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  1. In. Previous away games at Docklands Stadium has seen us meet at Waterfront Venues and Watermark Docklands for ToD's, I seem to recall. Both are only a short walk to the ground. Prior to last seasons diabolical thumping we received there we went to the Watermark again and there were more police than Wanderers fans as it wasn't a ToD. Being a Friday night game, I can't imagine too many Wanderers fans making the trip this time either. I'll probably head to the Watermark again though if no other pub is arranged to meet at. There is a WSW Melbourne Supporters Group and there are usually 10-20 of them we meet up with for games in Mexico. I'll try and find out where they are meeting up.
  2. I love the fact MB started an obviously underdone AMFG. Many coaches today would leave him on the sideline until he was 100% ready and before you know it a quarter, or possibly more, of the season would pass. Match fitness is what he needs and we only have him for one season. He knows his body and obviously MB knows (and backed) his quality and experience. MB said he signed him because he gives us something different to what we already have. AMFG never has been quick and at 36, never will be. We already have players who offer pace. AMFG is capable of giving us quality in moments of the game that the A-League very rarely sees. He obviously isn't ready yet but it'll only take him a few weeks until we see his true worth If he continues to start.
  3. Not sure if this has been posted before but here are the transport options for tickets/memberships.... TRANSPORT Avoid delays on match day and leave the car at home! Plan out your afternoon and avoid the traffic. All members and and pre-purchased match tickets include travel to and from Wanderland on the following public transport services: Train services Metro services Bus services Ferry services Light rail services Visit transportnsw.info/events for all transport information on the day.
  4. A couple of weeks ago every member should have received an email letting them know their membership packs were due to arrive. Attached to the email was a ticket for members to print for instances such as losing your card, etc. You could forward this email to them to print out. These tickets will last all season and are not just for one game, but this is an option for you.
  5. The Caulfield Cup is on the Saturday
  6. Football Manager 19 stats from start of 2018/19 season. Ratings out of 20
  7. It wouldn't surprise me to see Kamau as a makeshift striker if required but obviously he won't have fresh legs if he starts at RWB. As you pointed out, RWB can be covered comfortably.
  8. 'A-League Referees' would have to be number 1 on the Governments occupational skills shortage list, wouldn't it?
  9. Will fly down with Ed on Weds morning for this one, hopefully. Not taking the family this time so flying is the likely option providing the flights remain cheap enough until I can confirm on Monday. 'Plan B' is a road trip leaving on the Tuesday afternoon with an overnight stop in Albury.
  10. I'll be going to the City game too if I can get the leave approved. Fingers crossed.
  11. Slow news day? C’mon Taurus, get to work on the transfer news. You started this! 🤣 .... and start buying the home shirt, I’m on commission
  12. I’ll settle for that. I’ve been called much worse!
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