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  1. Less than a week ago I wrote a lengthy diatribe re the Sunday Telegraphs outing of so called football hooligans. The article was shared via numerous outlets. One of my points was the biased reporting on both sides of the fence....... "This is in fact no longer a football hooligan story, this is far bigger than that, its a human rights story and one that needs to be told in its entirety. Sadly that is currently not happenning. Instead it has become a political football with journalists lining up on either side providing biased reporting." Sadly in the days following the Telegraph story very little changed in the media with most lining up on one side or the other. So imagine my surprise to wake up this morning to read this.... https://www.facebook.com/ray.gatt.16/posts/1224059454287152 Congratulations Ray on a really well considered and unbiased article. Truly a great read. This line in particular really struck home....... "But the time has come to take a stand and, as someone said on Twitter, “not be the lone sentinel left to defend the entire football fort with a slingshot†If the Aussie football world can truly unite, the power of that unification would be overwhelming, nothing could stand in the way of this behemoth. But it needs all sides to come together, the junior associations, state federations, FFA, individual teams and clubs be it the tiniest under 6 side or an A league club, and the fans of football Australia wide, no matter which colours or level you support. Only one ingredient is missing. We need a leader. Someone who can bring these parties together to form the most powerful force this country has ever seen. Its time Steven Lowy. Cometh the moment cometh the man. Well that moment has arrived. Lead us Steven Lowy. Lead us.
  2. Football Hooligans. For a number of years now I have been reading the bleatings of the RBB and various other WSW supporter groups whinging about how some of there members have been unfairly banned from grounds. I have always had the attitude "You do the crime, you do the time." So I didnt pay much attention and in fact would have been fully supportive of FFA if asked for an opinion. The game cannot afford to have these hooligans making us look ridiculous. Thanks to the Telegraphs story today I learnt of a person who had in fact been banned. A person that I happenned to know. Turns out this person was on his way home from a game when he was accosted by the police.The person was nowhere near the ground at the time, is not a member of the RBB and does not sit anywhere near the active support area. Had his day in court and the case was thrown out for "ridiculousness" on the part of the police. So WHY did this person have an FFA representative arrive on his doorstep to inform him that he was banned for significant amount of time? The only possible explanation is the simple fact he was wearing a Wanderers jersey at the time. The person did not rant and rave about it. He has a very well paid job and no police record. He just wanted to move on. Water off a ducks back. However his story raises massive questions. The bleating and whinging by the RBB and other WSW groups proves to be anything but. These guys have a genuine beef. This is in fact no longer a football hooligan story, this is far bigger than that, its a human rights story and one that needs to be told in its entirety. Sadly that is currently not happenning. Instead it has become a political football with journalists lining up on either side providing biased reporting. It really sunk home for me when I realised that I could attend a match wearing my WSW jersey, be driving home and have a brake lamp on the truck go out, be pulled over and issued a ticket only to find a few weeks later that I was now banned for 5-10 years from watching my team play. I can smell a Four Corners story here. And it might not end well for the FFA. I totally get why the FFA needs to act so strongly against idiots. I am strongly opposed to flares. Its only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured. However by not being more careful about how they hand bans out, the FFA is in fact bringing itself into disrepute. Football has been making leaps and bounds in the last ten years. The last thing we need is for the FFA to make themselves look ridiculous.
  3. Im actually happy things are going the way they are. Better now than in a few weeks time and gives popa plenty to work on. Prefer this than winning easily and being lulled into a false sense of security
  4. lol Beauchamp came from the Heart this year and its controversial?????
  5. Two points for consideration. 1. Can I suggest you get everything in writing beforehand in future, that way if approval is given then taken away, you would have a leg to stand on in a suit against the club for changing there minds. It is fair that you be recompensed time and costs. For all I know that may still be possible this time. 2. Can this tifo go ahead if it is unravelled on the actual ground just before kick off, either just in front of the RBB or in the centre of the field?? That way it is not wasted and I cant see how there can be any risk that way either.
  6. Mazza

    Michael Beauchamp

    Totally agree and add to that the fact he is Captain of the squad. He is the type of person who does not seek the limelight and as such his deeds go unnoticed by many.
  7. hahaha very interesting reading this thread from the start for the first time with the value of 20 20 vision. lol a lot of egg on a lot of faces. also props to those such as Benched who provided acurate info from the get go.
  8. I suspect there was two or three reasons for Gibbs starting..........Ensuring Dino was a bit fresher for next weeks game, Gibbs had been working hard at training and deserved some response for his efforts and finally the track which was very slippery and would have suited the shorter players a little better. Speaking of slippery, having been at the game it was pretty bad but when watching the replay it appeared almost perfect...........TV lies. Finally on Mooy, I said to my mate at half time I felt Mooy was a big chance to score provided he could keep his shot low which is always a problem shot in that weather............I just felt that his longer strikes with the wind behind would swoop and swerve all over the place............didnt quite come off that way but I will take the predict of his first goal..........lol
  9. Mazza

    Dino Kresinger

    Funny you say that because its exactly what a group of us was saying only a few hours ago. The way this fairytale season is going there are as yet two fairytales yet to be written.......well at least two...........Both Mooy and Dino getting the most important goals of the season for us............against CC in next weeks game and in the GF.
  10. Mazza

    Dino Kresinger

    If I had a dollar for everytime he had forced the keeper to kick the ball wayward then I would be quite rich now. He is doing the exact job required of him and if he happens to score a few well thats a bonus............I have no doubt we have the best target man in the league and he has fitted into the style really well. You mentioned that you wish he would play the flick a lot less............the flick is actually important because it keeps the defence guessing as to what he is going to do.............the last thing a defence wants would be a big man like that getting in behind them. By playing some flicks he creates uncertainty stopping defenders getting to close which then allows him to play with a little more freedom. He also creates problems for defenders when he does not actually get to the ball, his sheer size and presence forces many a poor quality headed clearance which our mf can then pick up on. With Dino, its important to see the big picture of whats happenning and not just focus on him. A final word is to provide an example of the difficulties lone strikers have in scoring...........McBreen..........loan striker last year and scored hardly ever while this year is loving the twin striker setup in terms of scoring but CC play differently to us and the way he is suits us perfectly.
  11. Hahaha... The toys certainly came out of the pram, during the press conference... He did have a tanty, but the question that set him off was a fking ridiculous one...as if any coach (except Rickie Herbert) is going to say that his club can;t achieve a specific result or ranking with 6 rounds to go. As much as it's worth having a giggle at the so-called genius of AAMI Stadium the standards of football journalism outside a mere handfull of three or four people in this country is abysmal. Actually I thought it was a brilliant question as it got a reaction.........a big one. I for one was expecting a bunch of typical responses along the lines of a calm, there are six rounds to go and a lot of water to pass under the bridge blah blah blah. However having said that I do get your point and your right of course..........I doubt the journo had any idea he would get the reaction he got. But it was that exact reaction that told more than any of his words could of..............Ange is hurting and I love that. They may have provided us with a small "Pain" (goalscorer) but we inflicted a much greater injury and it showed. Sorry for the pun............lol, actually I will be surprised if some wag from Victory doesnt make a sign something along the lines of "Here Come the Pain". Yeah Im a wrestling tragic.
  12. According to this thread the pax for last home game 5 days out (21.1.13) was 7800 odd and reached Round 18 v Heart - 14,624 That being the case 16000 is not out of the question this weekend.
  13. Anyone else see Postecoglous post match interview? He was absolutely filthy and took it out on some poor media rep. I remember him being similarly dirty after the last time we beat them. And yet one of the things that used to endear me to him when he was at Roar was that he was a gracious loser............seems that is no longer the case. Sometimes Ange, you just have to admit you were beaten by a better team on the day.
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