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  1. surely one of these would be used an an ACL jersey?
  2. I've seen a pic. Its pretty ***** big! cake?

    Chant Ideas

    Very good. My only suggestion is that for the first line "Oohh ooh, Western Sydney" might flow better then "Western Wanderers" OK updated lyrics Ohhhhhhhh Western Sydney In our hearts...In our soooooul Side by side we sing for you, no matter what the score Red and black is in our veins, its you that we adore Thoughts????? Thumbs up Second that
  4. thanks heaps ultras thats actually so dissapointing, there is no room for violence in football
  5. is it on youtube already? or have i missed the link?
  6. Count down to darby day, fire up lads!

  7. definitely have the active support bays reserved for the week in week out active support. not sure how thats going to work, but at least for the darby, the deserving supporters should have priority
  8. I've been singing that since Nepean . Time to read the chant sheet.
  9. just watching the replay to the wellington game, this chant came off really clean and organised. i love it
  10. yea i saw that, he was pretty furious. pretty sure it was one of the Amok guys down the front of 57

    Dino Kresinger

    pleb hahaha, i actually laughed but agreed, he played a great game today, he should have taken the second penalty
  12. If you're not in the RBB it shouldnt affect you then. Cheers your butt off. But it's pretty clear to almost all from day one RBB is about shoulder to shoulder. We chant as one. We are silent as one. From what's been detailed some people have been shafted, it's not about someones mates. It's about standing up for something bigger. This exactly, its a bigger cause than just twenty blokes being banned. What we aim to achieve will impact more than just the RBB. Its a real cause for active support, and a cause that anyone calling themselves active supporters, should participate in.
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