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  1. Great player would be a shame if we lose him to city.. there would be hell to pay

    Mario Shabow

    He has been offered a contract with Newcastle. Poppas been a ****wit all season to him because he had a dispute with his manager, hence why he never sees game time this year. Typical of popa fkt up mentality. Things are now getting desperate for popa, and he offered him a contract just before the AFC game.. Personally i think he is as good as gone.... Wish the manager would do the same
  3. We had Vukovic in the bag, he too also wanted to come back here last year , it was all going to happen until Kalac got here , and opted for Redmayne instead, a second choice keeper of the Melbourne Heart/City go figure..... Our loss is Graham Arnold's gain

    Andrew Redmayne

    He is a good back up keeper only

    Antony Golec

    no loss , him at perth this year proves it
  6. Sounds positive to me!!!! Thats great for a change

    Mateo Poljak

    I believe it once I see it announced on the WSW web site - or if Taurus says so. Not bad ey!!!!

    Mateo Poljak

    I just heard a that Haliti and Poljak have signed with the Jets!!! Nows theres a rumour for you

    Labinot Haliti

    I just heard a that Haliti and Poljak have signed with the Jets!!! Nows theres a rumour for you
  10. GAMISU

    Jerrad Tyson

    Tyson is the peoples champ for sure, and that is why there is so much love for him. HOWEVER that doesnt mean squat on the field, he played 3 game, behind the best defence in the league, easy to get clean sheets. Bouzanis cops crap for letting a few in , however Covic too let many in this year, behind prob the worst defence in the league.. I dont know about anyone else , however I think there is a connection there yeah??? Id love tyson back at the club as some kind of ambassodor, but really Bouzanis >>> Tyson , there is just no comparison
  11. Bit of rumour I heard today.... not sure if any truth to it, Just something I heard, most things I hear about our club is usually 85 % correct Cory was the one who has been suggesting we go hard for Keeper Danny Vukovic, he loved Covic , but thought his time was up. If what I hear is correct , he has been pushed out in favour of Kalac, Kalac was also preferred in the first place from season one, however he can now get the money he was after. Him and popa are very good buddys , and very pro Cro. Vukovic is Serb heritage, make of that what you want.... Would be interesting to se
  12. GAMISU

    Tomi Juric

    Well this is what i heard from someone on the inside!!.... Bulut good as gone.. never showed up to training the whole week, was due to receive the golden boot award for wanderers but never showed up, so they gave it Juric... Juric is on the outer with popa since the Aussie game which he was apparently injured for us , however as soon as postecoglou calls him up he was fine and played.. popa has taken that bad and has fallen out of flavour with him, considering he has given him all his first opportunities, ie starting spot, main player, champions league etc... I think we've seen the last of bot
  13. GAMISU

    Antony Golec

    Think he has had a good run playing ACL for us and he bleeds Western Sydney, love him! I still stand by my comment, actually ive upgraded it to non a league starting level player sub for a bench spot at best
  14. GAMISU

    Tomi Juric

    been very average to say the leaset, we know what he is capable of, he aint doing himself any favours now. He should of taken the money when it was on hand, Every week his value is now deminishing
  15. GAMISU

    Kearyn Baccus

    will be Signed by the wanderers, Kubi will be cut
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