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  1. It is all full and going ahead. Double Decker Wanderbus! Awesome! When will the details be released mate been waiting on the email?
  2. Hey guys couple of my options getting there have fallen through so i'll have to sell my ticket. $50 for it, it's concession Cat B Reserved. Paid $67 for it at the the time through ticketek. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
  3. Does anyone know what the go with the Wanderbus is the club was supposed to organising? Seems like it has probably fallen through.
  4. PM sent.There's an early morning Qantas leaving Sunday for less than 200. So you could wrap up return flights for a bit over 300. Yup that's going to be the plan! Just waiting to hear back from Cazorla and that it's still free and i'll book it. The dream is still alive God damn seems like even those Qantas ones have been pushed up to 265 now...
  5. PM sent.There's an early morning Qantas leaving Sunday for less than 200. So you could wrap up return flights for a bit over 300. Yup that's going to be the plan! Just waiting to hear back from Cazorla and that it's still free and i'll book it. The dream is still alive
  6. Trying to organise flights + accommodation now. The pricing/options are so ridiculous looking at like $700 just to even get there without accommodation. I can only get so much of an advance on my centrelink payments.
  7. Was awesome to see the capo firing everyone up at 4-0 down, love that type of stuff. However was really disappointing see that mass exodus, especially if you are leaving early just because of the result. We're blessed to have a team let alone one that has been as successful as ours. Some people need to be reminded of what it felt like early season one when we rallied behind the team regardless. Considering that we are in the hunt to finish first that exodus stunk of the sense of entitlement we see at Moore Park and what we used to detest.
  8. Interesting podcast guys. Only thing missing was that i would have liked to hear's Erebus's point of view on the whole situation, generally end up agreeing with him. As you guys discussed the lack of 'uneducated views' i try my best to articulate an opposing view on some of the points brought up in the pod. In regards to lack of security, In the podcast you guys discussed the 'conspiracy' around having no full body pat downs and that it was bound to happen due to the lack of searching prior to entry. Although has it not been said plenty of times, that we don't need the excessive use of police tactics and its unnecessary? It sounds hypocritical to say one thing but then claim the other? and if anything it make it them seem justified putting us through the ringer before we can go in. The only way it makes sense if you are still suggesting blow-ins light the flares, which i think we all know isn't the case for the vast majority. All one needs to do is see the pictures and locations of them to know it's not blow-ins - it's an issue of 'Ultra culture' not blow-ins. To suggest that it was an FFA set up is really ludicrous in my opinion the blame here is solely on the 'fans' that lit the flares as they should be the ones taking responsibility for their actions. In the Australian football environment there's no reason to light flares other then being self-indulgent. Personal opinions aside, they are illegal and we can the discuss semantics of where they are illegal but the majority of the population have no problem with this law. To suggest this will lead to 'flags and tifos being banned' is odd, doesn't make sense and if it was to occur you most definitely would get backlash from the public - the same cannot be said for flares. The reality of the situation is that flares will not become legal anytime soon. On the point of I believe it was Tatiana (apologies if thats wrong) who discussed not being in a position to pick and choose what parts of 'ultra culture' we get. We don't have to have binary thinking, one thing can come without the other and it would be quite easy to extract the good and leave behind the problematic if the RBB wanted to. The problem since day one has always been flares, no other element has been beaten to death or given the media the same ammunition. The only exception is the few incidences where certain groups haven't been able to keep there 'extra curricular' activities amongst themselves. Flags, loud chanting, confetti, tifos etc can all still be around without flares, as JAR said some of the best times in the RBB have been without them. It's cop out to not take any responsibility on our end chalk it up to 'ultra culture' and not be willing to compromise. A lot was also said about not appreciating the hard work, time and effort of the RBB. When the consequences of point deduction and financial penalties are looming for flares it will always be chalked up to self indulgent behaviour and not hard work. Atmosphere should never come at the expense of the team. Personally i've supported all the protests but It is becoming increasingly hard to support them in the future. As most i personally have no problems with flares, they do add atmosphere but as i said it should never come at the expense of the team. It baffles me that people can't see these ramifications and compromise of this one issue, the only logical rationale is that people are prioritising ultra cred points over the team. Anyways enough of the negative, despite not agreeing with everything that was said i commend JAR for using the platform to speak up about this issue, it's something that needs to be sorted. Personally i kinda wish the FFA would just implement the AFC procedure of the $x for every flare lit, it would sort the issue in a matter of weeks and completely navigates the "but they did it too" argument. F*ck that was a long post. In summary good podcast guys and it was very interesting to hear everyones points of views, keep it up.
  9. Someone get Jamie Vardy on the phone. Let him know Mark Bridge is coming for his streak. Chat sh*t get banged Victory.
  10. What one of the boys was saying is correct if nothing is done this week in regards to setting up an appeals process and rectifying other issues we need completely boycott the next home this weekend.
  11. Someone's gotta say it - huge props to popa. The man has completely evolved our playing style, it's exciting to watch and when it all comes together looks superb. Really showing that he isn't a one trick pony and perfectly capable of moulding players and tactics. Whilst there is still room for improvement we are making strides every week and watching us play such positive football gives me little doubt to suggest we won't be in the top 4 come the end of the season. I'm glad the club stuck by him and glad those who wanted him out are beginning to eat their words. In Popa we trust Forza West Sydney
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