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  1. i wonder by how much we missed signing Mcdonald 4 years ago when he left Motherwell and was still in his prime. Did our owners not offer enough not keen on getting a returning Socceroo into the A League? His statement just makes you wonder how many other marquees/returning socceroos we have missed out due to lack of funds, Ono still seems to be our best import and he was from before the takeover of the new owners!
  2. apparently they got FFA CEO James Johnson to attend a interview with Ray Hadley even though this falls in football NSW. Never interview with the media especially with experts in sookat bashing like Hadley you will come off 2nd best. It was just basically bashing ethnic names in football clubs for the cause of this fight with James saying thanks ok. Ray doesn't understand keeping migrant roots with established clubs but turns a blind eye to the thousands of Aussies who have migrated overseas to begin their own businesses keeping their tradition of culture and heritage by selling and namin
  3. yer fell out with Western United and something happened at Roar where he didn't even show up last 2 matches, its only till the end of the season but scoring goals isn't our achilles heel, it's stopping them at the other end.
  4. yer with every filming these days the media was going to lap this up and its going to effect all levels of football, not a good luck and a further dig in the back to what progess football has made. But we will never be good enough for the main stream media and bogans who on one hand are screaming bring the biff and cheering on punch ups on the field but condoning the soccer hooligans with their flares. So our game isn't perfect neither are we but neither is any other sport and yet look and how much they get away with and still come out on top. Time to move on learn from the mistakes
  5. on point there, its seems we may need a coach to work with the defenders and the defensive midfielders to interupt opposition when they have position and also how to position themselves better during the game and at set pieces.
  6. tomorrow we will get reports right now it is all just conflicting reports with some reports saying 2 were stabbed, poor cevapi trays always cop all the abuse!
  7. i though i could see a fan run onto the pitch, apparently there was no stabbing but the flog carrying around a weapon that looked like a blade apparently it was a lawn mower blade! did any punches actually get thrown or was it just the poor bread trays coping all the abuse!
  8. well seems Rockdale "condones" this behaviour! wow
  9. not a good look for football in australia in general especially if a fan gets involved in on field action. Only harsh punishment is going to deter anymore fools from running onto the field and worse carrying a weapon, cue for all NPL matches now to have security searches on fans just like in the A League with the seccies wands.
  10. yer the look in his eyes when were down 5-1 was complete fear, he knew there was no excuse for that scoreline and he as coach with his players and his formation had to take the blame. He needs to come up quick smart with a turn around with what little matches we got if he wants to keep being employed at WSW.
  11. yer Ibini and Troisi have been average especially the high hopes we had of Troisi being our main attacking midfielder pulling all the strings, Ibini well he isn't the same as he was when he played for ESFC. Moments here and there were he has played well assited were he could and scored goals but not enough to merit another season with us
  12. we are a big club, big fan base, and expectation of making the finals which means at least coming 6 out of 12 is the bare minimum. Inquests will be held if we don't make it again and Lederer would have no option but to let Carl go again and along withhalf the squad or does he like Babbel give him another season. Did we let Paul go without also letting him have a season with us, or what was the real reason he was sacked so quickly? we got overhyped with Carl wanting to come to WSW, so far has been very average but we shall wait till the end of the season to dig the spade in. But us fa
  13. well who would of predicted that we would of would be down 5-1 to Melbourne Victory in the 2nd half, the team sitting last on the ladder who came off a 7-0 whopping the match before? It was not only embarassing to watch our calamity from the set pieces but also sad to see what was once such a top performing club just give up goals so easy. Pace along the backline was a problem Kruse was running a muck, and simple school boy errors like picking up a man at a set piece/corner were happening. Id rather stick 2 men on the each goal post if they cant man mark. At the begining of the seas
  14. decent fightback from the boys but the penalties one was a 50/50 ball where they had no goal scoring chance and one was a clear goal scoring chance facing fwd and no penalty. I found that after our subs the mariners took control again and too easily wandered into our goal box, we were lucky Margush saved a few and they missed a few sitters. Troisi i thought played better but still not as clinical as we expect of him to be. Agree with Muller looks like lost his mojo and Ibini was a passenger up front. Overall 2-2 with the league leaders is a good result but the top 6 is slowly sl
  15. wow what a game but leaking 3 goals at home!!
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