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  1. Yeah that was a ******* cracking goal... World class.
  2. I'm Red V until I die aswell... **** it's looking grim. Josh Dugan to change that perhaps?
  3. Heart AWAY, 2014. Yes please. My blood is boiling...
  4. I now hate the Melbourne Heart... The Yarraside's median age is like literally 13... Hahahaahahah ****.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The tune reminds of something straight outta Skippy the Kangaroo
  6. Seeya Sharkies On a lighter note, my tips for this week Roosters v Rabbits Broncos v Sea Eagles Eels v Warriors Bulldogs v Cowboys Panthers v Raiders Storm v Dragons (Go the Red V, I have faith, tipping with the heart, not the head) Sharks v Titans ( What's the go with this game? I had tipped the Sharks, but I'm changing my tip now) Knights v Tigers
  7. It's 'Shoulder to shoulder', not 'shoulder to shoulder when it suits me'. Ironically if you were unfairly banned we'd still stand beside you, despite the fact you seem selfish, cowardly. Great post, Matt. Sums it up really... We are one big family...
  8. Hey, you're alive. Kinda disappeared when we took over your city man.
  9. Only just finding out that it's Good Friday.... I have uni classes from 12-6 on Friday, but I can ******* make it now.. Cheeeeerrrrrrrriiiiiinggggggg.
  10. /agree on changing the away jersey. As for the home jersey, I hope we NEVER EVER change Red & Black Hoops, not even the slightest of tinkering. The jersey is beautiful.
  11. They looked the ******* part in the RBB aswell. Loveeeeee it. ******* Pistolaaaaaaaaa, you crazy ****.
  12. Woeful. That's honestly woeful. I know how the system works, but I wish MV or WSW coulda had their spot there.. Even if they did earn it last year.
  13. Traore out for next week. Incoming Hersi hat-trick!
  14. Very good game of football ^ This is the early season Adelaide
  15. Awful challenge... Seriously. Well done though, the boys are the real deal! I love this city, I love this team.
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