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  1. tranquilo

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Duke might be used as more of a wing back to replace llorente/elrich who just don't have the legs in them to match the speed of the a league.
  2. tranquilo

    Wellington Steal 3 Points Late On

    Vedran needs to stay in his 6 yard box and the defenders have to concentrate and remember their job title is defender. Keeper is the last line of hope to save the day but the comical error of twice from a free kick letting Krishna in with a quick free kick lacks discipline along the back 4. Kamau was the closest player on Krishna for the first toe poke attempt that rattled the bar on the first free kick. That tells you something when a winger is more alert to danger than our defense!
  3. tranquilo

    A letter from the Chairman

    but with a networth of $825 million he aint messing with no brokes. And thats not including the other 3 silent investors The Lederer Group investment business comprises Lederer’s property investments, including commercial buildings and shopping centres in NSW, and cookware supplier Tomkin Australia. Having made his fortune from the food sector, selling the Primo Smallgoods business to Brazilian fi rm JBS for $1.45 billion in 2015, Lederer has jumped back into the industry. He has developed Real Dairy, which includes a food broking business in the United States. Lederer is the chairman and part-owner of the Western Sydney Wanderers A-League soccer club and is planning the $650 million mixed-use Gosford Live property development on the NSW Central Coast.
  4. tranquilo

    Unhappy New Year

    Club needs to take responsibility just like not to long ago when they held crisis meetings on how we were loosing major sponsors due to crowd behaviour. The results over the last few seasons and heavy handed security/police measures time after time both are results in having more disgruntled fans who have stopped showing up to matches and many have stopped even watching us play. Club/suits needs to be held liable as relying on a nice new shiny stadium to bring back the fans and with the wave of a magical wand will not fix a problem that seems to be getting worse and worse. Members/fans are allowed to voice their opinion whether club likes it or not. It's time those of us still left to keep the pressure up and show them that wsw is a big club with many passionate supporters but we are not dumb westies and we know when we are being taken for a ride. Members/fans spend hard earned money in memberships/merchandise and more to support the wsw and always will but in the world of football results matter and for us westies playing with pride and your heart on your sleeve with passion is what we want from our team. End of the day its time for the club to pull their finger out of their asshole and be bold and make some desperate changes if not what was once the mighty wsw will be no longer able to return to its once was fortress. Maybe the introduction of south west sydney will be a hidden gem for the club as we were to get ESFC back into gear after letting their foot of the pedal for way to long. Happy new 2019!
  5. Yer it was funny that they mentioned that as marquee they wanted someone from their area that represents who they are. Mile Jedinak the man from Mount Vernon who attended school in the blacktown council area who played for syd united due to his father having his business and close ties to sydney unted. The new SWS bid will have a few new bandwagon fans who will jump ship from wsw to sws due to being closer stadium. Loyalty isn't worth its word these days. Probably same type of fans who used to go for Real Madrid but now follow Juventus and who were once man utd fans but now follow man city. Brett Emerton is part of the SWS leadership group. Mr Emerton 2770 repesent don't forget ya flog!
  6. ESFC major shareholder Lowy was never goin to let sth expansion catch in the shire based catchment of ESFC. Reason fozzie got ghosted out of the top seat and how south west magpies got in. Lowy still running the FFA.
  7. tranquilo

    The Lucy Zelic Appreciation Thread

    i heard she wants to name the child "tiki" "taka"
  8. it was sthern expansion of ffa, he chose with his vi$ion
  9. tranquilo

    RD 2 - Smurfs - Sat 27 Oct 2018

    yes i remember seeing about 20 smurfs down at Penrith which is part of the "Team for all of sydney" a few weeks ago also
  10. the best part of last night, wanderers burger the end
  11. pretty bad numbers for a derby especially being a cup semi final. Then again if 15 000 of them tickets are WSW FANS then it's the smurfs who again have forgotten their own motto;
  12. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/fifa-give-ffa-lowy-one-last-warning In a situation of last resort, Australia's international sides could be replaced in the draws for the upcoming Asian Cup and Women's World Cup. comply or bye bye the easy way or the HARD WAY my way or the highway hasta manana or hasta luego welcome or welcome back
  13. tranquilo

    FFA Cup 2018

    its gonna be a full house, already gettin the bandwagoners asking about gettin tickets/prices and membership discounts! Rock up to any pub/venue before hand and enjoy a few drinks and a good feed. Not even goin to attempt to chat to any pubs about having extra staff or organising a feed or bbq for us. Learn't the hard way last time in Penrith when a chat with one of the pubs turned into a hassle between cops/pubs and council and public disorder! how long did this promise last for???
  14. tranquilo

    FFA Cup 2018

    Hope we don't get flogs like this dude last time in the active section, hands on hips, refusing to participate in chants and even getting homophobic in the 80th minute when an arm went around him to join in on the poznan!
  15. tranquilo

    FFA Cup 2018

    $6.50 process and handling fee for my $10 ticket! I'm out
  16. tranquilo

    FFA Cup 2018

    12pm annoincement been delayed till this afternoon FFS
  17. tranquilo

    FFA Cup 2018

    its 12pm and heard nothin yet from the club
  18. tranquilo

    FFA Cup 2018

  19. tranquilo

    FFA Cup 2018

    did a quick goggle search, but club has tweeted details about tickets wil be release tomorrow at 12pm.
  20. tranquilo

    FFA Cup 2018

    friday match it is, we know so far