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  1. decent fightback from the boys but the penalties one was a 50/50 ball where they had no goal scoring chance and one was a clear goal scoring chance facing fwd and no penalty. I found that after our subs the mariners took control again and too easily wandered into our goal box, we were lucky Margush saved a few and they missed a few sitters. Troisi i thought played better but still not as clinical as we expect of him to be. Agree with Muller looks like lost his mojo and Ibini was a passenger up front. Overall 2-2 with the league leaders is a good result but the top 6 is slowly sl
  2. wow what a game but leaking 3 goals at home!!
  3. less than a month ago too many draws was our only concern, jump fwd a few weeks and we are leaking goals left right and centre. Besides tonight the last 2 matches you would think scoring 2 goals you would have a high chance of victory but the once reliable defence is now gone. Cox put in a good shift and Duke needs to start always but we should be sticking with a top 11 starting line up, Mutch might have to start as Baccus has lost his feet. If we don't get back to where we were before then this slump may become permenant.
  4. 2 points lost, the amount of possession yet wellington were having all the shots, and the amount of balls into 6 yard box with no end result, very 1 dimensional play nothing through the middle. Troisi was missed muller looked tired and Ibini was there only in spirit. Dorrans will be welcomed back with open arms. Mutch seemed to be confident in his abilty to string out balls from the back and distributes quickly, will be a nice added welcome to our team. Duke would be better suited for the bombardment of crosses we peppered and lets hope he hasn't lost his heading skills. Netherless w
  5. well it will give our players more time to rest and help with the injuries of Mcgowan,Tass,Mueller to recover better, Mutch will also have more time to train and get match fit
  6. hanging to grab a burger before the match this John Belvedere place at Church st looks the go and nothing beats washing it down with a beer or cider! If i regret it then ill go head back to the usual little greece their gyros lamb are the greasy bomb!
  7. yer club said when moving around the stadium to wear the mask and if you are chanting!
  8. decent turnout of wsw fans and Campbelltown is always a good ground to watch football, many memories from pre season friendlies against the real Macarthur team. Entertaining match to watch but we are severely lacking in technical ability in the midfield and control compared to the Macarthur boys, first half we were chasing shadows and was glad that half time came. 2nd half we picked up and Troisi got more involved it was the complete opposite of the last game against jets were we dropped off the 2nd half, the subs made a huge impact and it could of gone either way. Disappointing that
  9. in x 2 but even with the discount the price is a bit steep for a new and upcoming community club, even after all the criticism with their pricing for their own active section being more than General admission and the whole drama with the smurfs away active prices this club won't last long if they continue this way
  10. its great News we got Duke back, the only thing we were missing in this squad is a top striker and aerial threat with Duke was well known for. Shame his stint in Saudi Arabia didn't last too long but works out well for us!
  11. Yeboah has lot all sorts of ball control topped off by the sideways pass that went straight out, bullshit penalty and the jets were playing rough with many calls against us. Maybe the wet weather had a role to play in the dreadful 2nd half display but the Jets goal was coming we gave them all the possession and corner after corner. Well 2 points dropped lets hope Muller recovers for next game. Good to hear a bit beats and chants again and the crowd were getting behind it again! Arnie we will always boo you whenever you appear on our screen! don't take it personal its just passio
  12. im the same chose the print out version but it still has not come id say wait till tomorrow if not then will have to contact ticketek, cause its not available on the ticketek website either
  13. good result at times both teams struggled to gain momentum but these are the matches you want to grind out for a win. Natta was impressive at the back and had a huge task with Matty Simon to mark. Any other day and any other match Simon would of been sent off but alas justice was served and we came home with the 3 points. Ziggy is the fan favourite and after the constant boos everytime he touched the ball the wsw fans began to applaud his every touch. Now for a good 2 week rest till we play the jets, not sure what the go is with Ziegler but don't think we will see him start let alon
  14. in + 4, should be a good match i think we may more ball possession in this match, but it will be key to start strong all our matches we have been put under the thumb and been lucky to not concide early and then slowly gradually get into the game. Fitness will be a major factor maybe will start Ibini for Cox or bring in the subs at the 60 minute mark.
  15. yes Ibini i thought was going to lose the ball inbetween his a feet a few times but made decent runs and coming on with fresh legs push the smurfs back line
  16. Entertaining match, the Smurfs in the 1st 5 minutes could of had to 2 goals but we held on, they had control of the midfield and were too easily getting into our final 3rd. Come 2nd half we held the ball for longer periods and didn't let them dictate in the midfields so much. The penalty as some one else pointed out you could tell Ninkabitch was going to fall down like a sack of potatoes and then stay down for another 2 minutes, got to be smart in these situations and Troisi will be non the wiser next time round. After we picked up another level searching for the equalizer and this
  17. Tate had an awesome game Aquilina besides the tap in miss, was excellent i can see him keep Georgievski on the bench. Dorrans was much more solid but still not ready for 90 mins. Troisi went missing a bit and at times the Jets dominated the midfield we couldn't keep a few passes together. Ibini defended well but way off his past form he would of put away that goal a few years ago. Ziggy strong and becoming a fan favourite. The jets were unlucky in just scoring a goal although the free kick leading up to the goal Dorrans was actually pulled down. Muller showed why he needs to start h
  18. still hopes for Amini to join us next
  19. Bulls are going to be a top 4 side, they controlled the midfield well and we struggled to move the ball around in the middle of the Park. Dorrans needs to find his feet, Troisi was in control but couldn't do everything himself. The last 5 mins of the first half we were pushing fwd and hungry with Baccus teaming up with Troisi. Federici saved a couple of good shots to keep us from scoring. Ibini seemed slow and was to easily pushed off the ball, when Muller came on he had a much bigger impact and i see him starting next match. Yeboah was wasteful as always and too fast for his own good. W
  20. draw i think has been delayed to end of the month although it was meant to be early november
  21. https://athletic.elcorreo.com/susaeta-benat-australia-sidney-20201103132417-nt.html looks like they may be singing Susaeta and Etxebarria Former Athletic Club team-mates Markel Susaeta and Benat Etxebarria are set to reunite for Australian club Macarthur FC, according to El CORREO. Both deals are expected to be announced in the coming days with Susaeta no stranger to the A-League having played for Melbourne City last season.
  22. hope JP isn't just replaced with another like with Foxe and Aloisi in the run up for the gig! its gonna be a interesting pre season for us!
  23. just been deperatures so far, there has to be a falling out to get rid of JP after just a few months again signing him on as new coach, lets hope the new coach comes in soon and then chooses the team, we are becoming more and more of a circus the last few years, lot of members are not renewing this coming season, the passion is dying in the stands and so is the passion from the players
  24. on and off the field the club is falling and has been falling since our last grand final appearance. Not retaining key players and building a team around them, when the team is winning fans will turn up even if the game day experience can be unpleasant due to numerous problems with security/police etc . But when the performance on the pitch is bad and the game day experience is sour then 2 wrongs don't make a right. Build a squad keep the good coaching staff the goalkeeping staff and the trainers and also the players who want to be there and want to play for the jersey.
  25. did we even touch the ball the last 20 mins? bozza said it perfectly 2 teams who have fallen down badly especially us over the last few years. No finals since popa left, Duke and Schwegler gone hopefully we can recruit well for the next season, the hard work begins now. Odoherty looked good up front and Tate is getting better with speed and ball control
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