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  1. Nnnnnathan12

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

  2. I know that, but there's always a few idiots in the few thousand that stand behind the goals that always want to sit in their specific seat... and you know what the security can be like at times hahaha
  3. The email says just the bay, but when you login to pay the $50 per person it shows a specific seat and row number. I might just email the club and ask
  4. My seat offer is in Bay 124 but it has a specific row and seat number, Will active seats but allocated by the bay like in previous years? Or are they making us stand in our specific seat?
  5. Can we get a live cross to daniel mcbreen to say that we are dog **** as well???
  6. Just have to wait another 50-100 years for Sydney to get the olympics again
  7. Are the trains still screwed???
  8. Anthony Mundine put up a better effort than this
  9. at least we look good in the all black kit
  10. Nnnnnathan12

    NRL Thread 2

  11. Nnnnnathan12

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Good news unlimited, I was always rooting for you !!!! that dating thread was brilliant, still not as good as 'that shall not be mentioned raging 23 hours a day politics thread'
  12. Nnnnnathan12

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Haven't visited the forum in ages, what happened with unlimited and the dating advice thread?
  13. He spat the dummy, throwing the toys out of the pram
  14. I wonder what the new players and Babbel think about these freakin seagulls hahaha