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  1. Foster would be my least favourite person to be in charge. He would run football like a social crusade rather than just running football.
  2. I was switching channels on Fox and I briefly had in on the AFL and heard them have a whinge about the security. So funny how the treatment we got from security and Hatomoto is suddenly out of proportion and menacing. Talking about how the security guards going up and down the aisles when all the fans want to do is watch the game. Well Well Well, welcome to our world. Funny how things do a 180.
  3. I don't agree with Wendy, otherwise how do you explain ScoMo getting back into government. At the end of the day the people of Australia didn't like what Bill was selling. Does charisma help, sure it does, but I would put policy and how they sell that policy above all else.
  4. He probably didn't even think to ask. He has been using these toilets week to week with no issues and suddenly someone is trying to stop him for no reason at all. You wouldn't even think to stop, just push through and all of a sudden some secco thinks your being belligerent. It just astounds me how many people in the police and the media can't connect the dots and are actually doubling down on this guy. They actually want to character assassinate a family guy who has a disabled daughter. You can't make this stuff up.
  5. Straight from the source. Two page statement, just click to expand. I know who is more believable.
  6. I just listened to the 2GB interview and the way they try and spin this beggars belief. You can listen to the interview below and make up your own minds. https://omny.fm/shows/the-ray-hadley-morning-show/police-reveal-their-side-of-the-story-behind-sydne/embed
  7. Just tell him he looks cool, take photos of it from every angle and then show him in 20 years time when the conversation will turn to, "Dad why didn't you stop me. What the **** was I thinking"
  8. When you think you have seen it all as a WSW supporter and then this. How do we keep losing from these positions. Its like there is a socceroos curse on the Wanderers. Unreal.
  9. This is based on a number of things. 1. First he is a PROVEN coach at Bundesliga level taking Hertha to the title. You don't just do that if you can't coach. Hertha isn't a small club by any means but they certainly aren't the elite of Bayern Munich or Borrussia Dortmund. 2. We have had the bulk of the squad together for a while and there has been player unrest in the past and under performance. At what point do the players get the blame instead of the coach. 3. We have had a number of coaching changes since Popa left - Foxe, Gombau and now Babbel. I don't believe any of those coaches were given a fair crack. You could argue Gombau had been given a fair shake but I would have given him one more season. I think he missed top 6 by one win, not that I think top 6 is anything to crow about. 4. We inherited a good chunk of players from the Gombau era. He signed a whole bunch of players towards the end of his tenure. WHY WHY WHY would we do that. 5. Having a revolving door of coaches like East Sydney did a couple of seasons is not the way to build stability in your club. The season is a write off anyway and I would prefer to give him a clean shot rather than another expensive pay out and then a search for a coach.
  10. I just hope that we persist with Marcus. The biggest mistake we can do right now is to let him go. Give him a genuine crack next year. He has had time to assess his own squad, other A-league players and the A-league itself. I am sure he will build the right team and we will have a great year next year. This season is a write off, time to rebuild NOW. We have lots of deadwood in the team. If the Mariners want to take our scraps they are more than welcome.
  11. I cant really fault that performance. FMD how unlucky can we be. Every time we play teams their keepers seem to have a career night. I have no idea how Thomas saved some of those shots, he had a blinder.
  12. Expansion wont possibly happen next year. Its impossible. The only thing that might be announced is 2-4 new teams but it wont be for next season but the following season.
  13. I am not sure if its something that is particular about WSW but there are some things I noticed. 1. We cannot hit a rolling ball one time - Sometimes this is absolutely necessary because you just don't have time to do anything else. You cant afford to stop the ball which will help get the defence set and allow for a block. 2. Terrible first touch - This is similar to the above option only in the sense that first time balls should be hit more often. When you are trying to stop the ball or cushion it, you need to cushion the ball to the side of your body in order to get a quick shot away. This is also to get give yourself enough space in order to give yourself leverage and power in the shot. This doesn't happen. What I notice happen is that the ball is stopped in front of the player, he gets no back lift or leverage from the shot, is too front on and therefore has to create an extra touch in order to get the ball away from his body in order to create space for the shot. 3. Over complicating things - Too many touches, especially in and around the 18 yard box. Just need to be more decisive when shooting. See an early gap shoot. 4 Not shooting in a crowded area. There are so many times when you need to shoot in a crowded box, its not easy for keepers to stop this especially with players in the way and deflections on goal also a possibility. 5 Following up - As soon as you see someone shooting you follow up on the keeper, plenty of times keepers will not be able to grab shots on the first grab. Interestingly Sotirio managed to get one of these goals last week but that was more from the keepers incompetence more than anything. A very slow reaction from the keeper. 6. We don't utilize our current striker. We have a good striker who can play a number of ways but he is also deadly in the air. Seriously how many times have we given a good hard cross that just lands on his head. I was always taught the best spot to aim is the penalty spot. This idea of crossing close to the keeper is absolute rubbish, especially for corners. Fix some of these things and we will get more goals flowing.
  14. I am not confident we can beat the Mariners. Its pretty dire at the moment.
  15. I have always accepted the referees decision no matter how bad, but of course I am allowed to complain about it just like always. My question to you is has the VAR really improved the decision making of a football match. My answer would be no, its made it worse and on top of that it takes a lot longer to come to a decision and you can't even celebrate a goal like before. If you think its better, good for you
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