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  1. if the ref can't make the VAR decision in under 10 seconds, it's not "clear and obvious"
  2. Hey Siri, what does clear and obvious mean?
  3. Who tf schedules a league game on a Tuesday night... In though +1
  4. I’ve seen enough at Newy last week and ANZ today, we’re gonna win the league
  5. Shoutout to the lads in Bay 10 last row, on the beers the full 90 to get out of wearing a mask
  6. Decent turnout tonight. Looks like members want to win that $1,000 JD sports gift card.
  7. So we built a new ground for ESFC to win the league in it... Parra Stadium died for this.
  8. The downfall of the this club can be summed up by the single decision to play games at Sydney Showgrounds/Giants Stadium instead of rotating the grounds between smaller grounds Penrith, Campbelltown, Marconi etc, whilst playing derbies at ANZ. Over the three years we got: poor home attendances, disgruntled/tired fans, fans infighting, woeful home performances. So what was the point of playing home games in an empty AFL stadium? The management are not football people. Put your football hat on and you could have spun the three years as a community building initiative to bring foo
  9. stop kidding yourselves, the aleague is skint and will go into administration if they paused the season. games will continue until a player/staff member dies
  10. if we're nothing without the stadium, then we don't deserve it football is a simple game: no mistakes at the back, take your chances upfront
  11. yep i sit by the tunnel behind the away bench for home games. happy to make a statement to get the bans overturned if that helps.
  12. they were saying something like: "where's the passion boys?!" bans are harsh as i wouldn't call it abuse
  13. can confirm the club was dishing out free maccas cheeseburgers and apple pies as you walk in the ground tonight
  14. Semi final vs Sydney FC at Panthers on Sat 6 Oct 7.30pm KO Wanderers members pre-sale: Thursday 27 September 1:00pm – Friday 28 September 12:00pm MyWanderers pre-sale: Friday 28 September 1:00pm – Monday 1 October 12:00pm General public on-sale: Monday 1 October 12:00pm Looks like 2x tickets max per membership number during the pre-sale
  15. I’m at the grand final in the melb Victory bay, some quick HT thoughts: - some infighting with people standing in the non-active bays lol I- jets can’t buy a goal
  16. Just got out of the ground, two quick thoughts: 1. Fair play to Melb Victory active support, love how they don’t have a set list and chant based on the vibe 2. Amazing game, it had everything. Probably tops when I went to the fa cup final in Melb to see smurfs lose to City lmao
  17. RBB will come and go #fairweather #soft
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