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  1. Markus Babbel is on Bill & Boz tonight. Starts at 9pm on Fox Sports channel 500
  2. A bit late now, I’m just picking myself up off the floor Very good points made in the original post.
  3. Our performances so far this season have told me that Babbel's recruiting has been spot on and I'm more optimistic about this season than I have about any other season. Our need to defend has shown that what we lacked last season, mentality, we now have in bucket loads. We have a great foundation. Sure, we haven't been great going forward but this is an easy fix with the quality we have. Grinding out hard fought wins and picking up points when you aren't playing well speaks volumes about the character we have in the squad. We've played 4 games and conceded only a deflected goal in open play and a penalty. Along the way we have beaten Victory on their territory and won a derby against last seasons GF winners. We've also picked up 4 points against Central Coast Mariners and Brisbane who are two improved sides on last season. I certainly expected us to take all the points against Roar but they showed they are no easy beats and credit to them. Both these teams will certainly play their part in what is shaping up to be an excellent A-League season. My biggest concern right now is the amount of injuries we continue to pick up. Due to injuries, MB almost certainly hasn't had his strongest 11 on the training field together, let alone on match day, so I'm certainly not expecting us to hit our stride yet. I'm stoked we are proving hard to beat and are picking up points. The rest of it will come.
  4. Yes, and East Sydney have the bye next week so he's got a longer recovery time. Bugger, I should have factored that in
  5. 57th Minute. He's still hurting from Schwegler's tackles.
  6. The Sporting Globe is about a 1km walk in to town.
  7. That just goes to show how far we have come already. He was our captain last season, now he can't get a run at Tarniet FC and we are top of the table.
  8. WSW are $3.25 favourites with Bet Easy and Ladbrokes for the minor premiership $3.50 with TAB Anyone late to the party can still get $7 from SportsBet. Mitch Duke to finish as the A-Leagues top scorer is currently paying $13 with TAB and Ladbrokes. Surely those odds will change soon with $3.50 favourite Jamie Maclaren our for some time.
  9. andypk

    Pirmin Schwegler

    Our smiling assassin
  10. andypk

    Pirmin Schwegler

    Could easily have been Schwegler's immense tackle on Baumjohann too
  11. andypk

    Pirmin Schwegler

    We should be trying to extend Schwegler's contract already. Currently on a 1 yr deal and his importance to us will only increase. He's a sensational signing.
  12. by John Denver Almost heaven, Western Sydney The Blue Mountains, Parramatta River Football’s old there, older than BankWest Western Sydney Wanderers, gold star on our crest Country roads, take me home To the place I belong Western Sydney, Parramatta Take me home, country roads
  13. Apparently SBS were filming a new TV series there today. It's called Struggle Street in Bondi
  14. I'm convinced that at the pointy end of the season East Sydney will be a behind us. Their best chance of a result against us is today. Even if you don't know their names you've only got to look at the CV's of our imports to see the quality Babbel and our owners have amassed. Our youth are continuing to develop at a rapid rate and we've signed some quality experienced Aussies. we are going to give this league a real shake this season. East Sydney will be near the top, no doubt. They have experienced players who know how to win and have bought well too but I'm going into this derby, for the first time in years, with more than a little hope. We are back.
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