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  1. Anthony Mundine put up a better effort than this
  2. at least we look good in the all black kit
  3. He spat the dummy, throwing the toys out of the pram
  4. I wonder what the new players and Babbel think about these freakin seagulls hahaha
  5. I don't know lol, I just went on the website and there was a password already saved and i just logged on
  6. https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/live-stream?login=1 I think you just need to create a foxsports account, its free
  7. Nnnnnathan12

    Popovic Abroad (Popa Watch)

    Is the entire board resigning and quitting common in Turkish football?
  8. Nnnnnathan12

    Squad Development 2017/18

    Would consider Kruse at the right price, not paying a lot for someone to play 2 games and then be out for 4
  9. Nnnnnathan12

    The 'What Floats Your Boat' Thread S3

    That rooster deserves to be shot, then eaten
  10. Easter show is overrated, the rides are ****, showbags are for 8 year old kids. Only thing worth seeing is pigs race each other, grown men chop wood, looking at massive angus beef cows and alpacas. Anyone know if Victory are bringing a lot of fans? Or are they still doing their some kind of protest like thing with north terrace kind of not being there and still there thing that I clearly don't understand? Or is that only at home games because of victoria police?
  11. Nnnnnathan12

    Squad Development 2016/17 Part 2

    .....or just go Westie style on him n say " you're not going anywhere my friend or we bash your fuuckin head in ". and pay him cash in hand
  12. Nnnnnathan12

    The 'What Really Grinds My Gears' Thread 4

    I love Arsenal Fantv, hope Wenger signs a 10 yr deal! It's the most terrible and brilliant stuff on youtube at the same time