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  1. Not based on last seasons efforts. If a foreign player can't cement a starting spot then they shouldn't be at WSW. On his day he can be a top class player but he's lost the hunger and a yard of pace.
  2. Now we are in lockdown, I've decided to start a FM21 save as I've got a bit more time on my hands. I'm coaching Portsmouth, of course. Although owned by the billionaire Eisner family, once owners of Disney, the club are being run on a fairly tight budget. Starting transfer budget is 100,000 but the initial squad is decent enough to give you a good crack at promotion. My coaching staff, however, was initially pretty ordinary. I mutually terminated virtually all of my staff and brought in my own. This was time consuming but a step that is necessary at the start of any save in order to maxi
  3. I've been a Football Manager nut since the beginning of time. Since the old Championship Manager days. I've only ever managed Portsmouth, the club I grew up following home and away when I lived in England. I've never been tempted to manage anywhere else, including WSW as the salary cap does not appeal to me. It's incredibly detailed and is improved upon every season. I bought FM21 when it first came out, installed it but have never really sat down to play it yet as I'll need to invest many hours into the setting up of my team before I get to play a match. Organising the backroom staf
  4. Granted we need to plug holes at the back but you can only sign players when they are available, not always when you need them. I’d rather have McDonald on the park than Yeboah or Ibini, so I’ll give him a chance.
  5. Spot on Mack. This club needs to make a decision whether it wants to produce youth players or win trophies because it is almost impossible to do both. I don't mean to sound like Alan Hansen but the history of this competition shows that. The youth players coming through the system are good youth players but none are at the standard where they are near the best in the competition for their position or of the quality that is required to win you a title. Younger players lack experience and with that comes a lack of consistency required. Title winning players perform week in, week out.
  6. Stefan has been out injured but recently started training with a ball again
  7. Cox made the first goal too although he was not directly involved. At the corner he started at the near post, the same position Ziggy glanced his header. Cox pealed away to the back post, took a defender with him and created the space for Ziggy to attack. No statistics will show that. Cox made some decent runs yesterday, particularly in the first half, but the quality of the final pass was not good enough to get him in behind their backline. Yesterday was a much better performance from Cox but I'm yet to see him dominate as visa players should. Nonetheless, it was a step in the ri
  8. Markus Babbel is on Bill & Boz tonight. Starts at 9pm on Fox Sports channel 500
  9. A bit late now, I’m just picking myself up off the floor Very good points made in the original post.
  10. Our performances so far this season have told me that Babbel's recruiting has been spot on and I'm more optimistic about this season than I have about any other season. Our need to defend has shown that what we lacked last season, mentality, we now have in bucket loads. We have a great foundation. Sure, we haven't been great going forward but this is an easy fix with the quality we have. Grinding out hard fought wins and picking up points when you aren't playing well speaks volumes about the character we have in the squad. We've played 4 games and conceded only a deflected goal i
  11. Yes, and East Sydney have the bye next week so he's got a longer recovery time. Bugger, I should have factored that in
  12. 57th Minute. He's still hurting from Schwegler's tackles.
  13. The Sporting Globe is about a 1km walk in to town.
  14. That just goes to show how far we have come already. He was our captain last season, now he can't get a run at Tarniet FC and we are top of the table.
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