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  1. Judging by the post-match interview, Duke is so gone at the end of the season.
  2. Jesus Christ, being lobbed once- shame on you Diamanti. Being lobbed twice-shame on me Prendergast.
  3. What a glorious miss kick from Yeboner to set it up. ❤️
  4. The last 15 minutes have proved that JPs starting 11 is all kinds of wrong.
  5. I see you too, are a man of taste. I might have to watch BSG instead, its still less depressing than this shitshow.
  6. This is a really good analysis. Switch to either a 4-2-3-1. Drop Ziegler and McGowan, and bring in Tass. Let Cox play behind Duke with Kamau and Yeboah or Adam out wide. Not sure how creative Cox is but he’s probably our best option in the hole at the moment.
  7. Agree completely in regards to Ziegler, who spends more time sooking at the ref, and McGowan who is almost making Hamill look like a competent defender. However, Baccus and O’Doherty have neither the creativity nor the experience to effectively boss a midfield. Baccus makes too many stupid decisions and O’Doherty loses possession too often. This problem is compounded by having our three forward players basically play in a tight line with no width. Our play is so predictable, and Perth figured it out within ten minutes, nullifying Russell and Georgevski. Hell, our most creative player at the moment is a teenage wingback who tries hard but is hardly a world beater. That is a damning indictment on the current state of our midfield.
  8. Remember when we had players like La Rocca, Poljak, Mooy, Ono and Andreu in the midfield? Now we have two squaddies who wouldn’t get a start in any other team. Probably not entirely fair to target just them, considering every single player on the pitch was garbage.
  9. I’ve been super critical of Babbel for his coaching ability. To be fair to him though, it takes some balls to front up to the media like he did before and after the game yesterday. He seems like a thoroughly decent human being, it’s just a shame he showed next to no coaching ability at the Wanderers. This next appointment is absolutely crucial. The board has to get it right, we’ve been **** for too many seasons now.
  10. Totally agree. The lack of cohesion and movement in the front third is a damning indictment on Babbels coaching. Players just hanging around, waiting to receive the ball.
  11. Can someone explain why, when we are attacking we seem to have four players standing in a straight line? No one coming deep to receive. Just hit and hope .
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