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  1. I think he Condi-meant to say that ? whoops... Sorry thought this was the puns thread
  2. Maths and personal hygiene puns... I'm divided on which one to answer ? I've combed the area and decided I'm not have a bar of either one.
  3. I wouldn't want to cause any division... But don't beat yourself up if you don't.
  4. I've always thought Ed that on this site you count more than anyone else !! anyway, I'll calcu-later
  5. I don't like what I smell... I'm stepping on the gas and leaving.
  6. Indeed Jack ad-miral was very high aft-erwards
  7. During my time in the Navy I was sprayed with mustard gas and pepper spray...I now need anchor management. I suppose you could say " I'm a seasoned veteran?"
  8. I'll take Stock of what you just said..
  9. I hear ya.... The tides out and it's not returning.
  10. Wendy is right Boro, it's a very stressful time but you'll eventually get a place that suits you. some real estate agents are rogues and put the fear in buyers that they better get in quick.. take your time and things will work out. keep us posted on how things go.
  11. The comb over...can't wait for that style to come back into fashion. i might get the trend going myself.
  12. If anyone needs Help Ring O Starr #
  13. Mooy has never been a great defender he needs more mongrel in his game, you're correct he does dwell on the ball at times. I prefer the Matty McKay terrier type who was also very composed and didn't give the ball away too often.
  14. Some real English Championship league tackles in this game...haha they just mentioned Robbie Kruse.....is he playing ?
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