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  1. I think I might have been in the same row as you... some of their mates at the other end joined in for "A Call to Arms" but that was about it. They were a bit sheepish when I caught them talking when looking over at them and chanting directly at them. Voice still a little sore but well worth it... still buzzing and just watched the replay on SBS, looking forward to watching the Foxsports coverage (replay at 5:30pm Tuesday afternoon) as Simon Hill is much better than the SBS crew. Always love being in the RBB when I can and being a part of it... already got knocked back for the trip to
  2. Hi guys, Hopefully I'm not too late as I am looking to get a single ticket for the South terrace to take my 4 year old to the game to the New Years Day game against the Mariners. Happy to return the favor for the Victory game (6 Jan) as I can not make it. PM if someone can do it. Thanks, Paul
  3. Wil Anderson has 2 podcasts, FOFOP and TOFOP. I prefer FOFOP myself. But my favourite at the moment is The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth (Gary) Reynolds. It looks at unusual stories from US history... my favourites so far are The Willie Dee, Ten Cent Beer Night and The Two Daredevils. I try and listen to comedy podcasts where I can... and ATB of course
  4. PaulG23

    AFL Thread

    If you replace the Bombers with the Kangas, I only have 1 wrong tip... It should really be the Swans and Hawks for the GF with the Hawks to settle the score against the Swans.
  5. PaulG23

    AFL Thread

    Welcome. I agree. Picked Swans at the start. Forward line containing Tippett, Buddy, Goodesy and Reid is going to be a nightmare for defensive lines in September footy. I use Google Chrome and already did what you suggested and I get the link only, not the embedded video. As for the Swannies, was surprised their slow start to the season but with Tippett, Goodes and Buddy, how can you go wrong. It will most likely be a Swannies v Hawks final... its sad to say in that case I'll have to go for the Swans.
  6. PaulG23

    AFL Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOVpnKCBf2M (Question: How do you embed a video within your post?)
  7. PaulG23

    AFL Thread

    Last round of the season and am looking forward to the finals since my boys will be able to play this year. The cracker game of the weekend will be Freo v Port, with the winner getting the prize of playing Sydney in the first week of the finals! My predictions for the first week of the finals is: Syd v Port Hawks v Cats Freo v Tiges Kangas v Bombers then Port v Freo Cats v Bombers then Swans v Bombers Hawks v Freo then Hawks v Bombers with the Bombers winning... it could happen...couldn't it
  8. Yes, its good to be back. I'll steer clear of all this... its a serious topic and we should be flippant about it.
  9. It's a shame we all have to put up with these non-stories...innocent man found innocent by the police! Reports are that all of Rupert's newspapers are leaching red ink everywhere... its a shame they have deep pockets as the quicker the spin they put on a lot of stories ends the better.
  10. PaulG23

    AFL Thread

    You seem to have forgotten a 15 goal quarter a few years ago...
  11. At least they had the foresight to pick a non rapist. Crises averted. Most often opposition leaders who lead their party immediately after losing Government don't make the next election... I suspect the main contenders are waiting to have a go at Bill between 9-12 months from the next election. That's on the basis that there is no double dissolution election.
  12. PaulG23

    AFL Thread

    Over the past 30 years, Melbourne has only really had a couple of seasons where they were really good, and the two times they made the grand final they had to play the unbackable favourites in Hawthorn ('88) and my Bombers (2000). Unfortunately, it hasn't been one bad term. That said, the AFL will never let Melbourne disappear as its "the" club of the MCG.
  13. PaulG23

    AFL Thread

    #mickout I couldn't help myself... it's been a few days but still looks good. I'll go out on a limb and make a call that Bomber Thompson will be a premiership winning coach for 2 clubs by the end of the year
  14. PaulG23

    AFL Thread

    Bugger...over the weekend (at my school reunion) I found out that last year's No. 1 draft pick came from my school... ...I feel conflicted between my wish for GWS to falter and for a fellow survivor to do well post-Year 12... ...the best I can hope for is that he plays out of his skin and gets traded to the Bombers in the next few years!
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