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  1. JuveLeo


    definately need to be present at all games, looked awesome.
  2. as everyone else has said, move to the side if you want to watch the game, what I would like to see is flags moved through-out the bays and not just the front row, would be good to see them evenly spread throughout the terrace.
  3. I will not be wearing a wristband, we are not an exclusive group and we are not sheep who can be identified by the tag around our wrist, if this come in it will be a major stumbling block on the growth of the RBB.
  4. would be awesome if they utilised the hill by removing the sponsor boards behind the northern end bays and allowed more people to stand on the hill, surely a couple more thousand could fit there.
  5. great crowd, hopefully we can match it on Sunday. should be on track for 10k average easily.
  6. I didn't hear it tonight, good if they listened to the fans.
  7. came in the the march and couldn't get a seat anywhere close to 56, people holding 7-8 seats for friends is wrong as well. Nevermind will be back on Sunday to do it all again.
  8. Fridays are going to be our lowest drawing crowds, I arrived about 5 minutes into the game and there was a lot of people running to get into the stadium due to being late.
  9. Fair enough, was hard to tell where I was, haha.
  10. was there a handball in the box by Mariners near the end of the game that was not given, looked 100% from where I was.
  11. amazing for a first major game, was worried the sound might loose some impact due to no roof but good to here we were heard throughout the stadium and TV. We are only going to grow, can't wait!
  12. can't wait til Saturday, the pre-game festivities will surely match the game.
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