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  1. that link said Melbourne City are they really doing a name change?
  2. UltrasRBB

    Dean Bouzanis

    its Whalan Creek brah!
  3. UltrasRBB

    Daniel Alessi

    born 1997 God I feel so old.
  4. bat n ball their new official pub phuking lol'd maybe the embarrassment of the take over was too much for them. Oh well looks like we will be drinking at Royal Exhibition Hotel next derby.
  5. UltrasRBB

    Jerrad Tyson

    im wearing black for the next 40days
  6. $hit club, $hit fans fold them. Give North Sydney a team.
  7. thats awesome loved our the sides got involved. Not sure why eurphoria was missed.
  8. bay 54 has the drain worst smell i dont know how people stand there in the front row all game.
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