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  1. I think it is fair to say that utilising this shithole has been a glorious **** up. The combination of garbage squads, poor scheduling, over zealous police and underwhelming fan engagement have laid the platform for it all. The sooner we see the back of the whole SOP... the better!
  2. Flags at both Homebush venues will be so much harder due to parking! To bring anymore than 1 oversize flag will require a person to stump up the $25 parking fee; rather than using the free and easier public transport included in their membership. I am prepared to teach SIX(6) people all i know about flag and banner creation & manufacture(as i did with the late Nato); but each of them MUST in turn teach SIX(6) people. I will supply nothing(i have all required equipment to do so, but if you have all your own supplies it will make it easier for you to go home and make more), you must s
  3. Took this on the way home today. Putting a sticker on there became a rite of passage!
  4. Im a tight arse and took the freebies and will walk around to the away bay
  5. nomad

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    Ha Ha....lock it up mods/mack. Start a new thread about flags. But there will be no more content from me until the terrace has some changes...then maybe.
  6. nomad

    Flag me up!

    Ha ha hilarious, you aren't very observent. Dukes you wont like what i will have to say....a motto of mine is,if you have nothing nice to say; say nothing at all!
  7. nomad

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    Unfortunately, not happening anytime soon. Ask those that run RBB inc. Why?
  8. nomad

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    30mm or above peice bombs.
  9. nomad

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    My translation came from a local...not google! It says the same thing in english as it does in japanese.
  10. nomad

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    A key fact... If you are stranded out at sea; 000's of km's from shore...a flare is useless, but a GPS could save your life!
  11. nomad

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    I'll just leave this here.
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