast Collapse

    if we're nothing without the stadium, then we don't deserve it football is a simple game: no mistakes at the back, take your chances upfront
  2. yep i sit by the tunnel behind the away bench for home games. happy to make a statement to get the bans overturned if that helps.
  3. they were saying something like: "where's the passion boys?!" bans are harsh as i wouldn't call it abuse
  4. can confirm the club was dishing out free maccas cheeseburgers and apple pies as you walk in the ground tonight
  5. ANZAC

    FFA Cup 2018

    Semi final vs Sydney FC at Panthers on Sat 6 Oct 7.30pm KO Wanderers members pre-sale: Thursday 27 September 1:00pm – Friday 28 September 12:00pm MyWanderers pre-sale: Friday 28 September 1:00pm – Monday 1 October 12:00pm General public on-sale: Monday 1 October 12:00pm Looks like 2x tickets max per membership number during the pre-sale
  6. ANZAC

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    pyro in the melb bays
  7. ANZAC

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    I’m at the grand final in the melb Victory bay, some quick HT thoughts: - some infighting with people standing in the non-active bays lol I- jets can’t buy a goal
  8. ANZAC

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    Just got out of the ground, two quick thoughts: 1. Fair play to Melb Victory active support, love how they don’t have a set list and chant based on the vibe 2. Amazing game, it had everything. Probably tops when I went to the fa cup final in Melb to see smurfs lose to City lmao
  9. ANZAC

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    RBB will come and go #fairweather #soft
  10. ANZAC

    Pathetic Draw Against Perth

    can confirm cejudo had a sook when subbed, threw something on the ground and sat down... seriously gtfo the club! also noticed liam reddy before heading in the tunnel was clapping towards the empty rbb bays...
  11. ANZAC

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    people acting like football clubs aren't businesses ffs lmao get a grip the rbb are complicit