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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  2. I know that, but there's always a few idiots in the few thousand that stand behind the goals that always want to sit in their specific seat... and you know what the security can be like at times hahaha
  3. The email says just the bay, but when you login to pay the $50 per person it shows a specific seat and row number. I might just email the club and ask
  4. My seat offer is in Bay 124 but it has a specific row and seat number, Will active seats but allocated by the bay like in previous years? Or are they making us stand in our specific seat?
  5. Can we get a live cross to daniel mcbreen to say that we are dog **** as well???
  6. Just have to wait another 50-100 years for Sydney to get the olympics again
  7. Good news unlimited, I was always rooting for you !!!! that dating thread was brilliant, still not as good as 'that shall not be mentioned raging 23 hours a day politics thread'
  8. Haven't visited the forum in ages, what happened with unlimited and the dating advice thread?
  9. I wonder what the new players and Babbel think about these freakin seagulls hahaha
  10. I don't know lol, I just went on the website and there was a password already saved and i just logged on
  11. https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/ffa-cup/live-stream?login=1 I think you just need to create a foxsports account, its free
  12. Only 2 weeks away from being at the mountain, the greatest place on earth, the beer just tastes better when your there
  13. Drove to bathurst and back today, mainly out of curiosity to see what the 6 hour is like and because who doesn't knock back the opportunity to watch race cars around Mount Panorama!! Good race, went down to the wire. Completely different vibe to the 1000 and the 12 hour.
  14. Counting down the hours until Friday afternoon, straight from work and then on the pilgrimage to The Mountain for the 12 hour this weekend.
  15. Is the entire board resigning and quitting common in Turkish football?
  16. Sorry for the lat reply, I don't read through the forums as much as I used to... The first thing that I noticed about bathurst when I first got there was the sheer size of the place, and when my brother and I walked the track at night time with a few drinks the main thing you notice is how steep the hills actually are,. TV doesnt do the place any justice, the elevation change at Mount Panorama is insane, and you will never truely understand why the place is so important until you actually visit it. Project Cars is a better, accurate representation of the track in my opinion. It highlights the elevation change a lot more, especially after Brock's skyline and the Dipper and also the blind corners. When drivers talk about blind corners at Bathurst and not being able to see what's around the corner, at Bathurst, you literally cannot see what is around the corner. Such is the elevation change and the closeness of the concrete barrier The graphics in Gran Turismo are better, however outside of the track and the surroundings in Project Cars 2 are more accurate. Also Gran Turismo has proper sponsorship on the barriers and signs, but that doesn't mean much, Project Cars 2 looks a lot more like the circuit
  17. At Bathurst, camping for the first time. I now truely understand why this place is so great, it's something that you can't explain through TV, you need to actually see the track to understand it, elevation change and how tight it is in certain parts. Goat when I get home I'll watch the videos, taking too long to load on my phone
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