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  1. "Let's eat Grandma!"
  2. Chicken burger was terrible. i should have had a pie!
  3. Campbelltown holds 20,000. It's got a railway station and parking. The 9000 we got would have half filled it nicely! http://www.campbelltown.nsw.gov.au/RSF/ServicesandFacilities/CampbelltownSportsStadium/CampbelltownFootballStadium It seems according to the above website it has 13,028 seats. Then there are some really small hill areas at the ends. I doubt you could fit 7,000 extra people into those ends. I don't think Campbelltown has got 20k in a while either. Similar to grounds like Brookvale or Shark Park that used to fit 20k+, they now never get above 16-17k. " Campbellto
  4. Campbelltown holds 20,000. It's got a railway station and parking. The 9000 we got would have half filled it nicely!
  5. They must have had the mics turned up on the tv broadcast for them because all i could hear was them and only heard us during the **** off east sydney sha la la la la I'm not sure if this is correct (it's based on some views during post match interviews): * the RBB had an empty stand above and behind them * the cove didn't * the cove therefore sounded louder and clearer? I was on half way in level 4. I could hear the cove clearly. The RBB was harder to hear and it was difficult to make out the chant when they could be heard. Some of our chants are sung low, and the sound doesn't
  6. When was the last time we scored from a corner? But every one of Adelaide's corners terrified me!
  7. What's brown and sounds like a bell? Dung!
  8. 72-year-old pensioner attacked by Sydney FC Thug. I got off the bus in Marrickville after the game and turned off into my quiet street. Suddenly I felt someone grabbing my scarf from behind. I thought initially it was my nephew or some friend, but he shouted, "Sydney FC, motherfücker" and started to run off. Well, he wasn't going to get my scarf, and I had a good grip of it, so I ran across the road after him, and let out a great growl! He let go and ran away like the little coward he was. So I have my stretched scarf (the little foundation members' scarf) and a sprained little finger! Ba
  9. 87th min. on SBS. Clint Bolton: "You get the feeling the Wanderers are just hanging in here." Nek minnit 4-2 hahaha!
  10. What's the link to email your ticket to someone else. Can't find it. âš½
  11. I've got one, free. It's a concession. I'm in Hobart this week. Message me.
  12. Thanks for this post, magicwand! Now, start waving! I'm off to Adelaide tomorrow so I expect all good things over there!
  13. I have a spare RBB ticket for tonight's game.
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