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  1. Re: Janjetovic There is at least one considering making an approach. It is dependant on their current first choice, and whether or not they remain in the top flight. The chances of the latter may be helped by two clubs above them that could fail to secure a licence due to financial issues.
  2. Agreed. Showed a lot of early promise but has stagnated or even regressed somewhat. Looks less composed than he did in his first season. It doesn't help that there hasn't been a settled back 4 for a while now.
  3. Jordan Elsey's key stats this season https://cl.ly/273c1O3f2X2k Aspro https://cl.ly/331s212O180t
  4. Looking through the results in that table, I’d say we’d have much better luck with a player still under contract. Preferably tried and tested, or at least via a strong recent recommendation from one of the Spanish contacts.
  5. Hopefully he's the only one on the list. I didn't filter properly
  6. A quick list of free CB's born between 1983 - 1989. Some will have moved on or retired. Some also highly unsuitable. Second Name Name AKA DOB Nation Second Nationality Third Nationality Resident Nation Barisone Diego 29/05/1989 Argentina Boenisch Sebastian 1/02/1987 Poland Germany Germany Rodríguez Guillermo 21/03/1984 Uruguay Coulibaly Idrissa 19/12/1987 Mali Guèye Papa 7/06/1984 Senegal Bassong Sébastien 9/07/1986 Cameroon France Amaya Diego 10/11/1985 Colombia Cuesta Yamith 17/04/1989 Colombia Mouyokolo Steven 24/01/1987 Congo France France Vidrio Néstor 22/03/1989 Mexico Acosta Alonso 10/02/1989 Colombia Komorowski Marcin 17/04/1984 Poland Mongongu Cédric 22/06/1989 Democratic Republic of Congo France France İrtegün Bekir 20/04/1984 Turkey Belkalem Essaid 1/01/1989 Algeria France González Andrés 8/01/1984 Colombia Paredes Jorge 23/04/1985 Paraguay Cendrós Pau 1/04/1987 Spain Diouf Mor 16/08/1988 Senegal Mendomo Alexis 25/10/1986 Cameroon Hurtado Jhon Kennedy 16/05/1984 Colombia United States Arzumanyan Robert 24/07/1985 Armenia Adejo Daniel 7/08/1989 Nigeria do Carmo Silva Ícaro Ícaro 16/04/1989 Brazil Benouahi Zouhir 8/03/1987 Morocco Martínez Hans 4/01/1987 Chile Rojas Felipe 2/03/1986 Chile
  7. Happens all the time. His then club tried to make some coin. We wouldn't have to deal with the thugs from Zagreb.
  8. Mrcela is the perfect (non foreign) upgrade on Cornthwaite. We need a calm, tall defender. From my understanding, his contract expires in December.
  9. Nick Ansell's agent is reportedly sniffing around for interested clubs back home.
  10. I wouldn't read too much into that. Contract decisions are usually handled late by the club.
  11. The no fees for internal transfers approach is hurting clubs more than it’s encouraging competition. Foreign clubs don’t want to pay inflated fees for Australian players. Especially when they know players come off contract so regularly and kick up a stink when they’re not allowed to leave. Alternative targets in South America and parts of Europe are getting paid less than Sotirio. And the talent on offer is superior.
  12. Given some continuity with game time and a role in the centre, I think he could come good. Pure speculation because I don’t know him, but his track record to date suggests issues with professionalism, desire or ego. Gombau isn’t the mentor for that kind of player so might as well release him.
  13. There’s no way City will let Arzani go to another A League club. Not unless he disappoints and the hype wears off. We will have to look abroad if we want a quality winger.
  14. More likely Victory. If Milligan leaves to the UAE, Broxham would move to the centre of the park again, freeing up the LB position for a Melbourne born Aussie. Though Gombau does like attacking minded, 'modern centre backs'. I think Davidson has a contract that ends on 15/06/2018, with his club having the option of adding 2 years. Technically his club would be happy to let him go to avoid paying his wages and not utilising him for 6 months.
  15. Dinamo Zagreb has joined the mix. Rumoured loan move with the option to buy at the end of the season.
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