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  1. They play Japan in the Asian cup tonight as they defend their Asian cup crown. Fox sports 3 at 11:10pm Yes I know there is a spellcheck error in the thread title, It should read women's instead, If the mods could change it please?
  2. Can we get a live cross to daniel mcbreen to say that we are dog **** as well???
  3. Just have to wait another 50-100 years for Sydney to get the olympics again
  4. Are the trains still screwed???
  5. Anthony Mundine put up a better effort than this
  6. at least we look good in the all black kit
  7. He spat the dummy, throwing the toys out of the pram
  8. I wonder what the new players and Babbel think about these freakin seagulls hahaha
  9. I don't know lol, I just went on the website and there was a password already saved and i just logged on
  10. https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/live-stream?login=1 I think you just need to create a foxsports account, its free
  11. Nnnnnathan12

    Popovic Abroad (Popa Watch)

    Is the entire board resigning and quitting common in Turkish football?
  12. Nnnnnathan12

    Squad Development 2017/18

    Would consider Kruse at the right price, not paying a lot for someone to play 2 games and then be out for 4
  13. Easter show is overrated, the rides are ****, showbags are for 8 year old kids. Only thing worth seeing is pigs race each other, grown men chop wood, looking at massive angus beef cows and alpacas. Anyone know if Victory are bringing a lot of fans? Or are they still doing their some kind of protest like thing with north terrace kind of not being there and still there thing that I clearly don't understand? Or is that only at home games because of victoria police?
  14. Nnnnnathan12

    Squad Development 2016/17 Part 2

    .....or just go Westie style on him n say " you're not going anywhere my friend or we bash your fuuckin head in ". and pay him cash in hand
  15. Also consider the current level of the teams performance, Whilst we aim to support the team no matter when they win or loose, the reality is that we probably talking only about 5K or so of our supporters that do that. The rest are standard Sydney sports fans (Which they are still wanderers fans, I'm not saying that anyone that doesn't come to games all of the time when we aren't performing well isn't a fan). If we were on top of the league like sydney fc then we wouldn't have the current crowd figures. When we back at the new parramatta stadium and are at the top of the league, we should be pushing 20K+ every game. The derby will sell out, Melbourne Victory will attract a strong crowd. and when we are struggling to make the top 6 the crowd figures will drop, like every other sport in Sydney
  16. Nnnnnathan12

    Sydney FC: Season 2016/17

    So with Vukovic off with the socceroos, which games will Redmayne be playing in? Can't wait to see them get thumped 5-0 lol
  17. Nnnnnathan12

    Round 22 - HAL

    You have got to be kidding me,
  18. Nnnnnathan12

    Round 21 HAL

    Cahill hatrick
  19. Nnnnnathan12

    Melbourne Victory: Season 2016/17

    So Berisha is now going to play for Kosovo, Without starting world war 3 on the forum with eastern european politics, anyone care to explain how he has caps for Albania and now can play for Kosovo?
  20. Nnnnnathan12

    Football Media Discussion

    He writes for The Australian, that should be punishment enough. I have never seen anyone buy or walk around with The Australian
  21. Nnnnnathan12

    Santalab Slays "Invincibles"

    Hehehehe, Bobo is Boob I'm such a child lol