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  1. I hope that when we are the biggest sport in this country (and we will be) that the media types will have to swallow all of pride and go against everything they have ever written negatively about our game. Then we can quietly sit back and enjoy our new ass kisses.
  2. Lolololol. ...was the penalty for going out of the box? But Lolololol holding onto the ball for more than 6 seconds.
  3. I'd say the author is a heart supporter feeling very sorry for himself. It has the emotion of a lot more than just "isn't it great to have a team we can all hate" feel about it, to me that's very a personal article.
  4. I'm lining up to get in I'll be in the stand with the roof behind the goals, southern end I think
  5. I agree the silence is ominous, I think give it until next week for any details I'm sure Mack and the others haven't forgot they probably have a lot on their plate.
  6. "Therefore.... she's a witch... Burn her!" well we did do the hat....and the nose... but she's got a wart look *points to the womens face*
  7. I mite be able to get a group of about 10-12 guys to come down and be active we are all bay55/56ers, everyone who can make it try and bring at least 2-3 more people just tell them you will take them to dysney land after the games
  8. Where is the logic, they fear it can used as a missile yes... If I buy a bottle of water at the stadium I can launch that as well and it will probably have a greater impact than a receipt roll. For one its heavier, greater in size and shape, and I can buy it at the stadium, or even coins are they going to ban us from bringing in coins. This baffles me, and don't even get me started on the references to the match day programs being used as confetti as inappropriate behaviour its farking madness ladies and gentlemen, what farking state do we live in.
  9. Iv heard from a pretty reliable source that the new signing Petkovic is hating life at FC he is very dissapointed with the club culture and professionalism.
  10. All these anti football journos are only reaffirming how shiat scared they are. If they weren't worried they wouldn't be continuesly reassuring themselves, they are all in the fetal position rocking back and forth saying to themselves "everything will be ok, everything will be ok" because the football giant is coming.
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