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  1. All good if we don't get immediate results. History shows results change when the real coach comes in after a caretaker, just look at Hayden Foxe.
  2. Bob

    Simon Cox

    I heard he was once asked at school by a teacher if he could say his named backwards and he replied "No miss."
  3. "Or maybe (insert name) underestimated the league."
  4. It reminded me of a kid going through puberty still getting used to controlling his own growing body. Similar to the first time a sheila gets in high heels.
  5. Why was Meier dragging his left leg the whole match, is he still injured? He looked like he was spaced out, especially when clashing with his own player when we were on an attack.
  6. Number 3 was in the box for both penalties https://snipboard.io/FJ4wir.jpg
  7. I thought his goal celebration was ordinary under the circumstances.
  8. I would have more respect if he just started like this: "Many fans have called for me to be sacked for this, this and this reason. They have a right to their opinion but I'm not going anywhere because......"
  9. The way we played had SFC got a player sent off they still would have pumped us 3-1.
  10. SCG is west of Allianz, it will be like a home game for us.
  11. Bob

    Bruce Kamau

    "They have been on the wanted list of a host of clubs, but opted for Wanderers due in large part to the Gombau factor, and continuing their careers under a coach whose faith in them is absolute." So much for the "reunion." How long do we get to keep him? https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2018/03/15/wanderers-land-kamau-and-tongyik-double-swoop
  12. I've been privy to some secret talks. Word has it that Arnold is being rushed to the Socceroos leaving van Marwijk a free agent, ready to slot in as WSW caretaker coach. However, Arnold has plans. He knows he is king of the domestic game but International is beyond his scope and he will be desperate to get back to his Western Sydney roots. During the world cup, the replacement (popa) will be announced and Arnold will head back to take over from our caretaker. Arnold will be WSW next year. And to answer your question: Yes, I am working on my comedy writing.
  13. I like maladroit better as it's an anagram for "admit oral"
  14. There will never be point deduction for flares alone. Can you imagine if it actually happened, there would be flares at every match. My Grandmother would even let a heap off just so SFC could lose points.
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