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  1. The thing about Cornthwaite is, at least unlike Archie he can string 2 plus words together without sounding confused. Also, they all collectively blew their load with Lachie rose scoring last night.
  2. I swear, Baccus must have the highest percentage of turnovers in the league. Can’t be assed finding the stats, but surely they’d back me up.
  3. Lel. Dumb from Natta but left exposed with Ziegler in no mans land.
  4. Happy for Cox, intelligent player but not a natural goal scorer. Clearly cares about the club though.
  5. Can someone explain why CR hooks Aqualina but keeps Ziegler? Surely you’d want to keep a natural full back and hook a nonexistent centre back?
  6. The thing is, week in week our, refs make these terrible calls. No consistency, and then when it’s called out we get fined/red carded. Never any punishment for the refs though. Beath should be no where near an Aleague match. Doesn’t even deserve the NPL. that said, a draw probs a fair result.
  7. This is why Baccus will never be a top player. You have to have awareness there. It’s a pen.
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