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  1. Gordon has been our best signing so far. His passion tacking and positional sense are all very good.
  2. Lots of positives. Aqualina and Russell brilliant again. Always love seeing Redmayne shown up for the useless dog he is.
  3. Redmayne makes those mistakes all the time, it’s just he usually has a solid defence to bail him out. Meanwhile shock of the century was that Var actually gave it the all clear.
  4. Meanwhile, Harper saying we got lucky from a call last week? How about the offside that was way closer than that? What an absolute joke of a league.
  5. Id say unbelievable that the var didn’t even look at it, but let’s be honest are we actually surprised?
  6. Runs into a player, gets a penalty. Imagine if it was the other way around. **** VAR **** Aleague refs.
  7. Harper isn’t even hiding his bias anymore. What an insufferable ****.
  8. 100% if that was the jets it would’ve stood. It is absolutely deplorable that KGJ the **** continues to get paid for this ****.
  9. ******* every time. KGJ is a ******* ****. How can you tell from that angle? Every single ******* 50-50.
  10. Definitely. Ugarkovic is quality and has been outstanding in a very average jets side (grandfinal aside). He has wonderful positional sense, a great range of passing and can actually tackle. Would really strengthen our midfield.
  11. Nah, you’ve just been brainwashed by Speed and Harper. Rose was fine but nothing to write home about.
  12. Its beyond annoying. Puts a ball into row z: “wow, what a player!” Shut the **** up. Fox sports is nothing without Hill.
  13. Take a drink every time Speedy gushes over Lachlan Rose. You’ll be plastered within 10 minutes. Speed is an absolute pleb.
  14. Judging by the post-match interview, Duke is so gone at the end of the season.
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