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  1. draw i think has been delayed to end of the month although it was meant to be early november
  2. https://athletic.elcorreo.com/susaeta-benat-australia-sidney-20201103132417-nt.html looks like they may be singing Susaeta and Etxebarria Former Athletic Club team-mates Markel Susaeta and Benat Etxebarria are set to reunite for Australian club Macarthur FC, according to El CORREO. Both deals are expected to be announced in the coming days with Susaeta no stranger to the A-League having played for Melbourne City last season.
  3. hope JP isn't just replaced with another like with Foxe and Aloisi in the run up for the gig! its gonna be a interesting pre season for us!
  4. just been deperatures so far, there has to be a falling out to get rid of JP after just a few months again signing him on as new coach, lets hope the new coach comes in soon and then chooses the team, we are becoming more and more of a circus the last few years, lot of members are not renewing this coming season, the passion is dying in the stands and so is the passion from the players
  5. on and off the field the club is falling and has been falling since our last grand final appearance. Not retaining key players and building a team around them, when the team is winning fans will turn up even if the game day experience can be unpleasant due to numerous problems with security/police etc . But when the performance on the pitch is bad and the game day experience is sour then 2 wrongs don't make a right. Build a squad keep the good coaching staff the goalkeeping staff and the trainers and also the players who want to be there and want to play for the jersey.
  6. did we even touch the ball the last 20 mins? bozza said it perfectly 2 teams who have fallen down badly especially us over the last few years. No finals since popa left, Duke and Schwegler gone hopefully we can recruit well for the next season, the hard work begins now. Odoherty looked good up front and Tate is getting better with speed and ball control
  7. Jim's A League has been getting a lot of air time who knows Jim may be keen!
  8. feel sorry for people ordering things from australia overseas, parcels have been stuck in australia since late march and still wont know when planes will fly again!
  9. kamau, back to his old days when he was with adelaide utd, lots of passion and fire from the boys chasing balls and keeping their heads up even after going down 2-1.
  10. luck has shone on us, its been a while. That last 10 mins we knew it would be a nervous and we had that thought of a possible loss or draw lingering in our minds. The lack of consitency from the refs is loosing fans from the game, VAR has just prolonged matches and has not helped it at all. Muller is improving every match, we need to focus on having him up front rather that his statue German team mate
  11. played better but the end product was lacking. Might have to wear a helmet to next home match to avoid constantly getting smashed in the head by paper aeroplanes
  12. had no access with my laptop yesterday at all, optus adsl 2, but other internet sites worked fine with my wifi.
  13. it could be season over by january which would be very disappointing with all the talks of this season being the one where we get back on track. Don't think ditching coach mid season would do any favours but Lederer does sucumb to pressure and a few more losses could be all it takes for Babbel to be fired
  14. we'll get 8 if they sell their schntizy rolls and leave the tomato sauce bottles on the table for unlimited refills on hot chips IMO
  15. anthem jackets out for sale now, still prefer all black or red and black personally
  16. in the lead up to the game, all i've been hearing is the 5000 leeds fans will be loud so the RBB better show up. Will the 5000 leeds fans from the uk/asia/australia all be active? and why is it not 5000 leeds fans will be loud so wsw fans should be ready to out chant them? Let's not rely on the RBB to make some atmosphere if everyone gets behind the team the stadium the match then our homeground will always be a fortress where off the field we will never lose a challenge. But its up to each individual one of us to get involved in any way possible to make it happen!
  17. i'll get used to it, not my flavour but seems we are gradually going from being red and black to black and red.
  18. small ground max 4000, ur **** uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  19. will they ever release the N98 style nike jackets that said western sydney across the top back?
  20. lets hope the seccies get the same memo and don't go telling members to stop waving flags or blocking off other peoples views etc etc
  21. we cave in to the Foxtel and fish were the fish and give them an extra team in Sydney and Melbourne in exchange for a $5 million dollar bonus and then foxtel want to hold back on their deal and not pay up the extra $5 mill. Everyone is this "Game of Thrones" is looking after themselves and no one seems to be interested in what football relies on most in this country and its us the fans
  22. Football, rugby hit as Foxtel sports rights budget cuts bite Football and rugby’s second-tier domestic competitions, the FFA Cup and the National Rugby Championship, are in the firing line amid the first wave of budget cuts at embattled subscription television provider Foxtel, report Georgina Robinson and Vince Rugari in The SMH. The Herald reports Rugby Australia is in negotiations to shoulder a portion of the NRC’s production costs while rights for the FFA Cup could be on-sold to another network as Fox Sports looks to reduce costs under the weight of a $417 million financial loss in 2018. Fox Sports’ waning appetite for the round-ball code is clear – it tried to wriggle out of a $5 million annual increase in its contract with FFA as part of the A-League’s expansion, and is considering selling off two of the five weekly games to a free-to-air partner. Along with the Seven and Ten networks, it is believed SBS has been involved in preliminary talks over the A-League’s free-to-air rights and may yet emerge as the cup’s saviour.
  23. they need segregation just like them "sokkah" hooligans, they claim to be "kulchered" yet have also proved that opposite fans can't sit next to each other, surprise surprise. Away bays for fans of all sports!
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