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  1. Apparently he was already injuried, and Arsenal arranged to not pay his wage until he is fit. It was all known to begin with... which just makes you wonder why?
  2. CM Punk left WWE btw... Had enough of Triple H working storylines for his buddies I guess... Everyone knew either Punk or Bryan should have the Rumble, the opposite either Punk or Bryan should have ECM. Wrestlemania Main Event made in heaven Wasn't too be... Triple H's ego of Randy Orton Vs Batista because he made that prediction 10 years ago during the PG era. Just a joke tbh
  3. Good signings, particularly considering they will help our squad this year by taking pressure off players during ACL
  4. Need a result against Napoli, regardless of the point structure. We should finish 1st, what an achievement that would be!!
  5. Just sell more RBB memberships then they're seats. On the odd BIG game, we'll all squeeze in, we're a happy bunch PS I read someone suggest cap membership, you can't do that... IMO
  6. Bro you should know by now, use your free Transfers & change the players who are playing against Liverpool every week They won't be any getting points.. Bro Everton are my dark horse for a Top 4 finish. At Goodison Park, Liverpool is going down haha
  7. My Fantasy League this week - worst luck My two strikers Soldado and Aguero are verusing eachother. So one will likely score good points, other won't... My defenders Fonte and Lovren are taking on my midfielders Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil My Everton boys, Baines and Barkley are taking on Liverpool Great!!!
  8. MP4Eedz

    NRL Thread

    When I mentioned back at grassroots level, I'll give you an example My work mate, good bloke, but this is the advice he gave his son during an under 10's RL match "If that black **** (reference to a kiwi kid) runs at you again, you don't back down, you drop him" I mean... putting the black **** comment aside. On the surface there doesn't seem too much wrong with that, but you get an idea of the mentality fed into RL player from a young age.
  9. MP4Eedz

    NRL Thread

    You can't measure the scale of stupidity amongst RL players with how close the media "watch them" IMO. That's a bit of a cop out. It's a cultural element within the game (all the way back to grassroots) AFL, Cricket, Union, Tennis, A-League etc are equally a target for the media. A scandal story around any of those codes is as sellable as RL. However you don't hear as many problems AS OFTEN simply because it doesn't happen. Not because no one was there to catch it i.e. RU. Anyone who has gone to a RU game will know this, the game itself is not too indifferent to RL. However the cr
  10. To the Assyrians on here, do we have words for North, South, East, West ?? haha Probably have to stick to oolool, eltekh, razteh, jaapleh lol @ oolool btw
  11. Really grown on me tbh. It's great to break up the tempo of the chants a little. This does it really well IMO I thought the Colours Unite Us All (last year’s version) used to do that well too. They sound great, but they aren't exhausting
  12. I'm selling my spare iron set, hardly ever gets used. Still in great condition Like this set http://www.globalgolf.com/product/go...allz.aspx?gd=2 9,8,7,6,4 PW, SW (missing 5 Iron) For Sale: $200 For an Extra $100 I have a driver, fairway woods and putter (Misc Brands, nothing special, but they'll get the job done) Good set for anyone keen on starting up, or like me keep a spare set for non-golfing mates
  13. MP4 = McLaren brand name long used in formula one and more recently their supercar range Eedz = "short" for Eden Put the two together and you have mp4eedz
  14. MASSIVE MASSIVE Win Had to IQ the game, but I'll watch it tonight What a result, bring on Man U, Walcott will be available I believe Can't wait! Apparently Rosickly had a good game
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