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  1. I’ve been super critical of Babbel for his coaching ability. To be fair to him though, it takes some balls to front up to the media like he did before and after the game yesterday. He seems like a thoroughly decent human being, it’s just a shame he showed next to no coaching ability at the Wanderers. This next appointment is absolutely crucial. The board has to get it right, we’ve been **** for too many seasons now.
  2. Totally agree. The lack of cohesion and movement in the front third is a damning indictment on Babbels coaching. Players just hanging around, waiting to receive the ball.
  3. Can someone explain why, when we are attacking we seem to have four players standing in a straight line? No one coming deep to receive. Just hit and hope .
  4. Honestly, the team seems petrified of Perth’s press. Our current game plan consists of the three centre backs passing amongst themselves before sending a Hail Mary in the general direction of Yeboah. No movement, no skill, no clue.
  5. Literally a 5 metre pass and through a lack of awareness/technique/skill two “professionals” screw it up. So emblematic of the current Wanderers.
  6. Dugongs

    Jaushua Sotirio

    Talay has done a pretty good job with Sotirio. He looks much more dangerous than he did with us.
  7. That 1917 reference is amazing. Squires is God.
  8. What’s embarrassing is the club losing money for another failed signing. To be fair Meier should be embarrassed by his performance. Riding about a bit on an exercise bike (which was probably part of his strength and conditioning plan) does not equate to “giving it everything.” Giving it everything is standing up and taking responsibility on the pitch- involving yourself in the play. It is not constantly pointing to another a player when the ball looks like it’s coming to you.
  9. I would argue there is a difference between worst players and worst signings. The difference lies in the fans expectations and the amount of money the player receives. Sim, Griffiths, Adeleke, etc were all trash players, but I doubt anyone on the forum was overly excited by their signing. They were probably on peanuts which reflects their garbage ability. I definitely agree Meier is our worst ever signing. Go back to when he was first announced and have a look at the comments. Most on the forum, whilst hesitant of his age, were wrapped up in “FussballGod” hysteria. There was basically (with a few exceptions) a consensus that Meier would be the 20 plus goal scorer we had been lacking and that the title was now ours. Add in to the fact that he was on Marquee wages and you have the ingredients for worst ever signing. Other candidates for worst marquee: Cejudo, Pio, in my opinion are nowhere close to the utter disappointment and **** that Meier served up on a weekly basis. I have never felt more frustrated at watching a player with a supposed top pedigree amble around the pitch looking like he didn’t give a ****. I don’t particularly like when a paid employee takes the piss out of my club. The blame for Meier’s failure should be directed at both Meier and Babbel. Meier for looking disinterested and making no attempt to involve himself in the play. Babbel on the other hand, signed a 36 year old player who had a patchy recent record and had no preseason and expected him to perform in the Australian summer. It stunk of a panic buy and goes down as another waste of money which this club is becoming increasingly known for.
  10. An in-form Castro, Fornaroli and Ikonemidis against our current backline. What a time to be alive.
  11. I would have preferred Babbel sign a CAM as we have been crying out for creativity from central positions. Does this mean that Babbel is going to continue to waste Muller in this position? I still believe that Duke is a pretty good option to lead the line so not sure about why we went for another striker. I’m willing to give the Cox a chance though. His statistics don’t look great, but then again, both Berisha and Fornaroli had pretty ordinary stats (admittedly at arguably higher levels) before coming to our glorious league and they’ve done okay. If Cox actually touches a ball, looks like he wants to be here and moves faster than your average geriatric snail, he will be an improvement on Meier.
  12. If Babbel played Duke as a striker instead of a immobile steaming pile of dogshiit we might actually have a regular goal scorer. I know Duke has not been prolific in the aleague but he should be leading the line.
  13. I usually enjoy the Guardian’s coverage but Christ, what a pompous article. “This thing that should be fun is bringing people too much fun.” Seriously, part of what makes the Aleague great is it’s utter insanity. Give me Matt Simon thrashing home a penalty in the 95 or whatever minute it was or Graham Arnold demanding an apology on live TV over the boring sanitised product of the top leagues any day.
  14. Or you know, if we do take our sweet ass time, could we at least throw to a fellow Wanderer, instead of the opposition?
  15. Stupid errors cost us that game. So frustrating.
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