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  1. Lmc

    Tomi Juric

    It's annoying how all the top a-league players get snagged by the rich Asian clubs before the eoropean clubs end up buying them for less than what they're worth
  2. They can come play at parra if they want
  3. I've had no real issues. However, I requested a callback from the membership team one day, and received a call a week or two later.
  4. Lmc

    Brendon Santalab

    Knowing Popa, I wouldn't rule out Dino as our starting striker
  5. So LaRocca was the best Italian in a league that contained Allesandro Del Piero. And the best Italian in a game with Diamanti.
  6. Nek minnit... Clive Palmer pays for the parra stadium upgrades a reward to the wanderers
  7. Lmc

    Seyi Adeleke

    Wasn't there a rumour a while back that poljak might be able to be counted as an Australian player because he was getting married to an Australian?
  8. Ok, so we lost to a state league team... No biggie. Who do we have next week? Only one of the biggest clubs in Asia... Cool.
  9. I'd love to see Melbourne City vs Melbourne City
  10. I agree. And to think the club went all out to farewell shinji aswell. I would have rathered shinji just receive a swift kick up the ass on his way out...
  11. Now THAT looks like a football!
  12. Wanderers kit ran in a close 11th
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