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  1. - Make the tickets general admission for the RBB, seating allocations are never followed and when people do try to enforce it, it only causes issues.
  2. Ive got a ticket available - Bay 39, $85 Cost Price. First person to inbox me gets it.
  3. I'm in as well for a meet in the preseason, get this idea off the ground. Seems there are a lot more IW + Bankstown boys around now then there were earlier in the season
  4. I just read the beginning of the thread and it was Robbie Slater the gronk. Might as well hold hands with the Mariners and sing Coombayah. Slater is a dumb ass...........Brilllllllllllliant. I think it made it to the CCM forums that we suggested it. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO. Apparently the suggestion was supported by a Wanderers supporter who writes on one of those bs amatuer media wannabe websites. userlastname Guilty. Kinda got swept up in the whole movement. It was pretty big on Twitter by the time I heard about it. I've been in contact with Mariners fans though and I wouldn't worry, of the small amount that will be there, most of them don't want to do it - only a small group of them want to do it because they like the romantic idea of it but they're in the significant minority. Or you can delete your article, re-write another one explaining how you're a moron and finish this for good. This!!! FFS, this happens too many times where people jump the gun and then apologise after (just like the derby pre-sale password being revealed). No one should be speaking on behalf of the RBB, unless that is their designated role!
  5. Guys, this is about the membership battle, enough of this lovefest!
  6. Safest bet, follow the drummers. Where they go, everyone else follows
  7. come on dude at least mine was relevant, he asked if he can bring a cheese hat to the game, and my opinion is best explained by the look on bunks face. and who can argue with the bunk
  8. I remember who Michael Tuck is... I'm now a Hawthorn member I saw a skoda commercial... I'm now a GWS member
  9. Another sub-group to rival northgate, that dangerous bunch... lol glad to see other boys from around the canterbury bankstown area. I think with it being a friday game and people heading down after work, it'll probably be better to just all go down to the woolpack. But this would be a good idea for next seasons games
  10. I'm pretty sure what he is saying is that there is something you can do to legally enforce your rights, its just that in the grand scheme of things it'll be too complicated and expensive considering the breach only really involves 1 badge/pin on ebay.
  11. That's right but is he willing to commence an action to prove that? It's not always as simple as that there are licensing issues and the intention of the original designerCopyright? Intellectual property? Do these concepts not exist in Australia? The creator of this logo has every right to ask the bulldogs fan to cease and desist, or should be entitled to a percentage of the sale. Of course they do. So long as he hasn't licensed the use of logo to let's say a group with no defined members. Then one might imagine that any person claiming to be RBB (which is easy to do isn't it) would claim the right to use the logo. It's not always black and white. The biggest issue is not the legal argument, it is the practical one of enforcing or protecting your intellectual property rights. $1300 is just not going to do it. Another question is whether the artwork is completely original. It might be,but like I said, it is not always black and white. ^ This. Seriously, you are never going to win in an argument with Boban. Maybe, hes actually ben fordham...
  12. Good interview by Shannon Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't... Don't know. (Edit: See, I couldn't paste it again. That's why I've got one in my sig) Off topic: Bruce, that is an awesome chant!!
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