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  1. We're at Castle Towers. Another huge storm rolling through.
  2. So the roof going on which I saw when driving past today. Is that the lining with the real roof to go on or is that the actual roof. Looks kinda flimsy with lots of gaps.
  3. I'll keep the engine on the car warm just in case Popa's in for Sotirio this evening. I'll personally fly the plane to Perth if need be. And stop knocking Reddy. Anyone who flicks the ball in Jurman's face in the Derby is good by me.
  4. Yuss. 6th place and an occasional FFA cup win locked in.
  5. When does "WSW Failure: The John Tsatsimas years." thread open? This absolute bellend needs to go. His stewardship. His responsibility. His abject failure.
  6. On the bright side, we can't finish lower than 8th*. * Assumes no points deduction.
  7. That guy in the pictures is clearly wearing a Sokka Western Sydney Warriors shirt. You're all just blind to it.
  8. He also refuses to respond regarding the start time of games because Fox drive that agenda. All smiles and supposedly down with the fans on Twitter but in reality a smiling suit assassin who runs to his narrow minded Fox agenda. He can just **** right off.
  9. Yep took great solace in JT coming out and defending the folks that pay his wages today. Great guy him.
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