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  1. Quality strike from Dorrans. Started from the tackle by Ziggy.
  2. This has been disgraceful so far. Show some pride in the shirt. Is anyone shocked that we have no leadership when our captain is a CB who can’t defend nor organise?
  3. Good performance but if Brisbane had a competent #9 and if Danzaki wasn’t dreadful this game, it could’ve been a different story.
  4. The difference in composure between Kamau and Ibini is staggering. I had full confidence we’d score when Bruce ran through. If it was ibini in that position it would’ve been a **** touch straight to Young.
  5. Ibini is good when he doesn’t have time to think. Just take a touch and hammer it.
  6. Baccus is heaps better as an AM. It means he can play to his best strength (creative distribution) whilst relieving his worst skills (tackling, positional play, game awareness). He is also much more mobile and hardworking than Troisi.
  7. You’ve just lost a derby. Dont stand around and laugh with the opposition. Completely unacceptable.
  8. Shockingly, I thought Beath has had an ok game so far. Gross, I know.
  9. Finally go to a back four but take off our best CB whilst McGowan stays out there? Odd.
  10. Was coming. Made even more infuriating by Harpers clear joy at his beloved team scoring.
  11. Is there a more detestable player in sky blue than Rhyan Grant? Massive wringer.
  12. Speed and Harpers bias is ******* deplorable. Not even trying to hide it.
  13. Just when I thought we could get something. Its the hope that kills you. **** this team.
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