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  1. that link said Melbourne City are they really doing a name change?
  2. lol sorry, my guess he will be gone after a few matches in charge, coaches dont last long at east sydney Trudat
  3. fck1ng hell goat strong bump i got excited and thought he quit ESFC before it even started. end rant/
  4. UltrasRBB

    Dean Bouzanis

    its Whalan Creek brah!
  5. I looked into that because I have a xbox they force you to purchase another extra package which bumps the price up to $70-$80 a month I just did it (didnt pay, just until confirming the order) and it came upto $50? $25 for a mandatory 'Entertainment' package, then another $25 for the additional sports package. Maybe it's a zone thing? But yes they have a free 14 day trial on atm. with the byo device eg xbox can you record foxtel? Don't know about xbox, I'm assuming you could re-route the console output to your PC/MAC and capture it that way.. but if your BYO device was your computer it would be easier as there are heaps of 3rd party apps to capture streaming media/Foxtel thanks mate.
  6. op I've used this guy a few years ago for a jersey frame did a great job http://www.whereis.com/nsw/penrith/shop-8--354-high-st/yellowId-13095994
  7. UltrasRBB

    Daniel Alessi

    born 1997 God I feel so old.
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