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  1. Slow news day? C’mon Taurus, get to work on the transfer news. You started this! 🤣 .... and start buying the home shirt, I’m on commission
  2. I’ll settle for that. I’ve been called much worse!
  3. The corner just before their goal one of our defenders got smashed and thrown to the ground just in front of Lopar
  4. At the time we reached 12k members the Membership Team were targeting 22k, so 16k should be reached quite comfortably.
  5. Not sure they are capable of playing anything other than the Game Of Thrones tune. That might have to do.
  6. Graham Arnold (Oct 2015) - “We go out to their little shed – there’s only 16,000-19,000 out there,” Arnold said. “It’s a one-night opportunity for the Wanderers to come out and come to the big city of Sydney, but also to our mansion. ........Karma
  7. Out and about in Red and Blacktown this morning and it’s great to see a few WSW shirts and caps again. Already starting to feel like the good old days
  8. I’m going to buck the trend here and say I like it. It’s certainly not our best shirt as our season 2 shirt and last seasons black shirt were quality but nonetheless I think it’s a 7/10 shirt.
  9. At this stage it’s only trains but my understanding is they are trying to work a deal for buses too. Not sure about ferries
  10. We've picked up 11 points this season when ABJ has started.
  11. Congratulations to the mighty Portsmouth Football Club who won the Checkatrade Trophy by beating Sunderland on penalties at Wembley in front of over 85,000 fans. Hopefully they wont be able to defend it next season after winning promotion to the Championship. Can't wait to see the Mackems cover this in 'Sunderland Till I Die 2'
  12. Hi SomeGuy1977, There are some great tips there from scarcev and BBB, well done guys. Scarcev makes some excellent points and one I would particularly like to highlight is - Make it Fun and Make it Flow. If training is fun and the players are not standing around for long periods of the session, you've already made a great start as a coach. Don't forget to have fun yourself too! As far as coaching practices go there are more than enough ideas on YouTube for coaches and players of all abilities and experiences. I say 'ideas' because you can modify virtually any training activity to make it work for you and your team. YouTube is particularly useful because you get to visualize the practice session. If you are a Facebook or Twitter user there are also heaps of groups to join with coaching advice and training ideas. The Interweb also has many great websites with vast libraries of training activities. These mostly come with a subscription fee though but are great tools. I get the impression you are a little hesitant about getting the coaching gig. I assure you there is no need to be. Before you know it you'll see things you've worked on in training become a habit to the players and it'll all be worth it. Also, don't worry about whether you will be a 'successful' coach or not. I've seen many coaches win trophies over the years but the following season they need to rebuild their team because the players leave. I've learned that these are not 'successful' coaches. In my opinion, successful coaches are simply the ones who progress the players ability whilst getting the players to come back season after season. Make that your focus and you won't go too far wrong. I wish you every success and I'll certainly be interested in seeing how you and your team develop.
  13. On Feb 1, 2018, this was on twitter...https://mobile.twitter.com/oztransfers/status/958951511337312256 and was discussed on this forum. Warren Joyce dropped Kamau in March 2018 because of the possible transfer......https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/warren-joyce-says-bruce-kamau-was-left-out-of-squad-against-adelaide-due-to-speculation-hes-moving-to-the-wanderers/news-story/83d8f6fd69c51b3b49225502ffe0d4c3 The deals were arranged before Gombau got the boot.
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