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  1. I don't understand how players who shouldn't be on the pitch in the A-League [Appiah and Mahazi] keep getting signed in Korea.
  2. Should have just had 2 additional red hoops below sponsor the same size as the one above. I am a fan of black as the base colour but it just looks like a giant barcode underneath. I hope it grows on me.
  3. I would liken us more to AEW, the new upstarts that the mainstream don't want to succeed
  4. When did you buy your tickets? I bought concession but had them sent to me in the usual email...
  5. Aussies do not count as visa players for Wellington (it is the A-League, so it would be counter-intuitive to the domestic league to restrict any number of spots for our own players). Right now they have at least 10 non-Kiwi players if you include the Australians (Lowry, Burns, Williams Golec, Burgess) and overseas players (Taylor, Sheridan, Kurto, etc.)
  6. If that is to replace spots currently filled by Risdon and Llorente, not too bad. Hopefully he is not seen as our starting RB and we play him more on the left, as I would like to see Russell continue in that role.
  7. It is just a shame we have been conditioned to expect far less
  8. Love and appreciate the work you guys put in to the pod every week, and it is usually a highlight, but I had to turn this week's one off halfway through
  9. Relieved to hear he didn't just rate Elrich higher as a CB. Can't believe he starts every week. Shows you the utter lack of depth in our squad (apart from the wing).
  10. We need to be looking at our GK development and coaching. The fact that Redmayne and Vedran have practically swapped spots and GK ability has followed accordingly is worrying.
  11. If that's the case I would expect it to be a 1.5 year contract, as some reported Yeboah signed on 3 years even though it was actually 2.5 (some can't deal with decimals or fractions). I wouldn't sign in Jan for a club with a free spot but make it only for next season on and have 6 months off with no pay. Doesn't make sense for the player or the club.
  12. Andy Harper is such a tool. He tries so hard to be impartial that he ends up talking utter nonsense.
  13. That article by Bossi will get revealed as a smokescreen too. The real reason is much more sensitive and controversial according to player sources.
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