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  1. I would have more respect if he just started like this: "Many fans have called for me to be sacked for this, this and this reason. They have a right to their opinion but I'm not going anywhere because......"
  2. The way we played had SFC got a player sent off they still would have pumped us 3-1.
  3. SCG is west of Allianz, it will be like a home game for us.
  4. Bob

    Bruce Kamau

    "They have been on the wanted list of a host of clubs, but opted for Wanderers due in large part to the Gombau factor, and continuing their careers under a coach whose faith in them is absolute." So much for the "reunion." How long do we get to keep him? https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2018/03/15/wanderers-land-kamau-and-tongyik-double-swoop
  5. I've been privy to some secret talks. Word has it that Arnold is being rushed to the Socceroos leaving van Marwijk a free agent, ready to slot in as WSW caretaker coach. However, Arnold has plans. He knows he is king of the domestic game but International is beyond his scope and he will be desperate to get back to his Western Sydney roots. During the world cup, the replacement (popa) will be announced and Arnold will head back to take over from our caretaker. Arnold will be WSW next year. And to answer your question: Yes, I am working on my comedy writing.
  6. I like maladroit better as it's an anagram for "admit oral"
  7. Bob

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    There will never be point deduction for flares alone. Can you imagine if it actually happened, there would be flares at every match. My Grandmother would even let a heap off just so SFC could lose points.
  8. Top of the table, making other teams look like school kids, in the ACL.... Any team flying high like they are should attract more than that paltry turn out, rain, hail or snow, especially for a derby. As their home game, it was up to them to bring the crowd last night and they didn't. 25k should be at the lower end of figures in a non-derby match right now for them. I suggest it's more a reflection on the league rather than SFC if that's what to top team in the most populous capital of the country serves up. I can't offer a solution though.
  9. The VAR is turning from the intention of getting howlers, like a ball crossing the line, correct into the joke that NRL is where videos account for micrometres. To call our first goal off side is laughable. But it evened out with Newcastle getting ripped off. VAR should be played at full speed, at different angles once and if a decision can't be made within two seconds then refs call stands and get on with the game. But Grhama Arnold? I liked him as a player
  10. Bob

    Player Database and Forum

    Remember our first season clubs were all taking the piss that we had their players. Right now every A-League team has an ex-wanderers player. Including us with Bridge.
  11. Bob

    Jumpei Kusukami

    This is interesting. Not the story but the icon of the uploader.
  12. All three of our players were in front so they were both onside for the straight forward tap in. DeSilva's goal was a perfect pass run and finish. Is it really fair to suggest a possible own goal? Same as every year: Great game and win = we are going to win the league. Crap game the next week = We can't even make the finals Next week win = We are going to win the league..
  13. Loved Bonevacia, finally someone whose shots from outside the box look like going in. He deserved one tonight.
  14. Bob

    Memberships 2017-18

    I rant every year. I'll keep this year's to bullet points. - I said do not renew my family membership as I am going solo. Sounds easy so far? - I was told it will all be sorted - I start getting e-mails for my siblings account, which has nothing to do with me - I get a text saying my membership did not renew because of insufficient funds or expired card - Checked my unexpired account and saw the money had been deducted from my sufficient funds - Called to asked why I received the text but they said my membership was renewed so it's fine. I said that's not the point, the point is I received this text, so what the hell is it about? What's going on. More answers from them akin to parliament question time. - I ask if perhaps it had something to with sibling's account with the same surname, the one I just found out they renewed with the incorrect number of ticket holders - Still wonder if I will again this year receive the membership pack for another relative who lives at a different address and has and always has had a totally separate account