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  1. Hey mate. Thanks for the questions. It's all in English. Our idea is to bring that insider knowledge of the Spanish & Latin-American football world and make it accessible to the Australian football audience. The show is in conversational format and is comprised of the team that did the Spanish commentary for Fox Sports Spanish Round in 2017. That was myself Iván Amaro, my co-commentator and football analyst Federico Migues and finally football strategist and coach Ronald Osorio. We're two parts Uruguayan and one part Chilean but 100% Aussie. Each one of us brings something different to the table. This series is looking at all the Spanish & Latin-American nations competing in the World Cup along with our Socceroos. Episode 1, 2 and 3 preview the World Cup. Yesterday we released episode 4 where we covered the action so far. For the remainder of the Cup we'll be doing shows twice a week to keep up with all the football. Hope you enjoy it.
  2. Hi everyone, Thought I'd let you all know of a new project I'm working on. It's a podcast covering Spanish & Latin-American football from an Australia perspective.This podcast series is focusing on the World Cup and we'll be looking to bring more content during the regular football season. Find us on our socials via @SpanishOption on Twitter/Instagram or Facebook. Email us at spanishoption@gmail.com Find the shows here or wherever you download your podcasts from.
  3. No one said anything about the RBB. Huge and unfounded assumption and just the type of thing I was trying to avoid.
  4. Could be a disturbance. Could be a swooping magpie. Thing is I don't know and neither do you.
  5. I've had further confirmation that the report Taurus received is #fakenews.
  6. I'm hearing not all is as portrayed above. I will hold judgement/conclusions until full picture is available.
  7. Jajajaja I can confirm that I will not be attending the Derby. Watching it at home with the fam.
  8. Get rid of the incredibly loud and distorted music pre game. This is a time I want to chat with family and friends about my expectations for the hall. Strategies and whatnot. Better food and drink options along with more staff and outlets for quicker service. Buy back scheme with phone app to make it easier. Safe standing in.
  9. Work has been keeping me away. Boys are doing a great job though.
  10. The article raises questions. It is not to be agreed or disagreed with. Rather, make WSW members and the club think. Who are we? Who do we want to be? How do we want to do get there? Imagine Guangzho Twitter beefing up ESFC ahead of the derby and wishing Abbas a speedy recovery. I don't want to be that club, but at this point in time I am because that's exactly what we do.
  11. No Uruguay as favourite for the Copa América? They're only the reigning Champions and the country to have won it the most times...oh and they're runners up in the last Confederations Cup. But yeah, they're not even contenders.
  12. I'm an advocate for shorter pods 70-90mins is a good spot. In saying that, I'm always amazed when we finish a 2.5 hr pod. I think though that we always have the content and whilst we might go off on tangents they work. Cheers again and hope to have ya back on next week.
  13. Good to hear you back on the pod Turner. Wish I could of been there. Laughed my ass off listening to it this morning though!
  14. Seriously had so much fun recording this one! I mean it's always fun but last night was something else. Some of the off air stuff was priceless!!
  15. The thing for me was that I gave the lady my name and she passed it to him correctly as I heard her and then he said eye-van. That's like telling someone my name is Michael and calling me Michelle (French style like the patisserie). I seriously don't get it. Fair enough if it's written down Ivan. But when he said it eye-van and not Iván I corrected him on the spot. He said it again incorrectly and I corrected him again. I did the commentary and then he took the piss and named me incorrectly again. I corrected him. Then there was the debacle afterwards when he said to the other two boys "at least you speak English". Make of that what you will but if I was at the pub my reaction would of been very different. I just told him to cut it out cos he was bordering being racist. I then proceeded to ignore it and just enjoy the moment.
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