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  1. I have a ticket in Bay 37 row g seat 18 for sale for $38 for tonight's derby is still if anyone is interested...
  2. I have a ticket in Bay 37 for sale for $38 for tomorrow nights derby if anyone is interested...
  3. I have a ticket in Bay 37 for sale for $38 for tomorrow nights derby if anyone is interested...
  4. cgorac

    Round 21 - Newcastle

    3.Spiranovic 2.Haliti 1.Kubi
  5. select Aspas or Sturrige on prem fantasy
  6. will the game at Lily Homes Stadium, Seven Hills. be changed to a 7.30 kick off
  7. who's going to get to blacktown at 6.15 pm thats a bit silly
  8. no over 35's team for Ryde Panthers so I just train occasionally with Ryde Saints
  9. I have this Liverpool fc Polo top i purchased off the Liverpool fc online store im selling in a medium brand new unworn as it's a little to small for me if anyone is interested for $44.90 break in the cost is the shirt 22 pound = $36.60 and part of the shipping it cost me from England 5 pound = 8.30...
  10. cgorac

    3rd Sydney Team Poll

    I think a team form the ST-George/Sutherland shire districts would be a great idea...
  11. No. You should have the installment option too. But, You are making the payment, so have the new members details ready, or you can pay for them and chase them down for repayment. okay thanks i think they will be paying by installments but im paying up front
  12. If your adding a friend do i have to pay for there membership upfront or what?
  13. i want to sign up a friend to sit next to me in bay 6 and if the seat belonged to a corporate sponsor last season would i get that extra seat next season?
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